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Chapter 4-Part 3

Mrs.Wang was immediately pleased to see her son-in-law, who was sweating profusely, presumably rushing over upon hearing the news. He was a good son-in-law. She quickly stepped aside and said, “Junyu, don’t worry. Come in and have a seat. Drink some water. Hehua is fine, just lazy as usual, still asleep. Please take care of her in the future.”

Lu Junyu hurriedly responded, “That’s good. Auntie, rest assured, I will take good care of Miss Li Hehua.”

He blushed slightly as he spoke.

Mrs.Wang smiled, her eyes narrowing into slits. This young man was really good! And he looked good too!

Li Hehua stood at the door, watching her mother’s attentive behavior, feeling a bit speechless. Didn’t her mother say she would make pumpkin porridge for her in the morning? Did she forget?

Lu Junyu quickly noticed Li Hehua and felt a bit embarrassed. He stood up and bowed, saying, “Miss Li.”

Li Hehua smiled and nodded. “Master Lu came early.”

At this moment, Lu Junyu’s servant, Lu Ming, also stepped forward and said, “This servant, Lu Ming, greets Miss Li.”

Li Hehua nodded and looked at her mother, holding her stomach.

Wang Shi felt both amused and exasperated. Was she getting jealous already? Didn’t she see who Lu Junyu came for? But she couldn’t let her daughter go hungry. She said to everyone, “Junyu, please have a seat. I’ll go prepare breakfast. After you’ve eaten, you can leave.”

With that, she went to the kitchen.

Li Hehua looked at Lu Junyu, who once again explained his purpose.

Li Hehua smiled and said, “Master Lu, you’ve worked hard. Please eat more later. My mother’s pumpkin porridge is delicious.”

Looking at her smile, Lu Junyu hesitated for a moment before saying, “Miss Li should have stayed overnight in the county yesterday.”

Li Hehua gritted her teeth and suddenly pulled out a kitchen knife, saying, “I’m not afraid. Others should fear me.”

This action startled Lu Ming, who turned to look at his master. This… wasn’t the gentle and graceful lady they had heard about? Did something go wrong?

The last time Lu Junyu visited Li’s village, Lu Ming was sent out to do some tasks and didn’t see Li Hehua’s outburst.

Lu Junyu remained calm, furrowing his brow as he said, “Miss Li, throwing punches randomly might accidentally hurt the master. It’s beneficial to be more vigilant.”

Seeing that he was about to lecture her, Li Hehua interrupted, feeling a headache coming on. “Hold on, Master Lu. We’re not married yet. Let my mother teach me for now.”

Lu Junyu’s face instantly turned as red as a cooked shrimp. He opened his mouth but couldn’t say a word.

Li Hehua couldn’t help but chuckle. This Lu Junyu seemed a bit innocent. Was he not experienced yet? Haha.

Seeing her laughter grow louder, Lu Junyu felt like his face could steam eggs. So he got up and pretended to stroll around the courtyard, waiting for Mrs.Wang to call them for breakfast before coming back inside.

Li Hehua looked at the sumptuous breakfast spread and widened her eyes. “Mom, you’re biased!”

Not only was there pumpkin porridge on the table, but also eggs, meat, and steamed buns. These were things they could only enjoy on special occasions.

Meat and eggs were expensive in ancient times, and they had to go to Liuhe Town to buy some. They usually had to save up to afford such luxuries. But now, with Lu Junyu here, they had blown half a month’s worth of food.

Mrs.Wang, annoyed, picked up her chopsticks and tapped Li Hehua on the head. “Aren’t you hungry? Eat your food.”

Her daughter was acting silly again.

Li Hehua covered her head, sat down, and looked at Lu Junyu’s extended hand, stifling a laugh. “Young man, you still need more experience.”

Lu Junyu awkwardly withdrew his hand and said to Mrs.Wang, “Auntie, you should eat too.”

Mrs.Wang naturally noticed his protective gesture towards her daughter and felt even happier. She sat down and said, “Junyu, your family is scholarly, but we don’t have many rules here. Please guide Hehua more in the future.”

Lu Junyu hurriedly replied, “Auntie, don’t worry. Those are matters from the past of the Lu family. I’m just a commoner now, and there are no special rules at home.”

Lu Ming widened his eyes on the side, then quickly lowered his head. Was his master making a promise in disguise? It seemed like his master really liked Miss Li.

Li Hehua chimed in, “Mom, don’t worry. With your daughter being so beautiful, there’s nothing I can’t handle.”

Hearing this, Lu Ming couldn’t help but raise his head: What does beauty have to do with challenges? But seeing his master’s calm demeanor, he felt that his own self-control was lacking. He resolved to ask Uncle Fan for guidance when he got back.

Mrs.Wang picked up some shredded meat and put it in Li Hehua’s bowl, saying, “Hurry up and eat. Don’t interrupt me while I’m evaluating your future husband.”

Li Hehua surrendered, saying, “Okay, okay, Mom. I won’t disturb you while you inspect your son-in-law.”

Lu Junyu: …He wanted to go outside for some fresh air.

After Lu Junyu left, Li Hehua noticed that her mother’s mouth hadn’t closed all day. Then, on the second day, when they received a pile of delicious food, meat, and noodles from the Lu family, she felt even more like a lucky find.

She secretly gnashed her teeth: How come Lu Junyu is so good at pleasing his mother-in-law, but he doesn’t try to please me, the one directly involved? He’s clueless! Hmph.

But this thought changed when, on the second occasion, his people sent another batch of daily necessities with exquisite hairpins and bracelets mixed in. Li Hehua’s perspective shifted: Hmm, Lu Junyu is actually quite good at wooing girls!

But then came a new worry: If he’s so good at handling people and studying, won’t she have many more rivals in the future? Well, she’ll just have to deal with it. As long as he lives a good life, she’s willing to expend a bit more brainpower.

In reality, the worry didn’t last long. Mrs.Wang came out and called, “Hehua, come inside quickly. Your wedding dress needs a few more stitches, and your dowry purse hasn’t been embroidered enough.”

She had no choice but to get up and go inside.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of mother and daughter, Li Hehua’s wedding day arrived.

It was the eighth day of the twelfth month, an auspicious day for marriage.

With a red veil covering her head and the muffled sound of Mrs.Wang’s suppressed tears in her ears, Li Hehua finally felt it: She was getting married! She was leaving the home she had lived in for over a decade.

Yes, this was her home. Mrs.Wang had raised her with all her love, and now she was sending her out by her own hands. Li Hehua understood the sadness in her mother’s heart.

She stood up and hugged Mrs.Wang, whispering softly, “Mother, don’t cry. In a few days, we’ll be together again. We, mother and daughter, will never be apart.”

Mrs.Wang choked up, saying, “You little brat, always saying sweet things. Alright, hurry up and go out. The bridal sedan from the Lu family has arrived.”

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