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Chapter 89: Various Parties

Tens of thousands of swords pierced the bodies of the secret guards, who spat out several mouthfuls of blood before slowly collapsing.

The swords then transformed back into one, automatically withdrawing from the body of the secret guard and flying back into Su Hua’s hand, disappearing in an instant.


A silence akin to death.

A advanced-level mage was killed by a junior mage.

And the opponent hadn’t even used elemental power.

It’s worth noting that advanced-level mages are the top talents of each country!

Each one would be recruited wherever they went on the continent.

But today, they died just like that.

If it weren’t seen with one’s own eyes, no one would probably believe it.

Su Hua calmly looked at Qi Lanxin, who met her gaze with fear and took a step back, accidentally stepping on a round piece of wood knocked down by the impact of the sword qi, falling to the ground, but she didn’t cry out in pain.

Instead, she continued to look at Su Hua, her pupils full of fear.


The sound of small footsteps at this moment was particularly conspicuous.

Qi Lanxin kept retreating until Su Hua walked up to her. She pointed at Su Hua tremblingly and said, “Y-you, I-I am the ninth princess…”


Mocking laughter, Su Hua slowly squatted down, saying word by word, “Precisely because you are the ninth princess, I’ll let you off this time. If there’s a next time, I’ll send you straight to the underworld.”

With that, Su Hua stood up, walked to Mu Ye’s side, naturally took his hand, and slowly walked towards the inn.

“hey, was my performance just now good? Was it good?”

“What should I do? I feel like I was too domineering just now! I might fall in love with myself!”

“De’er:” …What should I do with my dramatic host?

Originally feeling quite handsome, her question instantly brought her back to her true self.

The streets had returned to normal, and although Qi Lanxin ordered everyone not to discuss the matter, it still couldn’t stop everyone’s gossiping hearts.

In less than half an hour, the entire capital was buzzing with rumors.

The ninth princess failed to snatch a commoner man on the street, and her secret guards were miserably defeated, and an advanced-level mage was killed by ten thousand swords!

It can be said that the face of the Qi royal family has been completely lost.

In a certain box.

“Yao Hua’s strength was last revealed during the selection of students in Xuanyun. At that time, her strength was that of a junior mage.”

Long Ao snorted coldly, “A junior mage? Even if she fought across levels, it’s impossible to instantly kill an advanced-level mage five levels higher with just one move.”

Meng Yunxin shook her head. “I can’t see through this person either. She’s very strange at school; she never makes friends except for Mu Ye.”

More importantly, besides snatching her things the first time they met, the subsequent interactions were very unpleasant.

“You two are likely to encounter each other in the competition. If it doesn’t work out, don’t force it; just admit defeat directly.”

Meng Yunxin frowned, not responding to Long Ao’s words. Her pride was high; during the last academy experience, she had finally asked her for help once, only to be ignored.

She had already made up her mind that this time, if the two of them were to face each other in the competition, she would make Yao Hua look good!

Although they shared a table, their thoughts were different.

Yao Mansion.

“Father, this really is Yao Hua.”

“I never thought Yao Hua would actually be alive.”

“It’s really unbelievable. I clearly confirmed back then that she had stopped breathing.”

“In that case, with Yao Hua’s current strength, should we bring her back?”

Inside the main hall, the main members of the Yao family and elders gathered together. The incident involving the ninth princess caused quite a stir, and the Yao family naturally received the news.

“Alright, stop arguing.” A middle-aged man of about forty years old sat in the main seat, his gaze murky, but there was a hidden sharpness in the depths of his eyes that made people not dare to underestimate him. “Let’s hold off on this matter for now.”

The crowd quieted down.

“While Yao Hua is indeed powerful now, the person she has offended is the ninth princess, openly humiliating the royal family. If we were to acknowledge her rashly and the Emperor holds us accountable, our Yao family won’t escape punishment.”

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