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Chapter 12

Cheng Nanyu knew that Song Yushu was not afraid of anything, but she never thought that he would be so bold as to enter her bedroom without any care.

“It’s a pity that my sister doesn’t want to talk to me.” Song Yushu said

Song Yushu seemed to see through the veil between them.

Whether it was a meeting in the imperial garden or now, when he told her not to be afraid and assured her of everything, he seemed very confident.

but Cheng Nanyu shuddered when she saw him.

She couldn’t understand why. Clearly, Song Yushu hadn’t done anything wrong, but she still felt a deadly fear of him. “Whatever happens to my sister, you can tell brother. I am your brother after all.”

His words carried an inexplicable weight and a hint of temptation. Cheng Nanyu sat on the bed, behind the veil, and slightly opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but ended up swallowing her words.

Her father’s poisoned plot hadn’t been revealed. She guarded this secret, regardless of who it concerned.

Especially not Song Yushu, who was a person from the Song kingdom and had fought head-on with her father on the battlefield.

Song Yushu probably understood that Cheng Nanyu wouldn’t reveal this heavy secret to him. After waiting for a while, he patted the wrinkles on his robe and stood up. He didn’t leave but stood outside the veil, seemingly lost in thought.

“Whether my sister wants to say it or not, it’s alright. Let’s just let it go. My expectations for you aren’t high anymore. It’s best to embrace openness and find happiness within.”

Cheng Nanyu was stunned by his words. She loosened her grip on the hairpin unconsciously, and it slid smoothly from her fingers, falling onto the bed. Startled, she quickly reached out to grab it, but even as the hairpin fell onto the bed, it made no sound.

When she looked up again, she saw that there seemed to be no one outside the veil. She shifted slightly and grabbed the edge of the veil, but the outside was clean, as if no one had been there.

“Qingluan, Qingluan.”

As she called out softly, the veil fell down. Cheng Nanyu called out Qingluan’s name softly; tonight, Qingluan was on night duty. Originally, she called out Qingluan’s name to see if it was Song Yushu outside her room, but she didn’t move until she heard silence outside. Qingluan pushed open the door, rubbing her sleepy eyes, and came in to see who it was.

“Princess, what’s the matter?”

Qingluan, who was still half asleep, heard Cheng Nanyu’s call and hurriedly fetched a candle from outside, lighting it on the candlestick next to the bed, and then turned to collect the veils around the bed.

“Qingluan, did you hear any noise outside just now?”

Cheng Nanyu’s expression was serious, not like she was joking. Qingluan hesitated for a moment, not daring to answer easily. She squinted her eyes and listened carefully, confirming that it seemed she had indeed heard nothing, before she replied cautiously.

“Princess, this servant didn’t hear any noise outside.”

Qingluan was puzzled by the sudden question from her mistress. Cheng Nanyu, seeing her hesitation, knew she wasn’t lying.

After all, Song Yushu was highly skilled, so entering a young girl’s chamber without making a sound would not be a challenging task.

“Princess, did someone enter?”

Seemingly understanding Cheng Nanyu’s thoughts, Qingluan leaned slightly towards the bed and gently removed the hairpin from her head, placing it on her chest. Cheng Nanyu chuckled softly.

“Qingluan, there’s no one who entered, or if someone did, they would have cleaned up everything by now.”

Qingluan, perhaps still drowsy from being woken up, didn’t respond immediately. She stood by the bed, holding the hairpin, looking confused.

“Come on, go back to sleep. I just had a dream, and I’m still a bit confused.”

Cheng Nanyu had called Qingluan in fear, but when Qingluan actually arrived, she realized that she had called someone into the room, and outsiders might interpret it differently, such as that this elder brother had a special relationship with the princess, ending up in a young girl’s chamber.

Qingluan, still half-awake, turned to leave, but her eyes caught the only window in the room, and it was open.

“Why is this window open?”

Muttering to herself, she walked to the window and closed it, perhaps because she realized it had been left open due to the wind. After all, who would dare to boldly climb into Princess Qingyang’s mansion?

Cheng Nanyu hadn’t paid attention earlier, but now that Qingluan mentioned the window, she understood.

It was her brother; he probably came in through the window.

Who would have thought that this man, known to outsiders as the War God, would be someone who climbs into a girl’s chamber through the window?

“Princess, why are you smiling?”

Qingluan turned her head and saw Cheng Nanyu smiling gently, feeling somewhat puzzled.

She had a feeling that something was amiss, so she raised an eyebrow in confusion.

Caught off guard by Qingluan’s gaze, Cheng Nan Yu quickly withdrew her lips that had begun to curve upwards, shaking her head earnestly.

“Qingluan, put the porcelain vase on the window sill to prevent the wind from blowing the window open again.”

Qingluan frowned at this somewhat puzzling request. How could a porcelain vase stop the window from being blown open by the wind?

Nevertheless, Cheng Nanyu nodded seriously towards Qingluan, who complied, not questioning further. She placed the vase on the sill and closed the window tightly, then extinguished the candle and left the room.

With the vase in place, if someone were to come again, they would surely know.

After ensuring that the vase was indeed in place, Cheng Nanyu neatly placed the hairpin on the dressing table and then lay down on the bed, ready to sleep peacefully.

This night passed without any further disturbances.

Early the next morning, while it was still dimly lit by the fading moonlight, some shops had already opened their doors.

The soldier guarding the city gate promptly arrived and calmly pushed open the gate unhurriedly. When the gap could fit only two or three people, he suddenly saw a tall figure with a horse stepping through in the early hours, frightening the soldier guarding the gate.

“Don’t be in such a rush to reincarnate!”

By the time the soldier at the gate had calmed down, the person and the horse had already left, disappearing without a trace. Perhaps enraged, he cursed fiercely at the wind left behind by the two.

Little did he know, the storm was brewing.

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