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Chapter 255: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (3)

Jun Jiuling, the leader of the Fire Lotus Sect, possesses a feared reputation in the martial world. No one knows where the sect is located, but it’s known that everyone who comes out of it is a master of poison and martial arts. Even if one doesn’t hold a prominent position within the sect, they still serve undisclosed roles.

The Fire Lotus Sect has always acted without restraint, striking anyone they dislike. Rumors about their leader suggest he’s a crazed individual immune to poisons, capable of unleashing  terrifying poisons and poisonous insects at will.

Despite being such a notorious leader of a demonic sect, three days ago, Jun Jiuling was surrounded and captured by the authorities and is now imprisoned in this dungeon.

The events trace back to some time ago when several righteous individuals in the martial world were harmed or disappeared, all bearing signs of poisoning similar to those associated with the Fire Lotus Sect. The righteous sects collaborated with the authorities, leading to an investigation that pinned all the crimes on the Fire Lotus Sect.

Three days ago, the authorities, somehow tracing Jun Jiuling’s whereabouts, easily captured him with a well-planned ambush. Surprisingly, his subordinates didn’t display the rumored formidable martial prowess. Despite some effort, they weren’t as fearsome as expected.

Contrary to expectations, Jun Jiuling’s strength didn’t match the rumors. Therefore, instead of being thrown into a prepared dungeon, he was initially imprisoned with other criminals.

After a day of imprisonment, it became apparent that Jun Jiuling had lost his internal energy inexplicably, rendering him as vulnerable as an ordinary person. However, caution remained high due to rumors of his immunity to poisons and the potential presence of hidden poisons. Even renowned martial artists dare not approach him too easily.

Hearing of Jun Jiuling’s capture, various factions rushed to seek justice and possibly extract the location of the sect’s headquarters from him. Alternatively, they planned to set up ambushes to catch those attempting to rescue the sect leader.

However, Shen Mubai knew that blaming everything on the Fire Lotus Sect was a ploy.

Her mission in this world was to help Jun Jiuling escape prison and clear his unjust charges.

“It’s mealtime, it’s mealtime!” A distant guard banged on the cell bars, shouting. Another guard behind him pulled out steamed buns from a barrel and tossed them through the bars. Some prisoners were quick enough to grab them, while others had to pick them up from the floor.

Shen Mubai noticed that when the guards announced mealtime, the women in her cell glared eagerly, saliva almost dripping from their mouths.

One of them remarked, “Ugh, it’s these two again.”

“Yeah, these idiots always throw the food on the ground. Are we not even human to them?”

“The nerve of these bastards!”

Suddenly, Shen Mubai had a foreboding feeling.

As the two guards passed by Jun Jiuling’s cell, they dared not make a sound. One of them whispered, “He hasn’t eaten in three days. Is something wrong?”


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