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Chapter 86: Soo Ugly

Six men in black were already dead.

Meng Yunxin revealed her biggest trump card—the holy beast, Dragon.

In no time, the dragon transformed into a young boy. After saying a few words to Meng Yunxin, it was then taken into her space.

Meng Yunxin glanced deeply at Su Hua, then quickly departed.

The aura of the holy beast would definitely attract the attention of the academy mentors. She couldn’t let anyone find out.

Su Hua also quickly left with Mu Ye. She didn’t want to take the blame for Meng Yunxin.

In the following days, Su Hua continued to buy jade pendants with Mu Ye’s help and killed many magic beasts they encountered.

Perhaps the scriptwriter finally spared this little cutie. In the days that followed, she didn’t encounter Meng Yunxin again.

Soon, seven days of training ended.

With Su Hua’s help, Mu Ye successfully obtained the first place in jade pendants, while Meng Yunxin obtained the first place in killing magic beast crystals. Su Hua’s team also ranked first, although the other two members had already been eliminated.

“Teacher, I refuse to accept this.”

During the award ceremony, a student raised an objection.

Old Beard Mentor smoothed his gray beard calmly and asked, “Why do you refuse?”

“Mu Ye’s jade pendant was not obtained through real ability; it was all bought with gold coins from other students. Why should he be rewarded? I refuse to accept it.”

“Mu Ye, is this true?” The teacher looked directly at Mu Ye, his eyes cold.

Mu Ye nodded. “Yes.”

“You dare to do such a thing! The academy’s training is meant to improve your strength and combat abilities, not for you to resort to any means for rewards!” The teacher rebuked loudly.

Some students who didn’t sell jade pendants around felt relieved seeing this.

“Teacher, how is this resorting to any means?” Su Hua stepped forward.

The teacher looked at Su Hua, frowning slightly. “Do you know?”

“The academy’s training rules only state that the person with the most jade pendant is the first, without specifying what means cannot be used. If the academy’s rules are not clear, is it our fault now?”

The girl raised her head slightly, her brows showing a hint of coldness, her eyes calm and indifferent, yet inexplicably giving off an aura of irresistible majesty.

The teacher’s pupils contracted. This girl had been calm from beginning to end, but as he approached, he felt a strong sense of oppression and mental power.

Another mentor walked over, trying to mediate. “What this student said makes sense. It’s the academy’s fault for not clarifying the rules.”

With that, the mentor handed a bottle to Mu Ye, who rudely accepted it and tossed it into his space.

The academy’s training came to an end. In addition to receiving a marrow-cleansing pill, Mu Ye also gained a chance to enter the third floor of the library and a chance to enter the secret realm half a year later.

Others who wanted to enter the secret realm had to wait for another three months for the Tri-Nation Grand Competition. The winner would then have the opportunity to enter the secret realm.

“You have to win.”

Su Hua’s leg-hair translation came online again: You have to win the Tri-Nation Grand Competition and go to the secret realm with me to protect me.

“Got it.”

Mu Ye tugged at the corner of his mouth; his cold face seemed to melt like snow, crystal clear. Even though it was just a simple tug at the corner of his mouth, his whole handsome face lit up.

Su Hua was amazed, but said, “So ugly.”

Mu Ye’s mouth twitched. He hadn’t smiled in many years, and he had long forgotten how to smile.

“Watch how I smile in the future; learn from me, okay?”

“Yeah.” Mu Ye tugged at the corner of his mouth again, looking even better than before.

Su Hua’s lips curled up as she held his hand. “Let’s go to the library. You can go to the third floor now. Stay there longer; you can eat and sleep there.”


The sunlight was warm, the breeze was gentle, and everything was so beautiful.

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