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Chapter 15

Han Annan led Ruan Chacha to a corner sofa and said, “Just sit and wait; I’ll go pour some water for you.”

Ruan Chacha hurriedly thanked him. Han Annan was indeed good. He was the only person she knew here, which made her feel even more comfortable.

After a while, Han Annan brought water and some snacks over to Ruan Chacha. Ruan Chacha felt even more grateful towards this doctor. He even noticed that she was a bit hungry.

“Thank you; you’re really kind.” Ruan Chacha happily took the water and snacks. Wow, they looked really delicious.

Han Annan was rendered speechless by her compliment, while the two men beside him burst into laughter.

“Sister-in-law, you probably don’t know how much of a playboy Annan is, right? Only you would praise him like that. Almost all the women who have been with him hated him to death.” Yu Hao seemed like a spoiled rich kid, teasing Han Annan.

Oh? Ruan Chacha could sense there was a story behind this, but it seemed that soon Han Annan would become a good supporting male character who only had feelings for the female lead. It appeared he wasn’t naturally faithful.

Han Annan bantered with them while Ruan Chacha sat quietly on the side, eating without paying much attention to their conversation.

After finishing the last bite of the cake, Ruan Chacha felt a bit unsatisfied but could only put down her fork and look around.

Not far from where she was sitting, there was a man sitting alone by the window, reading a book. Reading? Ruan Chacha thought he was likely the male supporting character from the original text. Ji something Si?

She couldn’t quite remember the name, but the male supporting character was also the male lead’s brother, right? Such melodrama. Han Annan was quite pitiful; he was not even considered the third male lead, at best just a supporting character for the fourth male lead.

Tsk tsk tsk… so many love interests, the female lead must be amazing, attracting all these high-quality men who remain faithful until death.

Lost in her thoughts, Ruan Chacha was interrupted by Bai Xin’s entrance.

Ruan Chacha was slightly surprised. Why was Bai Xin here again? Then she figured it out—she must be here chasing after Dugu Mohan.

Bai Xin was familiar with everyone in the lounge. As soon as she arrived, the whole lounge became lively; even Han Annan seemed much happier.

Well, there was a clear contrast when she entered. But that was expected; with the original host’s personality, anyone would act as if they hadn’t seen her.

Bai Xin was so emotionally intelligent, she had all the boys laughing. Ruan Chacha listened to their conversation for two minutes before losing interest because she realized she couldn’t understand.

Bored, she absentmindedly twiddled her fingers, thinking about when Dugu Mohan would finish his competition. Without him, her “green tea value” wouldn’t increase.

Just as she was twiddling her fingers absentmindedly, Bai Xin shifted the topic to her. Ruan Chacha hadn’t intended to have any confrontation with Bai Xin. After all, all she wanted was the “green tea value,” and she only felt disdain for Dugu Mohan.

“What… brought you here? You only told me today, and I completely forgot.” Bai Xin’s question silenced the others, almost all of them fearing that Ruan Chacha might suddenly erupt.

Ruan Chacha smiled thinly.

“My name is not very memorable. Just call me Chacha.”

She clasped her hands tightly on her knees, looking extremely obedient.

The others, who thought Ruan Chacha would explode, were surprised by how much she had changed since they last saw her.

“Chacha?” Bai Xin’s tone carried a hint of sarcasm, making it sound quite uncomfortable.

Han Annan was the first to disagree, but he only furrowed his brows and didn’t speak up.

Ruan Chacha seemed oblivious to Bai Xin’s implication and responded with a soft smile.

Bai Xin hoped that Ruan Chacha would withdraw on her own to facilitate her relationship with Mohan.

“It’s you who begged Mohan to come, right? Mohan seems to really dislike you.”

Bai Xin seized upon Ruan Chacha’s temperament, thinking she was truly weak and easily manipulated. Despite her morning setback, Bai Xin believed Ruan Chacha had completely forgotten about it.

The others sitting there could feel Bai Xin’s hostility towards Ruan Chacha, but seeing Ruan Chacha’s harmless appearance, they felt Bai Xin’s words were a bit too much.

Ruan Chacha secretly felt pleased. Did she come knocking on her door herself? Alright, lay the groundwork first, and when the storm comes, the “green tea value” will be easily obtained.

Her face paled, hands tightening anxiously. “I was the one who begged Mohan gege to come. Mohan gege… indeed doesn’t like me, but it’s okay. I’m just satisfied to be able to see Mohan gege.” With reddened eyes, she smiled weakly at Bai Xin.

Her words struck the men sitting there directly. Wow! Ruan Chacha was so humble! Bai Xin’s actions were truly excessive.

Han Annan’s expression became increasingly grim, but Bai Xin hadn’t noticed. Bai Xin knew that Mohan’s brother really disliked Ruan Chacha.

“Why bother? If I were you, I would have already proposed to divorce Mohan. You probably don’t want to cling on stubbornly, right?” Bai Xin thought she had won. Having been abroad for so long, she had forgotten what modesty was.

Ruan Chacha’s face instantly turned ashen, as if she had suffered a great blow, her whole body trembling.

