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Chapter 252: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (69)

Days went by like this until the ice melted and the warm sun appeared. Jiang Yiran’s progress bar, which had been stationary on his head, slowly rose until the voice of the system sounded in her mind. Shen Mubai, nestled in his arms, was startled awake from her drowsy sleep.

“The task progress has reached one hundred percent. Please prepare to enter the next world, host.”

The warm sunlight outside shone gently on the grass, casting a perfect temperature through the French windows onto the cat and the youth.

The person sleeping on the tatami had a beautiful side profile like jade, devoid of the usual coldness, exuding a heart-warming tenderness, as serene as a painting.

Shen Mubai stared at him for a while until the system’s voice sounded again, snapping her out of her trance. She hesitated and said, “Wait for me.”

The yellow and white cat emerged from the young man’s arms, lightly touching his chin with its mouth, and softly meowed, “Meow~” Goodbye, cat litter officer.

Seemingly aware, the young man who had been asleep slightly opened his eyes, gently embracing the restless cat back into his arms, pressing his forehead against hers affectionately, and with a slightly hoarse and cool voice, he said, “Don’t move.”

Shen Mubai obediently complied, her emerald green eyes staring at him unblinkingly.

The soft and comfortable fur of the cat brought a sense of security to the youth, who closed his eyes again.

In the room, the youth and the cat, and the sunlight outside, are just right.

The sun outside was faintly showing signs of setting; the drowsiness in the mind dissipated, and Jiang Yiran slowly opened his eyes, the cat in his arms still peacefully asleep.

A faint curve appeared on his lips, and he was about to habitually rub the furry head of the cat when his gaze paused abruptly, his deep eyes contracting intensely.

The atmosphere in the living room was very quiet, with a hint of suffocation lingering as the young man hesitated in mid-air.

The dim light fell on him, and no one could see the expression hidden in the darkness.

In the end, the young man just quietly held the cat, whose body had become somewhat cold, tighter and tighter.

Throughout, he didn’t say a word, not even a single letter.

He gently straightened out the messy fur of the cat and then softly murmured, “Silly cat…”

The tone was full of indulgence, but with an inexplicable meaning.

Jiang Yiran returned to his original appearance. The girl, who had gained a lot of courage after the school anniversary, retreated into her shell, not daring to confess or send a love letter.

Cold, with an unreachable distance, or perhaps this was the real Jiang Yiran.

The unintentionally revealed tenderness in the past was just a fleeting moment, or perhaps it was just an illusion.

A potted plant was added to the bedroom, which Jiang Yiran carefully tended to every day, devoting most of his time to it, his gaze gentle and lingering, showing his dedication and affection for this potted plant.

But the pure white flowers in the pot wilted more and more every day, and an indescribable smell pervaded the room.

Because there was a dead cat buried underneath.

Jiang Yiran seemed completely indifferent, standing by the window, staring at the flowerpot, focused and gentle.

Until the sun on the horizon cast a layer of dim yellow light, Jiang Yiran, hidden in the darkness, slowly lifted his head. His originally deep eyes were thick as ink, and the smile on his lips carried a chilling tenderness, “This world or not?”

A barely perceptible sigh sounded, faintly revealing madness and obsession: “I will always follow you.”


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