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Chapter 40

The smile on Yun Wu’s face didn’t last long before fading.

He stood at the edge of the cliff, with a bottomless abyss before him.

This was a place that even the Lords of the Demon Realm found troublesome.

Even if he fell in, he might not necessarily come out unscathed.

Inside the abyss was a perennial miasma that could dispel the five elements.

This meant that even the most powerful cultivator would immediately become an ordinary person if they fell in.

Within the miasma, piles of decaying bones accumulated like mountains, various poisonous insects and ferocious beasts thrived, and countless demons bred. Lower demons devoured flesh and blood, while higher demons devoured human emotions and consciousness, eroding one’s mind and will…

Once someone fell into this place, whether a cultivator or a demon practitioner, it was difficult to climb back out.

There was a giant web here, densely woven, impossible to break free from. Unless—

Rebirth through Nirvana, breaking out of the cocoon like a butterfly.

As one of the five Lords of the Demon Realm, the Smiling Demon Lord Yun Wu appeared charming and romantic, but in reality, he was extremely ruthless.

Even though Pei Ziqing was someone he had personally taught, he didn’t hesitate to act when necessary.

In fact, Yun Wu had thrown down more than one person, like Pei Ziqing, an individual with ancient demonic bloodlines.

But so many times, none had climbed back up.

Those people had long since turned into piles of bones or become meals for the demons.

Hmm, how pitiful.

Yun Wu sighed insincerely and was about to leave when he suddenly paused, his footsteps halting as he swiftly moved forward.

Standing at the edge of the cliff, he waited silently.

After about half an hour, the sound of the youth’s panting grew closer.

Pei Ziqing was lucky; when he was thrown down, he managed to grab onto a vine and climb up the cliff bit by bit.

The youth’s hands were already cut by sharp rocks; fresh blood was flowing, mixing with the dried bloodstains, making his hands appear soaked in blood.

Finally, those blood-red hands reached the edge of the cliff.

Just one more step, and he would be out.

Pei Ziqing breathed a sigh of relief, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

However, that smile froze halfway on his face.

The joy in his eyes disappeared in an instant, replaced by another emotion.

He looked up at the man above, his heart trembling.

After so long, he thought Yun Wu had already left, but unexpectedly, he was now standing at the edge of the cliff, smiling contemptuously at him.

Pei Ziqing’s already unstable breathing suddenly became rapid, his face filled with fear as he looked at the man, his eyes revealing pleading and vulnerability that hadn’t appeared for a long time.

“Yun Wu, my sister is still waiting for me. I can’t die here, please…”

Yun Wu chuckled. “Your will to survive is even stronger than I imagined, which is truly surprising. Master Pei, I did promise you that you would see your sister once you came out of there, but not at this moment, but rather when you fell into the Abyss of Demons and climbed back up. However, since you’ve come up now, I might as well add a few words for you—”

“If you wish to keep something hidden, don’t do it yourself. Do you think by wiping out Zhuang Monan and his entourage, no one would know it was you?”

As Yun Wu spoke, he chuckled softly, seeming quite pleased.

He looked very handsome when he smiled, with a touch of tenderness in his features.

But Pei Ziqing loathed this man immensely.

His hands tightly gripped the edge of the cliff, his eyes filled with rage and hatred, as if the malice and animosity within him were tangible, piercing fiercely towards the other.

Unconcerned, Yun Wu continued, “On one side, there’s the small Snow City, and on the other side, the Zhuang family, which has produced countless great talents and achievements; the difference is like heaven and earth.

It’s one thing if the main heir of the Zhuang family died, but the fact that someone sent to marry into Snow City ended up dead shows he wasn’t favored to begin with. Yet, you went ahead and killed all the attendants Zhuang Monan brought.

Tell me, where does that leave the Zhuang family’s dignity?

Aren’t you pushing the Zhuang family into conflict with Snow City and your sister?

Even if your sister wanted to dissociate herself, no one would believe it. After all, everyone knows how much your sister dotes on you, her brother. You killed so many people from the Zhuang family; your sister can’t escape responsibility, hehe…”

Pei Ziqing’s veins bulged on his hands and neck, pulsating as if they were about to burst.

He was the one who harmed his sister.

He was wrong.

He shouldn’t have gotten close to this despicable person!

Yun Wu leaned slightly forward, promising with a smile, “Rest assured, even for your sake, I will protect your sister.

But Pei Ziqing, I will only protect her for two years.

Remember, only two years.”

With that, he delivered a palm strike.

This strike drained the other’s remaining strength to climb up.

Before the youth fell down, his pitch-black eyes stared at Yun Wu, a bottomless abyss within them.

As the youth’s figure became nearly invisible, his lips moved slightly.

Yun Wu heard it.

The youth said, “Take care of my sister; I’ll be back soon.”

A strange emotion flashed in Yun Wu’s eyes as he chuckled softly, “Daydreaming. This is the Abyss of Demons; it’s not that easy to come back…”

When Nan Yuan realized something was wrong, Yun Wu had already been gone for many days.

She looked at the “Yun Wu” in front of her, who spoke and acted just like the original, knowing she had been fooled, and slapped her palm out.

The Yun Wu in front of her turned into a mud figure and fell to the ground.

She had been keeping an eye on Yun Wu during this period, but occasionally she dozed off, and this person managed to escape.

Nan Yuan was somewhat angry.

However, Yun Wu’s escape this time made her start to doubt her previous speculations.

This person could deceive spiritual exploration with illusions; obviously, he is not an ordinary individual.

Either this person was already formidable before the activation of ancient bloodlines, or—

She had mistaken the target.

This person wasn’t the big shot from the Demon Realm she had thought.

“Yuan Yuan?” Xu Xiaotang patted her with a paw. “Are you feeling bad?”

Nan Yuan said lightly, “Nothing.”

Just realizing she had wasted so much effort, she felt a bit annoyed.

Nan Yuan carried Xu Xiaotang out of the Plum Garden, feeling low all the way.

Suddenly, she stopped. Her face, which rarely showed any emotional fluctuations, suddenly darkened, a hint of anger flashing in her eyes.

“Yuan Yuan!” Xu Xiaotang whispered.

Something was wrong; Yuan Yuan was angry!

When Yuan Yuan got angry, her blood boiled, and she was about to burst into her true form.

Sure enough, in the blink of an eye, Nan Yuan’s body, disguised with transformation water, returned to its original appearance.

Exquisite and stunning, with a voluptuous figure, she is naturally charming.

She wore black clothes that fluttered in the wind, her figure graceful, her aura instantly releasing, fierce and dominant, wild and compelling!

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