“N-no… Bai Xin jiejie, can you not ask Mohan gege to divorce me? I… I can’t be without Mohan gege. You two can be together, and I’ll just pretend I haven’t seen anything, as long as I can see Mohan gege. I’ll do anything you ask.” Tears streamed down Ruan Chacha’s cheeks as she pleaded with a helpless look in her eyes towards Bai Xin, her appearance heartbreaking.

The entire lounge fell into silence. Several of Dugu Mohan’s friends couldn’t believe their ears. Mohan hit Ruan Chacha??

Bai Xin was stunned, completely unprepared for Ruan Chacha’s reaction.

Han Annan exuded an almost uncontrollable anger. “He hit you again?” He handed Ruan Chacha a tissue to wipe her tears.

Trembling, Ruan Chacha took the tissue from him, shaking her head vigorously, and said to Han Annan in a terrified tone, “Don’t ask Mohan gege! I don’t want to trouble Mohan gege, okay?”

Please confront your good buddy; don’t let her acting go to waste.

Faced with Ruan Chacha’s plea, Han Annan’s anger seemed on the verge of bursting.

But Bai Xin spoke again: “Why don’t you just leave Mohan? You must have angered him.” Bai Xin believed that, with her emotional intelligence, Mohan would only love her more and wouldn’t lay a hand on her. Pursuing true love, in her understanding, was not wrong.

Ruan Chacha was about to speak when a furious shout startled her.

“Shut up! If you speak like that again, get out.” Han Annan exploded, startling his buddies.

Trying to defuse the situation, Wei Shilei intervened: “Annan, calm down; don’t be impulsive.”

Wei Shilei had been uncomfortable watching them bully Ruan Chacha. Although her temper had been bad before, it was only because she loved Mohan too much, which couldn’t be a reason to bully her.

Bai Xin’s face turned ugly from being shouted at. “Are you yelling at me?” From childhood to adulthood, no one had dared to shout at her like this.

Han Annan stared at her coldly. “I can see you haven’t grown up at all during your years abroad. Instead, you’ve become shameless. Is being a mistress your life goal?”

Bai Xin was infuriated by his words, her face alternating between pale and flushed. “Han Annan, watch your mouth. What have I done wrong? Mohan never liked her in the first place; she’s the one clinging onto Mohan.”

No one wanted to hear this anymore. Since she was being so tactful, Ruan Chacha quickly added fuel to the fire: “It’s my fault, Annan gege; don’t be angry for me. Anger harms the body, and don’t blame Bai Xin jiejie either. It’s my fault for being unpleasant and tactless. It’s all my fault.”

Listen to Ruan Chacha, who is so understanding. Her understanding nature was heartbreaking, and Han Annan couldn’t stand to see her compromising herself.

“Don’t shoulder all the blame yourself. It’s Mohan and Bai Xin’s fault. You’re the victim, so don’t apologize for everything.” Han Annan couldn’t contain his anger but had to comfort Ruan Chacha.

His buddies also comforted her: “Sister-in-law, don’t be so kind-hearted. Didn’t you see how she directly forced her way into power?”

“Yeah, you’re not at fault at all. Why make yourself suffer? In this situation, you have to be tough.”

Wei Shilei, seeing Ruan Chacha so pitiful, cast aside all his biases against her.

“I’ll talk to Mohan about this later, so he doesn’t act so recklessly.” It’s not right to resort to violence.

To be honest, Ruan Chacha was pleasantly surprised. She didn’t expect this green tea strategy to be so successful and quickly shook her head, “Please don’t tell Mohan gege, okay? I don’t want Mohan gege to be in a difficult position.”

Everyone looked at Ruan Chacha in surprise. She loved him so deeply, yet Mohan didn’t seem to appreciate it.

Ji Rushi, who had been watching the show for a long time, shook his head helplessly. Another infatuated woman.

Han Annan’s anger was directed straight at Bai Xin. “See that? Are you as understanding as she is? Mohan can’t escape this marriage, whether he loves her or not. Give up already.”

Seeing them start arguing again, the whole lounge became chaotic. Ruan Chacha couldn’t deny her contribution to this. Initially, she only wanted to manipulate the male lead, but who knew Bai Xin would become increasingly hostile towards her? So, she didn’t mind stirring the pot a bit, considering it as laying the groundwork in advance.

The men beside her were all speaking up for Ruan Chacha, comforting her from time to time, all disagreeing with Bai Xin’s behavior.

Dugu Mohan won the competition, and with a triumphant air, he opened the door to the lounge. Upon seeing this scene, a hint of confusion flashed across his normally expressionless face.

“Mohan!” Bai Xin, who had been arguing with Han Annan, immediately stood up joyfully to greet him as soon as she saw Dugu Mohan pushing the door open.

“Mohan gege…” Ruan Chacha, with reddened eyes, stood up from the sofa.

Han Annan’s anger never subsided. “Mohan, your treatment of Chacha is becoming more and more unreasonable.”

The other brothers who were on good terms with him all nodded in agreement, “Yeah, you’ve gone too far.”

Dugu Mohan: “???” What is happening to me again?



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