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Chapter 39

After a while, Pei Ziqing’s hand finally stopped trembling.

He stared at Zhuang Monan’s face, which was enough to bewilder countless young girls, and suddenly drew out a dagger.

While waving the dagger, the youth muttered to himself, “Without this beautiful skin, how could you conceive those wicked thoughts? So, it’s better to cut it off, cut it off…”

Yun Wu had already settled the fate of Zhuang’s subordinate and was standing behind him at this moment.

Seeing the youth’s actions, Yun Wu was first startled for a moment, then burst into a low chuckle.

“Good child, what you’ve done is truly… excellent.”

The originally elegant young master Zhuang soon turned into a hideous corpse without a face, his heart taken out—a pitiful sight indeed.

Pei Ziqing looked at the corpse on the ground, and something long buried deep in his heart suddenly broke through the surface, taking root and sprouting.

It turned out that he had never been a good person all along.

His heart had rotted long ago.

No matter how much nourishment sister poured onto that rotten heart, it only made it appear intact.

Because deep inside, it had long decayed.

“Alright, if you’re going to kill, just kill, don’t show such a sentimental look,” Yun Wu’s tone was as if he had just killed two ants.

He walked ahead, pushing open the door and stepping out.

Pei Ziqing sensed his intention, his face turning pale with shock.

“Yun Wu!”

“These surroundings are all the guards brought by Zhuang Monan. If we leave like this, we’ll be discovered! You brought me here, so you should take me out the same way!” Pei Ziqing exclaimed in panic.

Yun Wu glanced back at him, his smile sinister. “What? I escorted you all the way here, helped you kill your rival, and now I have to escort you back?”

“Young Master Pei, you’re being too naive.”

“What do you mean by that?” Pei Ziqing gritted his teeth.

“If they see my face, it will cause trouble for Sister and even the entire Snow City. I can’t cause trouble for Sister! I can’t die here either. Sister is waiting for me to return…”

At the end, Pei Ziqing’s voice lowered, but it was filled with strong determination.

He had promised Sister that he would return safely.

Yun Wu’s lips curled slowly. “So, I’ve come up with a solution for you.”

“You see, the two people with the highest cultivation have already died, leaving behind those who can’t withstand a single blow. Young Master Pei can easily fight his way out. But remember, you must kill them all.”

Pei Ziqing’s pupils suddenly contracted, staring intensely at him.

“Don’t look at me like that, I’m doing this for your own good.” Yun Wu patted his shoulder. “Think about your Sister, think about Snow City.”

Pei Ziqing clenched his fists tightly, his expression grim.

He knew he had been tricked.

Yun Wu had been calculating him all along.

But he didn’t understand what this man wanted to gain from him.

Just to see him transform from Sister’s obedient little darling into a deranged killer?

What benefit does that bring to him?

However, even if Pei Ziqing now understands the other party’s intentions, he has no way out.

Without Yun Wu’s protection, he can only fight his way out…

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Zhuang Monan’s guards to notice something amiss.

Their master died tragically, driving them mad as they surged forward.

Pei Ziqing decisively chose slaughter.

With his cultivation, he naturally couldn’t kill these people alone, but Yun Wu would help him.

No matter how formidable the experts seemed in his eyes, they were merely puppets under Yun Wu’s control.

He manipulated the puppets while he became the executioner.

In the end, Pei Ziqing was covered in blood, his expression numb.

With one final stab, he killed the last person, his actions becoming increasingly decisive.

Pei Ziqing wiped the bloodstains from his face.

This wipe instead smudged the bloodstains, turning the fleshy lump on his face red, like blood bubbles boiling in a blood pool.

The youth at this moment appeared like a demon emerging from hell.

“You’ve done well. You see, all these people are dead now. Only the dead can forever keep a secret.”

Pei Ziqing paid no attention to the other person, staring blankly at his blood-stained hands and murmuring, “Sister, I miss Sister…”

Yun Wu chuckled softly, his demeanor relaxed and elegant. “No hurry, I’ll take you to a good place first.”

Pei Ziqing struggled out of his numbness, his dark and hollow eyes fixed on him.

Yun Wu, seemingly oblivious to the chilling stare, continued casually, “You don’t have the right to refuse.”

Pei Ziqing let out a cold laugh.

“Young Master Pei, I promise you, after you’ve been to that place, you’ll be able to see your Sister.”

“If Sister knew what you’ve done to me, she wouldn’t spare you!”

Yun Wu burst into laughter upon hearing this. “If your Sister knew what you’ve done, would she still recognize you?”

Pei Ziqing trembled all over, muttering to himself, “She would, she would. Sister said she would never abandon me…”

He killed for Sister, and Sister would surely forgive him!

Yun Wu sneered, looking up at the sky, his aura suddenly changing.

Moments later, a completely black-winged bird flew in from the horizon.

Yun Wu tossed the blood man onto the back of the black-winged bird and gracefully flew up himself.

The black-winged bird spread its wings and soared high, gliding far away in one swoop.

The strong wind in the high sky made it impossible for people to keep their eyes open.

The youth strained to look back towards Snow City, his heart growing more and more panicked.

For a moment, he felt as if he might never return.

“Where are you taking me? I want to go back to Snow City, I want to find Sister!”

Yun Wu glanced at him, ignoring his words.

Pei Ziqing protested for a while, but after getting no response, he gradually calmed down.

He pondered his situation.

Yun Wu wouldn’t take his life; as long as he was alive, he could still see Sister.


He really missed Sister.

The black-winged bird traveled thousands of miles in a day, its speed incredibly fast, flying south for a long time.

Pei Ziqing looked down at the green mountains and rivers below with indifference.

When he was young, he had always yearned for the south, but now he no longer cared.

What was the point of being in a good place if Sister wasn’t there?

Before long, before he could even feel the spring-like seasons of the south, the black-winged bird passed through a desolate jungle, crossed a formidable barrier, and entered a hazy horizon.

Beneath them now was only barren and desolate land, the vegetation here of a sinister black-brown color.

At a certain moment, the black-winged bird dove down and finally landed.

Pei Ziqing’s feet also finally found solid ground.

He looked around at the vast and desolate land, feeling uneasy.

The vegetation here, the air here, everything felt oppressive to him.

Ahead was a chasm, seemingly bottomless at a glance.

He even caught a whiff of a rotting smell.

“Young Master Pei, we’ve arrived.” Yun Wu looked at him, a smile playing on his lips.

Pei Ziqing was slightly startled. “Arrived? You said, as long as I went with you to a place, you would let me go back to see Sister. Could it be—”

Yun Wu chuckled softly, enunciating each word. “That’s right, it’s here.”

Pei Ziqing’s eyes widened in shock, his expression terrified.

“If you can climb up from the abyss of my demon realm, naturally, you’ll… see your Sister.”

“Yun Wu, you—”

The next moment, the youth’s body suddenly lightened as a force hurled him fiercely, sending him tumbling off the cliff.


Amidst the youth’s cries of horror, the smile on Yun Wu’s face gradually deepened.

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