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Chapter 11: The Eleventh Day of Hope’s Older Brother’s Amnesia

“Wen Ling, what brings you here?”

Inside the Canglan Pavilion of Princess Qingyang’s Mansion, the lights were bright, but there was no one outside. Song Yushu sat in a circular chair, watching the man sitting in front of him with his legs crossed, frowning.

The man known as Wen Ling seemed completely unconcerned about Song Yushu’s lukewarm attitude. Instead, he casually picked up grapes from the fruit plate, peeled them, and popped them into his mouth.

“Since you left, my father has been restless at home, worrying about you even more than he worries about his own son! If I don’t come to assist you, he might just kick me out of the house.”

He looked at Song Yushu, who was sitting in front of him. Even while eating grapes, he didn’t forget about him, offering some to him, but Song Yushu decisively shook his head.

Wen Ling seemed about to say something, but before he could speak, they heard a knock on the door from outside.

“Your Highness.”

He heard the knocking and intended to get up, but just as he stood up, he heard a familiar voice. With a smirk, he adjusted his robe and sat back down, casually saying “come in” on behalf of Song Yushu.

The person outside respectfully pushed the door open, seeming somewhat surprised to see someone sitting inside. They closed the door, then turned back.

“Master Wen.”

Wen Ling looked somewhat smug as he tilted his head slightly and threw some grapes into his mouth.

“I say, He Feng, you’ve seen me during the day; shouldn’t you be more cautious at night? Look at how long I’ve been sitting here. If just anyone can wander around Your Highness’s side like this, it wouldn’t be good, would it?”

The person called He Feng furrowed his brow momentarily, but it quickly disappeared, replaced by his usual expressionless face, looking serious.

“Master Wen, I’m He Yu.”

As soon as he said this, the previously smug Wen Ling awkwardly cleared his throat a few times and gave him a somewhat incredulous look. However, He Yu seemed unfazed by his behavior and didn’t pay it much mind.

“He Yu, you…”

“What’s the matter?”

Song Yushu couldn’t stand seeing Wen Ling idly chatting with his subordinates, so he interrupted in time. He Yu’s coming over at this moment definitely meant more than just helping Wen Ling recognize people.

Seeing his master inquire, He Yu took a few steps forward, hesitated for a moment as he glanced at Wen Ling sitting beside him, then continued.

“It’s nothing; please go ahead.”

Song Yushu said so, and He Yu also felt relieved. He adjusted his expression and continued with the serious matter he wanted to discuss.

“General Fang, on his way back to the capital, was poisoned with Mist Lotus Grass. His condition is critical. This news hasn’t reached the palace yet, but General Fang’s subordinates rushed here overnight to inform Princess Qingyang. The County Princess has also received the news.”

This news surprised both Song Yushu and Wen Ling. Everyone knew that General Fang Hengxiao, the Great General of the Jing Kingdom, was brave and skilled in battle. Originally just a top martial arts graduate, he had gradually risen to prominence through his own efforts to become an outstanding figure. Such a person was naturally cautious. The fact that someone could poison him on his return journey was a bit too careless.

“How did the County Princess find out?”

Wen Ling looked up at him, softened his serious expression, and then turned to He Yu, indicating that he should continue.

“Princess Qingyang sent someone to call the County Princess over. When the subordinates saw the County Princess come out, her complexion didn’t look too good…”

Upon hearing this, Song Yushu furrowed his brow. Wen Ling looked at the upright He Yu, raised an eyebrow, and even wanted to ask how on earth He Yu, standing there so late at night, could tell that the County Princess’s complexion wasn’t good?

He Yu seemed to notice Wen Ling’s gaze and silently lowered his head slightly.

“I understand. You may leave now. Accept your punishment, and if such a situation occurs again, you’ll lose an arm.”

Song Yushu’s words naturally implied that He Yu hadn’t noticed Wen Ling’s at all. He Yu seemed surprised by this, but he nodded expressionlessly and turned to open the door, then left. Wen Ling was about to say something when Song Yushu blocked him.

“You too. Go wherever you need to go. I have other matters to attend to.”

Wen Ling was about to ask where Song Yushu was going, but before he could speak, Song Yushu got up, bypassed him, opened the door, and slammed it shut without even acknowledging him. His demeanor clearly showed he was dissatisfied, but it wasn’t clear who he was angry with.

Meanwhile, in the Qinlan Courtyard, the lights had long been extinguished, and the entire courtyard was pitch black. However, Cheng Nanyu, lying on the bed, felt no sleepiness at all.

In her mother’s courtyard just now, the visitor was an old subordinate who had followed her father for many years, loyal and steadfast. Whatever he said shouldn’t be false. But how could her father, who was so cautious, have allowed such a loophole for someone to take advantage of?

She had heard of Mist Lotus Grass before. It was said that this poison had been lost for many years, to the point where no one could cure it…

“It’s late, sister. You should be sleeping. Otherwise, you’ll have dark circles under your eyes tomorrow.”

Cheng Nanyu was lost in her own thoughts about her father. Earlier, when she had just laid down in bed, she had shed some tears.

Now, hearing sounds outside, she jolted upright and rubbed her eyes slightly. Peering out through the veil of her canopy bed, she didn’t dare reach out to push aside the curtains. Instead, she tried to make out the figure outside by the moonlight streaming in through the window.

However, her eyes were sore at this moment, and the curtains were only semi-transparent, so she could only see that there was someone outside, but she couldn’t make out their face.

Still, based on the silhouette and the voice, although she was anxious and losing her composure, she could at least recognize who it was.

The person standing outside was none other than Song Yushu, her dear older brother.

“Why aren’t you saying anything, little sister?”

Separated only by a thin veil, she could hear what the person outside was saying, but her brother suddenly appearing in her room in the middle of the night left her momentarily unsure of how to respond.

This person really had some nerve!

“What’s wrong, little sister? Could it be that after just one night apart, you’ve already forgotten the sound of your own brother’s voice?”

Cheng Nanyu still didn’t speak. She listened to Song Yushu’s voice and felt a chill run down her spine. She had been thinking about her father and hadn’t slept, yet she hadn’t noticed when Song Yushu entered or from where.

Despite their long acquaintance, this man still made her feel afraid.

She reached under her pillow and felt a hairpin. It was the same one she had forgotten to put back in her jewelry box after taking it off during a nap earlier. Without it, she didn’t even have a single defensive item today.

“No need to be afraid, little sister. I just came over to chat with you. The night is long; don’t you find it boring?”

Although he said so, Cheng Nanyu tightened her grip on the hairpin.

Author’s Note:

Cheng Nanyu: I’m not in the mood today. Let’s discuss the matter of my brother’s amnesia tomorrow (* ̄m ̄)


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