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Chapter 43-Part 1

Butler Su’s recent mood is very complicated.

In theory, since Miss Tang came to the Yun family, it’s only been about ten days. The master’s complexion has gradually improved, looking more spirited, and his cough has decreased. He should be happy.

But the reality is that he can’t smile.


Scene one.

“Miss Tang,” Butler Su greeted proactively.

“Uncle Su? How coincidental to meet you here; aren’t you supposed to be by Yun Tian’s side?” Tang Xin turned her head, exchanging a few pleasantries.

It wasn’t a coincidence. He specifically waited here just to meet this master.

Butler Su smiled faintly, subtly glancing at the ceramic pot in Tang Xin’s hand, sniffing its scent, and asked deliberately, “Smells good, what’s in the pot?”

“It’s medicinal food,” Tang Xin replied casually.

She specially brought medicinal ingredients to the Yun family kitchen to make it. It’s just been cooked and is still steaming.

Saying it means not saying it.

Butler Su continued, “Miss Tang is indeed virtuous and kind. What’s the use of this medicinal food?”

“To nourish the body,” Tang Xin replied inexplicably.

Of course, medicinal food is all about nourishing the body; what else could it be for?

Beating around the bush, when will she get to the point? Butler Su gritted his teeth and finally said his true purpose directly: “Can the master drink it?”

“Yun Tian?” Tang Xin tilted her head and thought for a moment: “The medicinal food made today is mild; he can eat it.”

Butler Su was delighted, reaching out to take the ceramic pot.

Tang Xin continued, “But why should I give him the medicinal food?”

Butler Su stood there dumbfounded, stuttering for a while. “Isn’t it agreed that Miss Tang will cure the master’s illness?”

Tang Xin nodded. “Yes, it’s to cure the illness, but it didn’t say anything about helping recuperate his body. What you’re doing is adding extra services, which will incur additional charges.”

Additional charges? Butler Su looked bewildered; he never knew that curing an illness would involve additional charges.

“With such a big pot, since you can’t finish it anyway, can’t you share some?” Butler Su was very skeptical.

“Who said we couldn’t finish it?” Yan Hao appeared behind Tang Xin with a dark face, snatching the ceramic pot from her hand. “I can finish it alone; it’s just right, not too much.”

Because he concluded that the master was just teasing and wouldn’t take responsibility for him, Yan Hao was feeling annoyed, so when the master went to the kitchen, he rarely sat alone in the room.

Anyway, causing trouble for anyone below level seven was easy; just sprinkle some medicinal powder. As for the only level seven, seeing Yun Tian’s condition gradually improving, he wished to pamper the master, not allowing anyone to harm her.

Waiting and waiting, waiting and waiting, the master hadn’t returned to the room by the usual time. Yan Hao couldn’t sit still, deciding to take a walk outside to work up an appetite, leaving his stomach empty for the medicinal food.

However, not long after strolling along the path to the kitchen, he heard Butler Su discussing the division of the medicinal food.

Why should his master, who specifically made medicinal food for him, share it with Yun Tian? It’s wishful thinking.

Yan Hao decisively refused.

“…” Butler Su endured and asked again, “I wonder if Miss Tang is willing to sell the recipe for the medicinal food?”

Butler Su initially wanted to ask if he could hire her to make medicinal food, but upon second thought, it was better to just buy the recipe directly. With Master Yun Gui around and the recipe, they could make it anytime.

Yan Hao’s expression softened slightly. “That’s fine.”

As long as it wasn’t medicinal food made by the master herself, who cared about what he bought?

Tang Xin looked at Yan Hao in shock. Although she wanted to agree, before she could speak, Yan Hao had already agreed.

How audacious! Who’s the master after all? Who makes the decisions? Wasn’t it agreed that everything would be up to her?

Inconsistent behavior.

The first time they met, Butler Su suspected there was an illicit relationship between them.

Now, as they are inseparable, sharing the same room, what else could their relationship be? Butler Su felt he didn’t need to ask any further.

Therefore, when Yan Hao agreed, Butler Su automatically regarded it as Tang Xin’s agreement.

He breathed a sigh of relief. “Could you please write down the recipe for me? I’ll have someone make it. The money for the recipe will be transferred to Miss Tang’s card later.”

Tang Xin gave Yan Hao a “go back and tidy you up” wink. The latter frowned slightly—it wasn’t appropriate to flirt openly with him in front of outsiders.


Since they moved into the Yun family together, Butler Su felt like he was constantly dazzled.

Butler Su cleared his throat lightly. “Miss Tang?”

Tang Xin turned around and casually said, “Take me to a place with paper and a pen; I’ll write the recipe for you.”

In the end, Tang Xin sold three recipes. Seeing how promptly Butler Su paid, she threw in an extra one.

Butler Su stiffly took the four recipes: “I heard that every time Miss Tang goes to the kitchen these past ten days, she takes different medicinal ingredients. Why only four recipes?”

“Why only four?” Tang Xin replied, “Because Yun Tian’s body can’t handle the others.”

“But once he recovers, he can eat them, right?” Butler Su couldn’t understand. The Yun family isn’t lacking in money, they can afford it.

Tang Xin didn’t hesitate: “We’ll talk about it when he recovers.”

Butler Su left in a daze.

Tang Xin then spoke truthfully to Yan Hao,”Why should I tell him all the formulas? I’m not short of money.”

Yan Hao’s expression softened a bit, nodding solemnly, fully agreeing.

Such a realization of not lacking money is excellent and must be maintained at all times.

Especially in case the chefs at the Yun family aren’t skilled enough and the medicinal food they make isn’t effective, if Butler Su later wants to buy the master’s handmade medicinal food at a high price, the master must maintain this realization and firmly refuse!

**Scene Two.**

Besides the fixed times in the morning and afternoon for Yun Tian’s pulse diagnosis, Tang Xin had a lot of free time.

For this reason, Yun Tian specifically instructed Butler Su to convey to Tang Xin that she was free to move around and relax as if she were at home.

Butler Su relayed this accurately.

As a result, the next day, Butler Su heard from the gatekeeper that Miss Qian from the Qian family had come to see Pharmacist Tang.

Immediately, Butler Su’s face turned as dark as charcoal.


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