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Chapter 85: Watching the Show

“Who sent you?” Meng Yunxin dodged an attack and shouted.

She found herself alone at some point.

The six black-clad figures paid no attention to her words. Two of them, martial practitioners, stepped forward to engage Meng Yunxin in battle.

As our main heroine, how could her body be as fragile as that of a magician!

Of course, she practiced dual cultivation, not only as a magician but also as a martial practitioner!

Moreover, she could cast magic instantly while fighting, even powerful magic.

The six black-clad figures: My buddies and I are all stunned.

Su Hua led Mu Ye to find the best spot to watch the show, jumping onto a tree and sitting down.

Fortunately, the magical beasts in the Henglang Mountains were relatively low-level. Otherwise, with such a commotion, those magical beasts would have swarmed out for sure.

Meng Yunxin struggled to deal with the attacks of the six individuals while shouting, “Yao Hua, help me, and I can promise you a condition.”

Tsk, I won’t get involved unless I’m forced to.

Blame that little b*tch, Heavenly Dao. If I kill the female lead, she’ll definitely strike me with thunder!

“…” Host, does the female lead also provoke you?

In the end, it was she who killed Mu Ye.

De’er: “…”

Is the host such an affectionate person?

Impossible! It’s just an excuse to find a reason to kill the female lead.

Seeing Su Hua ignore her, Meng Yunxin began to maneuver the black-clad figures towards Su Hua.

Soon, one of the black-clad figures cast a spell that Meng Yunxin dodged, and it headed towards Su Hua.

“Damn it! We’re all cannon fodder; why bother making things difficult for each other.”

Su Hua swiftly led Mu Ye to jump to another tree.

And you, female lead, aren’t you supposed to be self-reliant? Won’t you ask for help, no matter how tough it gets? Yet, you’re still stirring up trouble for others. Have you lost your character setting!

Magic attacks were indiscriminately aimed at Su Hua.

Su Hua directly flew away with Mu Ye. She can’t watch this anymore.

Meng Yunxin almost died of anger after seeing Su Hua’s actions. She had no choice but to focus on dealing with the black-clad figures.

However, not only were there more of them, but they were also stronger than her. If it weren’t for her golden finger, allowing her to continuously draw magic elements from space, she would have exhausted herself by now.

She still had one last Trump card, but she wouldn’t use it until the end.

Meng Yunxin began to fight and escape towards Su Hua’s location, hoping to find a glimmer of hope, or else she would have to use her last resort.

As for leaving? She wouldn’t leave. She must be on the list of rewards this time.

After the black-clad figures discovered Meng Yunxin’s powerful elemental abilities, they exchanged glances and decided to end it quickly. The longer it dragged on, the more disadvantageous it would be for them.

Five people surrounded Meng Yunxin, preventing her from escaping, while another black-clad figure jumped outside the circle and began chanting a powerful spell.

“Oh great wind god, grant me infinite power, show your anger, and borrow your world-destroying magic to destroy my enemies—Thunder Dragon!”

As the incantation fell, a fierce wind arose, trees were uprooted, and sand and stones flew up, along with some low-level magical beasts around, all caught in the maelstrom.

The beasts that weren’t caught huddled in their caves, trembling with fear.


The clouds turned black, and lightning struck, heading straight for Meng Yunxin.

Meng Yunxin dodged the lightning attacks in a sorry state, occasionally getting hit and coughing up blood.

Su Hua watched from a distance, only able to see scenes akin to a tornado passing through, with nothing visible inside.


With a deafening roar, Su Hua saw the transparent thunder dragon formed by lightning directly shattered, and then several black-clad figures’ bodies were thrown out of the storm, crashing towards her.

“!!” So far away, plot God still won’t let me off!

What grudge do you hold against me!


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