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Chapter 31-Part 2

Feng Liwu rather enjoyed seeing the young man’s dilemma. Clearly, he was an extremely intelligent person, but when it came to greed, Feng Liwu had never seen him act like this before.

However, his subordinates dreaded having a perfect talent. Once a person has flaws, they become easier to control.

Feng Liwu felt that, between greed and lust, greed was not such a serious flaw.

So after giving the young man a warning not to go too far, he remained silent.

After a moment of reluctance, Jiang Xiurun took a deep breath and said softly, “Upon returning home, I will definitely repay all the money.”

She gritted her teeth as she spoke with her head bowed. Feng Liwu’s lips curled into a smile. He found the young man’s unwillingness quite childish.

The newly grown strands of hair on his lowered neck seemed to glow against his skin…

He was still a child, and Feng Liwu felt he shouldn’t treat him as an equal.

Back in the Bo state, he was a child neglected by his father. To survive in the palace, he naturally picked up many bad habits. But, luckily, he was still young. Being kept close to himself, he would eventually get rid of those bad habits and become more obedient.

So he decided not to tease Jiang Herun anymore and just said, “Without your salary and having to return stolen money, are you planning to have your older brother beg on the streets? Consider that gold a reward from me.”

Hearing this, Jiang Xiurun lifted her head in pleasant surprise and sincerely thanked the Crown Prince.

That smile was too alluring. As the sunlight poured into the carriage, Feng Liwu couldn’t help but notice the young man’s rosy lips, which made him involuntarily think of… the taste of intertwining lips…

Feng Liwu suddenly felt uneasy, because in that moment, he felt a sudden arousal…

Furrowing his brow, Feng Liwu attributed it to the occasional wandering thoughts of a young man in his prime.

He didn’t believe he had a penchant for men; it’s just that this young man was still so young, and his appearance was somewhat ambiguous, which led to misunderstandings.

Once Jiang Herun grew up, people probably wouldn’t have such thoughts anymore.

Moreover, for some reason, the young man’s scent always carried a sweet fragrance, while the scents of other women who got close were too overwhelming, making it difficult to accept.

If he ever encountered a woman in the future who smelled as good as this young man, he would surely welcome her into his mansion…

As for now, a gentleman should prioritize the world, cultivate a clear mind, and have fewer desires, which is not a bad thing.

However, His Highness Feng Liwu, at this moment, did not realize that his mind, filled with fantasies, had no connection whatsoever with the affairs of the world. He absentmindedly accepted Jiang Xiurun’s unusually attentive compliments, sniffing the faint fragrance emanating from the young man’s body and gazing at his red lips.

Jiang Xiurun was unaware that in the prince’s mind, her clothes had gradually slipped off, and she was lying in the carriage, allowing the prince to caress her soft, snow-white skin inch by inch…

When they arrived at the palace gate, the enchanting fantasies that had filled Feng Liwu’s mind were dispelled by the gloomy atmosphere emanating from the imposing palace gates.

Feng Liwu never felt any nostalgia for the place he grew up in, and every time he entered the palace, he felt an indescribable sense of boredom.

However, he didn’t show it on his face. On the face of the Great Qi Crown Prince, there was only a respectful expression as he prepared to meet his mother.

But Empress Wei was full of anger. This anger had been building up for many days, just waiting for her son to arrive so she could unleash it upon him.

After Feng Liwu respectfully greeted her, Empress Wei smiled insincerely and said, “Your Highness, this empress heard that you have submitted the name of Han kingdom Tian Ying as the candidate for the Crown Princess to the Ministry of Rites. If it weren’t for the Ministry of Rites personally submitting it to this empress, I simply wouldn’t believe my eyes!”

As she spoke, her carefully drawn eyebrows were slightly furrowed. “This empress wants to hear from Your Highness personally how our Great Qi Crown Prince has fallen so low as to marry a disgraced woman!”

Feng Liwu had anticipated his mother’s wrath long ago. He lifted his head slightly and glanced at Eunuch Mao, who stood beside his mother. – For a castrated eunuch, he was overly robust…

Regardless of the humiliation and anger he felt inside, Feng Liwu’s demeanor remained unruffled. “Lady Tian is gentle in nature, graceful in demeanor, and the most beloved daughter of Emperor Han. She is impeccable with palace rules and etiquette. I wonder who has instigated Mother to humiliate the princess of Han in this way?”

Empress Wei was momentarily stunned by the question. She couldn’t possibly admit that the person who set this scheme in motion was herself, could she?

It’s despicable how Feng Liwu could kill so thoroughly, eliminating everyone who knew the hidden truth.

If Mao Yunsheng, who was guarding the Taoist temple, hadn’t returned to report that countless corpses were brought down from the mountain, she wouldn’t even know if those two old women had succeeded.

She had originally thought that, given her son’s temperament, regardless of whether someone schemed or not, he wouldn’t marry Tian Ying, who was caught in an affair.

Who would have thought that her son would kill so many people just to cover up Tian Ying’s scandal and intend to marry her?

In her son’s heart, that cheap woman from Han was even more important than his own mother!

Thinking of this, Empress Wei’s resentment towards Tian Ying increased even more!

One day, she would become the Empress Dowager, but even in the harem, she would have the final say. She didn’t need an empress who was favored by her son!

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