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Chapter 90: Always Together

Elder Dai nodded in agreement, saying, “The clan leader is right. If His Majesty doesn’t punish this matter severely, we can acknowledge each other later.”

“If Yao Hua resurrected and her strength has increased greatly, she must have encountered some adventures. We should send a few people to keep an eye on her. If there are any treasures…”

Before the Second Elder could finish his words, everyone nodded in understanding.

“Father, there’s also the matter of that sword…”

Yao Clan head, upon hearing this, said to Yao Changli, “Chang, you secretly contact her; assess the situation, especially regarding the treasures and the sword.”

“I understand, Father.”

In the palace…


A cup slammed heavily on the wooden table, making a crisp sound. A man dressed in a bright yellow dragon robe looked at the weeping girl below with a slight anger on his face.

“Robbing a commoner in the street, getting into a fight, and losing? You’ve brought shame upon me!”

“Father…” Ninth Princess weakly uttered, blaming, “It’s all because the strength of that guard was inadequate, causing me to lose face. I beg Father to intervene on my behalf.”

“You still have the nerve!” The Emperor sighed. “That guard is an advanced-level mage. Apart from those of the same level, only archmages and sorcerer saints could defeat him. Can anyone who can defeat an advanced mage be trifled with?”

“I don’t care. I just like him. Father, I know I’ve been reckless all these years, but that man—I truly like him. I beg Father to arrange our marriage.”


The Emperor’s palm struck the table, clearly enraged. “Nonsense! I’ve indulged you too much, allowing you to be so reckless. Take her away, confine her for three days, and let her reflect.”

“Why, Father?”

“Take her away.”

“Father, Father…”

The Ninth Princess’s voice gradually faded away until it disappeared.

The eunuch chief approached to pour tea for the Emperor, massaging his shoulders and saying, “Your Majesty, don’t be angry. The Ninth Princess is straightforward; Your Majesty shouldn’t take it to heart.”

“She’s grown up but still so reckless. This incident can serve as a lesson for her.”

“Send someone to inform her to apologize to…”

The eunuch chief reminded him, “Yao Hua.”

“Go apologize to Yao Hua; make it clear that it’s not related to the royal family.” After saying this, the Emperor added, “Get me Yao Hua’s information.”

This matter was originally the fault of the royal family. By having the Ninth Princess apologize, it could turn into a private matter between her and Yao Hua, saving face for the royal family as much as possible.

However, it was embarrassing nonetheless. Publicly punishing Su Hua would not only make the people feel the royal family was unfair but might also strain relations with Dongxu Country. It wouldn’t be good.

So, they could only teach her a lesson in private.

On the Shengyuan continent, the highest level is the archmage. It’s said that each of the three countries has three archmages. As for sorcerer saints, they are legendary beings, never confirmed throughout history.

Su Hua was unaware of the various forces’ plans and the coveting of her sword. At this moment, she was flirting with a handsome man.

“Mu Ye.”


The woman smirked mischievously, making Mu Ye somewhat unable to meet her eyes.

Su Hua turned his face towards her, their eyes meeting. “Do you like me?”

“Like?” Mu Ye was a bit puzzled and very embarrassed to ask, “What’s that?”


Su Hua suddenly felt a bit heartbroken.

“It’s wanting to be with someone forever, never apart. That’s what liking someone means. Do you want to be with me forever, never apart?”

Mu Ye pursed his lips, his ears turning slightly red, and nodded softly, “Yes.”

She cooked for him, bought things for him, gave him money, and even taught him magic, all to protect him.

“I want to be with you forever.”

The young man’s black eyes were clear and shining. Under her intense gaze, his ears turned slightly red, adding a touch of beauty.

The girl’s delicate face enlarged in front of him. The young man blinked, feeling the warmth on his lips, reminding him of being kissed.

It felt like the happiness he felt when someone gave him a steamed bun when he was almost starving at the age of six.

Very happy, very joyful.

At some point, the two had embraced each other, their lips intertwined.

Mu Ye felt a surge of electricity rising on his body, spreading throughout; even his heartbeat seemed irregular. His eyelashes trembled, casting shadows at the corners of his eyes.

He felt his whole body heating up, as if he couldn’t breathe.

Just when Mu Ye felt like he was about to pass out, the wonderful feeling on his lips disappeared, and he could breathe again.

The girl’s lips were slightly swollen, her fair face blushing, and her eyes flickering as if tempting him. He couldn’t help but call out, “Huahua.”

As if a term that had been hidden in his heart for a long time, when it was spoken, the feeling of satisfaction was even greater. Mu Ye was still not satisfied and called out again, “Huahua.”




Mu Ye hugged her, smelling her cool and refreshing fragrance, feeling that the restless heart within him had calmed down at this moment.

“Wow, that was intense.” De’er’s voice rang in his mind.

Su Hua was slightly stunned. “I actually forgot to block it.”

“Host, your kissing skills are really good.”


De’er suddenly felt something was wrong and received a prompt.

[Host Su Hua reported that User 666, De’er, watched inappropriate content, which has been confirmed. Confined for 24 hours in the little black room.]

“…How did the host know about the reporting function! It never said!”

Su Hua smirked coldly, feeling clever.

Su Hua was in a good mood after a step-up in her relationship with Mu Ye.  Although the blackening value of 90 made her very unhappy,but when she thought about dating or being together before, the blackening value had always been higher. Lowering it this time was considered progress.

Su Hua, in a good mood, took Mu Ye out for a shopping spree. There was no shop in Huanglan Country that she hadn’t visited.

“Here, this is for you.”

“Evil Wind Sword.”

Mu Ye recognized it as a sword that could resist magical elements.

Su Hua nodded. “I’ll get you an even better one in the future.”

“Yes.” Mu Ye put away the sword.

Just as the two returned to the inn, someone came to report that the Ninth Princess had arrived.

“Don’t go.” Mu Ye grabbed her hand.

His heart almost stopped when the flames of the raging wind slashed towards her that day.

Su Hua held his hand back and said, “It’s okay, trust me.”

Mu Ye didn’t say anything else; he just held Su Hua’s hand tighter.

Entering the hall, Ninth Princess Qi Lanxin was sitting in the main seat. Seeing the two holding hands come over, a hint of fierceness flashed in her eyes unconsciously, but it disappeared in an instant.

“Miss Yao.” Qi Lanxin stood up, smiling. “I apologize sincerely for the last time. Here, I sincerely apologize to both of you.”

Su Hua glanced at the two rows of guards at the door of the hall and said sarcastically, “We accept the apology. The Ninth Princess can leave if she has nothing else.”

Apology? Probably not a sincere one.

“You—” Qi Lanxin choked for a moment, then smiled lightly. “Miss Yao, to express my apology, how about I treat you and Master Mu Ye to a meal?”


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