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Chapter 65: Rosa’s Shopping Spree

Rosa got off the carriage in front of the splendid stone building with a grand wrought iron gate.

It was the foremost jewelry store in the capital.

As she stepped into the store, it felt like she was stepping into another world. A huge chandelier hung from the high dome ceiling, sparkling brilliantly.

The floor was covered in red carpet, and the display cases were filled with colorful gems, gleaming brightly.

Rosa hesitated for a moment, then made her way to the central display case of the store.

Diamonds, topazes, sapphires, and emeralds all adorned the case.

Though momentarily indecisive about which one she wanted, she remembered she didn’t really need to choose.

Despite her imposing, villainous appearance, any gem would suit Rosa, the beautiful blonde.

“I’ll take them all!” Rosa declared it suddenly.

By her side appeared a flustered shop assistant.

“Would you like anything else, Lady? Perhaps a custom design tailored to match your beauty?” the assistant eagerly asked.

And then came the suggestion. It wasn’t surprising; Rosa had always insisted on custom orders. But now, she was fixated on ostentatious purchases.

“Well, instead of gems, I’d like gold bars,” she said.

“Pardon?” The assistant was taken aback by Rosa’s unusual request.

“If possible, I’d like a lot of them. And I have some specific instructions for where to deliver those gold bars,” Rosa added.

Of course, she intended to stash away the gold bars as assets on the island she’d heard about from Ethan, all funded by her father, naturally. She had proposed the idea of creating assets in a place beyond the kingdom’s reach to her father, but he had deftly avoided the topic.

Rosa, fed up with waiting, decided to take matters into her own hands. Fortunately, the mansion had few servants, and money was more plentiful than usual.

“Yes, as you wish!”

Even Helena, who was accompanying Rosa, was surprised.

“Miss? Are you really purchasing so many gold bars? Are you planning to build a shelf for gold in the store?”

“Oh, no, not quite. Hahaha.”

“A stitch in time saves nine. It’s important to prepare for times of decline,” Rosa thought to herself.

While Rosa busied herself buying dresses, managing the store, splurging on jewels, diligently creating hidden assets, indulging in fragrance shopping, and assisting her mother, time passed, and it was announced that the summer ball would be held at the palace.

To Rosa’s surprise, along with the invitation came an offer of an escort from Alex.

Sitting in her room, sipping morning tea with Helena, she discussed the matter.

“Look, Helena, isn’t this amusing? An offer for an escort.”

“Miss, you could be accused of disrespect.”

“Yes, I must watch my tongue. Well, there’s a lot to do today, so let’s promptly send a refusal letter.”

Rosa skillfully declined, using the rumor spreading among the nobles that “she staged being kicked by a horse.”

“It seems you’ve truly lost interest in gentlemen,” Helena murmured regretfully.

“I’ve said it before, haven’t I? I’d rather not be with someone who doesn’t love only me. Think about it. We have a considerable fortune, don’t we? So, if I were to get married and then be poisoned, it wouldn’t end well.”

Helena tilted her head in puzzlement.

“Um, Miss, forgive my confusion, but where does the idea of being poisoned come from?”

Unable to attribute it to a manga plot, Rosa could only laugh it off.

“Hahaha! It’s just a figure of speech!”

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