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Chapter 108

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“It’s over, it’s over! I told you, in the end, it’s definitely Brahma Bell who wins!”

Luancheng City Lord’s Mansion, top-floor platform.

The fireworks had vanished without a trace, and the night had returned to its former silence. The eternal lights climbed up the window eaves with the moon, quietly flowing into the gorgeously decorated Qiong Tower, illuminating the faces of the elders of various major sects present.

Tian Xianzi clapped his hands in delight, laughing like a silly child who had finally gotten his pocket money, lightly tapping the table with his knuckles: “Come on, let’s be fair in gambling; those who guessed wrong should put their spirit stones on the table!”

Though Zhen Xiao always wore a cold expression, he actually gave quite a bit of face to his junior brothers. With a flick of his right hand onto the jade table, numerous spirit stones fell.

He was truly a born swordsman, completely devoted to the sword path, thus firmly believing that wealth was just an external thing. He hardly used money in his daily life, and once he started spending money, he didn’t care at all, just like drinking water.

“These music cultivators are quite something when put together, aren’t they?”

Ji Yunkai, as the head of the Xuanxu Sword Sect, naturally had the authority to arrange them together. After watching a good show, he was excitedly swinging his arms and legs: “I knew these music cultivators were all extraordinary talents!”

The Master of the Bai Le sect was somewhat dissatisfied: “Musical instruments are half of the life of a musician. How can they be used for fighting? If you want violence, you might as well become sword cultivators.”

Tian Xianzi and Ji Yunkai said in unison, “Thank you, Master, for the praise!”

…Actually, he didn’t mean to praise you sword cultivators.

“I thought the Suona would surely take the lead.”

Watching his disciples being beaten, Master He Xiaochen of the Liuming Mountain sighed: “You guys don’t know. Originally, me and several elders in the sect loved to take walks on the hills where the music cultivators reside. The scenery was beautiful, and the music was even more beautiful. It was truly a cultivation of sentiment. Until this girl suddenly emerged, my goodness. With just one Suona sound, our sect’s atmosphere changed. Those qins and flutes are all out of tune because of her.”

The more he spoke, the more he admired: “Since then, that mountain has become a large-scale ensemble led by the Suona every day. Once some visitors came by and heard it, they were so frightened, shaking all over, asking me who died in Liuming Mountain to have such a grand funeral procession.”

“The poor guy who played the flute looked like he had seen a ghost later on.”

Elder of the Haoran sect couldn’t bear to look directly, sighing, “Master Ji, forcing a normal person into a big brawl like this, isn’t it too heartless?”

“But it’s for the sake of diversity.”

Ji Yunkai laughed heartily, his childlike eyes shining like two round black pearls, emitting a faint light under the lamp: “Elders, didn’t you also specially choose a few notorious archenemies and put them together?”

Tian Xianzi immediately became interested upon hearing this: “That’s right, that group of people, how did they fare? Did my bet win?”

The elders were thoroughly enjoying the show, but unlike the cheerful atmosphere in the attic, the atmosphere inside the trial secret realm was much more gloomy and oppressive.

At least it was so here in Ning Ning’s case.

The monk swung his staff like a wolf’s tooth club, knocking out both the man and the woman, then proceeded to search their bodies for tokens without the slightest sense of propriety regarding their genders.

He even grew impatient and directly grabbed the ankle of the woman in green clothes, hoisting her upside down and shaking her vigorously like a sieve until the token fell out.

This went beyond “not understanding how to cherish fragrance and cherish jade”; it was downright ruthless and devastatingly cruel.

After the monk picked up the token, the two music cultivators were forcibly removed from the secret realm. What started as a movie for four ended up with only him holding the monk’s staff and having a name.

Ning Ning watched a good show with great interest, but at this moment she didn’t have much thoughts about the mantis stalking the cicada and the oriole behind.

(T/N: taking advantage of someone’s misfortune)

Setting aside her principle of “not attacking unless attacked first,” just by observing the monk’s technique in repelling his opponents, she could tell his cultivation was not low.

She didn’t like resorting to brute force. If she had to fight every time she encountered someone just to grab a token, she would probably turn into a riddled human flesh sandbag in no time.

Ning Ning stifled a yawn, intending to leave once the monk departed. However, not far away, the smooth-headed monk, as slippery as a seasoned egg, suddenly appeared, and his voice drifted in the wind: “How much longer does the benefactor wish to watch?”

Ning Ning was slightly taken aback.

It was said that music cultivators had keen senses, and it seemed to be true. Even though she deliberately concealed her presence, she couldn’t escape his perception.

“You’re truly skilled, little master.”

She emerged from the shadows, perhaps having gradually developed a thick skin under her sect’s guidance, and didn’t feel too embarrassed about being discovered: “To find joy in the sound of the brahma bell, I’ve never seen it before—I’m Ning Ning from the Xuanxu Sword Sect.”

The young monk gave her a brief once-over, then spoke lightly: “Master Ning, I’ve heard of your reputation.”

Seeing her slightly surprised expression, he added with a poker face, “My dharma name is Mingjing, and I have a good relationship with my junior brother Mingkong, who has mentioned you to me.”

So, she was friends with Mingkong.

First, there was Mingkong, who prioritized defense due to his fear of pain, and now here was Mingjing, treating his brahma bell like a big club. Birds of a feather flock together, and it made one wonder how many surprises the Fanyin Temple had that she didn’t know about.

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