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Chapter 120

She sat on the ground, gently biting her lip, and replied warmly, “Big Brother He, have you seen this fabric somewhere before?”

“That’s it! That… that—”

He Zhizhou thought for a while, finally recalling some memories, and exclaimed excitedly, “It’s like the pig feed bag at my grandma’s house! They’re all cool, and each strand is separate!”

He felt somewhat sentimental, clenching his fists as he spoke, “I haven’t seen my grandma for many years. I imagine that when I see Miss Liu in the future, I’ll involuntarily think of her.”


Thanks to him, Liu Ying would never wear this garment or any clothing made of this material again.

Although she was somewhat shaken by He Zhizhou’s words, she always adhered to the principle of becoming more courageous in the face of setbacks. If one move failed, then she’d go for a bold move.

A warm breeze swept by, and on a steamer-like mountainside, everyone’s face was flushed unnaturally.

A beautiful girl in white leaned against a tree trunk, her clear face faintly tinted with a delicate pink. Her eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and her peach blossom eyes sparkled like stars, with strands of hair scattered about, adding a hint of charm.

With a slow breath, she slowly leaned against the tree trunk. Her ethereal clothes swayed gently, slipping down to reveal her smooth white shoulders.

The two people beside her saw this scene, and both showed surprised expressions at the same time.

“What’s going on?”

Liu Ying chuckled softly, her tone slightly teasing, like an irresistible hook. “What are you two looking at?”

“It’s amazing!”

He Zhizhou, considering himself a quick responder, immediately spoke loudly and seriously, “With just a slight movement, the clothes can slip down. Could Miss Liu be the legendary’slippery shoulders’!”

Liu Ying’s smile froze on her lips.

—Are you crazy?!!! Slippery shoulders?!!! It’s called skin as smooth as jade!!!

Xu Ye’s emotional intelligence was a bit higher than his, and he disdainfully glanced at the fool and said, “What’s with the witty remarks? Can’t you just praise someone?”

Finally, someone speaks human language.

Liu Ying pursed her lips and smiled, feeling a bit relieved as the fire in her heart subsided slightly.

Her charming eyes shimmered with a faint watery light as she listened to him continue, “Miss Liu’s shoulders are exceptionally delicate and exquisite, beyond the reach of ordinary people, and I also greatly admire them.”

Now that’s more like it.

She felt relieved to hear that, thinking that the Ten Thousand Swords Sect was reliable after all.

Little did she know, Xu Ye smiled appreciatively for a while, then suddenly looked up at her with a silly grin and said, “This skin texture, this curvature—perfect for cupping!”

Liu Ying: …?

“Miss Liu, my senior sister works hard at sword practice. I heard that cupping can help alleviate some of her bruises and improve her meridian circulation. I’ve been studying this method for many days but haven’t found a suitable toolman… Oh no, I mean a kind-hearted person to assist in practice.”

(T/N:someone who’s not treated as a real human being but just a tool to get something, to achieve something, or just to fulfill his or her purpose.)

As he spoke, he became more enthusiastic, his eyes gleaming. “Miss Liu, with your great compassion and kindness, if you’re willing to help, Xu would be extremely grateful!”

Liu Ying was tired.

She was really tired.

Countless people had praised her beautiful shoulders, saying they were perfect for kissing, touching, or simply admiring. But never had anyone said to her, “Your shoulders are so beautiful; let’s do some cupping.”

—And you just blurted out “toolman” earlier, didn’t you, you piece of sh*t?

She had no desire to seduce these two anymore. For the first time, she deeply doubted her own professional abilities. After a moment of frustration and blankness, she pulled her collar up with a wooden expression.

But it was precisely at this moment of uncertainty and frustration that a new opportunity emerged unexpectedly.

Just as she was about to scowl at him with fury, He Zhizhou, who had seemed bored and disinterested, suddenly shouted, “Wait a minute!”

What’s wrong with you, you idiot!

Fury flashed in Liu Ying’s eyes, and she glared at him fiercely.

Unexpectedly, He Zhizhou seemed to have a sudden realization. His eyes were fixed on her partially exposed shoulders, showing an unmistakable look of fascination.

Humph, men are indeed like this.

She pretended to be indifferent as she lifted her garment, acting aloof but secretly eager, unable to contain the desire in her heart.

Liu Ying knew their thoughts like the back of her hand, and with a slight smirk, she continued her actions without pause, deliberately tightening her clothes a bit more, innocently asking him, “Brother He, what’s wrong?”

He Zhizhou’s expression was infatuated, murmuring, “I once heard someone say that this scene is incredibly beautiful… And today, seeing it for myself, it’s truly breathtaking. Miss Liu, could you please pull your clothes down a little more?”

This guy is definitely a dirty old pervert.

Liu Ying pretended to be shy as she pulled down her collar, then heard He Zhizhou exclaim in awe, unable to hide the excitement in his tone, “Xu Ye! Look at this, the static electricity generated when the human body rubs against synthetic fibers; it’s so beautiful!”

Liu Ying: …?

Liu Ying had never had so many question marks in her mind before.

Although she didn’t understand what “static electricity” was, she knew that when she put on or took off clothes, there would often be electric currents and sparks due to friction. Combining this with He Zhizhou’s thought process, she roughly understood what he meant.

She wanted to kill someone.

He Zhizhou was overjoyed and couldn’t wait, “Miss Liu, could you pull it up a bit more—yes, just like that! A bit lower! A bit higher! Don’t stop!”

He Zhizhou said, Let there be light.

So Liu Ying, with an expressionless face and a sense of despair, repeatedly pulled her collar up and down.

At that moment, she was electricity, she was light, and she was the only myth. The flickering blue electric light at her fingertips was He Zhizhou’s eternal faith.

He Zhizhou watched with excitement, while Xu Ye also marveled, “Indeed! It’s so beautiful! What exactly is this phenomenon?”

If he keeps blabbering about this, he won’t be tired anymore. As He Zhizhou watched Liu Ying’s performance, he began to explain what electrons, charges, and currents were.

The logic was rigorous, and the explanation was scientific, worthy of being the first lesson in the cultivation world, bringing scientific enlightenment to Liu Ying and Xu Ye.

What a joke.

Liu Ying listened with a deadpan expression, opening her cherry lips, which had driven countless men crazy, with a smile, silently telling them, “Rude fools, truly ignorant.”

Xu Ye had sharp eyes, scratched his head, and asked her, “Miss Liu, what are you saying?”

“I know, I know! Miss Liu is talking about—physics values, soul-shaking.”

He Zhizhou chuckled. “Look at her; she’s so shocked she can’t even speak. Miss Liu, if you’re interested in this, I can give you more scientific knowledge! Science is very interesting, trust me!”

Liu Ying: Screw off!!!

She was wrong—completely wrong from the beginning.

She could seduce men, and she could seduce women, but these two were neither men nor women.

They were sword cultivators, belonging to a unique and independent species, idiots.

No one could attract idiots, just as gorillas would never fall in love with humans.

Ning Ning had already returned from scouting ahead, with Pei Ji by her side, dressed in black, tall, and slender. Compared to the other two humanoid creatures who were staring fixedly at the electric light, Pei Ji seemed elegant and otherworldly, like a god descending to earth.

His personality and strength were the type she liked, not to mention his handsome face, which made it hard for anyone not to be moved.

Liu Ying decided she wouldn’t bother with those two idiots anymore.

Pei Ji was her new prey.

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