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Chapter 4-Part 2

Thinking about this, she carefully observed the surrounding terrain. She was currently in the middle of a rocky mountain. The murderer named Ma Dashan was experienced indeed; he had chosen the only flat area, providing himself with a buffer zone for both attack and defense. The constables, daunted by his reputation, dared not approach. However, unfortunately for him, he had encountered her, heh.

She crept over a few steep rocks, keeping low, until she reached behind Ma Dashan. Peering through a crack in the rocks, she observed the scene. Then, a familiar voice spoke up: “Master Ma, I’m just an innocent villager. Good deeds bring good rewards. Please let me go.”

“Shut up! I’m not a good person to begin with, and you’re just a bastard. I told you to take me to the village to find something to eat, but you brought me to this godforsaken mountain to try to escape. Heh, even in death, I’ll drag you down with me.” As he spoke, he shifted his body, presumably kicking the hostage, and sharp cries followed.

The constables stepped back at the sight, and only then could Li Hehua see clearly: Ma Dashan’s hostage was none other than Li Dazi!

Li Dazi cried out, “Oh, Master Ma, spare me, I’m going to die, I’m going to die,” as he desperately twisted his body.

Ma Dashan, impatient, thrust his knife forward and shouted, “Keep crying, and I’ll send you straight to the King of Hell.”

Acting swiftly, Li Hehua suddenly stood up and kicked a rock towards Ma Dashan. Startled by the sound of wind, Ma Dashan reflexively tried to dodge, and her foot followed the rock.

Ma Dashan, eager to enjoy his life, naturally valued his own life. He let go of Li Dazi as a burden and attacked Li Hehua instead, while the constables quickly responded by joining the fray.

Kitchen knives and swords flew, and eventually, the three of them managed to subdue Ma Dashan.

Breathing heavily, Ma Dashan looked at Li Hehua and said, “Damn it, I’ve fallen into a pit. I actually lost to a little girl like you. You wait; if I don’t die, I’ll definitely come back for revenge!”

Li Hehua sneered, “When will that be? When you’re old, your teeth have fallen out, and you can’t walk anymore? Even in your prime, you couldn’t handle me. Am I supposed to fear you?” With that, she lowered her head and snapped his chin and arms.

The constables were stunned.

Li Hehua paid no attention and gestured to the constables, “Gentlemen, take him away and report to your superiors. Just don’t mention us commoners, or it might trouble you later.”

This was her way of giving credit to them. The constables were overjoyed. One of them said, “Thank you, miss. We’ll take full responsibility and ensure Ma Dashan won’t harm you or the village.” With that, they hoisted Ma Dashan and headed towards the other end of the mountain.

Seeing them go, Li Hehua turned around and prepared to go home. After walking a few steps, she asked Li Dazi, who was following her, “Didn’t you leave the village yet?”

Li Dazi shrank back a bit and said, “Thank you for saving me, Miss Li Hehua, I will repay your kindness.”

Li Hehua tilted her head, smirking, “What are you going to repay me with? Idleness? Forget it, I saved you because you didn’t bring Ma Dashan to harm the villagers. I don’t expect anything from you.”

Li Dazi exclaimed, “Don’t underestimate me. Although I’ve achieved nothing, the villagers of Li’s village are also my fellow villagers. How could I bring harm to them? I promise to repay your kindness.”

Despite being a rascal, he understood the importance of repaying a life-saving favor.

“Heh, indeed. If you don’t bring harm to them, you’ll harm yourself. Enough, don’t bother me!” Li Hehua said, continuing on her way.

Li Dazi hesitated for a moment and said, “Alright, you wait and see. I will definitely make something of myself. When the time comes, I will repay today’s kindness.”

As Li Hehua heard the fading footsteps, she turned around to see Li Dazi’s small figure disappearing over the hilltop. She couldn’t help but shake her head. Li Dazi’s parents had passed away long ago, leaving him alone in the family. He was already twenty and still idle all day. He could talk big, but who couldn’t? Well, adults were responsible for themselves. As long as he didn’t bother her, she wouldn’t meddle in his affairs.

Back in the village, she immediately spotted Mrs.Wang standing at the village entrance, looking around. She quickly walked over, linked her arm with Mrs.Wang’s, and coquettishly said, “You missed me already after just one day, Mother?”

Mrs.Wang patted her hand, looked her up and down, then breathed a sigh of relief. She said, “Hehua, I heard about the escaped murderer. I was worried you might have encountered him. Thank goodness, thank goodness, Heaven has protected you!”

Li Hehua thought to herself, Not only did I encounter him, but I also got into a fight with him! However, she wouldn’t say anything to make her mother worry. She nodded and said, “Yes, thank goodness indeed! Let’s go; I’m craving your homemade fried eggs.”

“You, even at your age, still can’t do without your mother.”

“I’m sixty years old, and I still want to eat my mother’s fried eggs.”

The mother and daughter chatted and laughed all the way back home.

Early the next morning, just as Mrs.Wang finished washing up, she heard a knock at the door. She hurried over to open it, muttering about the loud knocking so early. Did it wake Hehua up?

Opening the door, she saw a handsome and anxious faceā€”it was Lu Junyu. She said, somewhat surprised, “Junyu, is something the matter?”

Seeing that Mrs.Wang looked fine, Lu Junyu felt relieved. Presumably, Li Hehua was safe. He straightened his clothes, gave Mrs.Wang a bow, and said, “Auntie, I heard about the escaped convict, so I came to check on Miss Li Hehua, who just returned yesterday.”



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