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Chapter 117-Part 1

As Xue Hang gritted his teeth and stormed out, his icy demeanor seemed to freeze the very air around him, mirroring the wintry chill outside the window. Yet, despite the tense atmosphere, he found himself unable to carry on. Jiang Nian couldn’t suppress a chuckle. This was probably fate’s joke—not being able to see her doing too well. There always had to be a bit of trouble for her.

She leaned against the window, silently bowing and apologizing for her dissolute life and not yet having the chance to indulge in it. She couldn’t resist it; after all, a life without wealth can’t make waves.

“Jiang Nian, long time, no see.”

A familiar voice suddenly came from behind. Jiang Nian turned around to see a female singer who had just performed on stage named Li Lin, the champion of a music program and extremely popular.

Jiang Nian wasn’t very familiar with her, but the original Jiang Nian had met her at a previous event. She smiled. “Hello, what’s up?”

Li Lin walked over with a bright smile and said, “I saw you talking with Mr. Xue just now. Are you very close to Mr. Xue?”

Jiang Nian looked at her without saying anything, raising her eyebrows.

Li Lin said, “Sorry, I don’t mean to offend, but I have admired Mr. Xue for a long time, but I have never found the opportunity to confess to him. I saw you know Mr. Xue Hang, so I wanted to ask you to help introduce us. I hope you don’t mind.”

Jiang Nian shook her head without thinking. “Sorry, I can’t help you.”

Li Lin’s smile froze on her face, hurting. “Why? I just need one chance; isn’t it easy for you?”

She grabbed Jiang Nian’s arm and shook it. “Please, help me! I will repay you in the future.”

Jiang Nian pulled her hand down, smiled, and said, “Repay me?”

“Yes, as long as I’m with Mr. Xue, whatever you want, I can give it to you!”

“If you’re not together, then you won’t give it to me? Your empty promises sound so beautiful, but I have to take the risk of making Mr. Xue angry to help you, which is not worth it. I can’t do this self-harming and benefiting others thing; I won’t help.”

“…?!” Li Lin was stunned; you dare to say that!

Jiang Nian wasn’t stupid. She gave up her dissolute life and took the risk of being tortured by fate to embrace her benefactor. How could she find trouble for herself? She was too smart to do such a stupid thing.

“I hope you find another way. Good luck.”

Li Lin left in anger. She held her phone, and her jealousy towards Jiang Nian turned into resentment. She couldn’t forget Xue Hang’s affectionate attitude towards Jiang Nian, which had never happened before… She went to the side to make a call: “Jingjing, are you down?”

Wang Jingjing was also in the hotel at the moment. She had known that the Xue’s annual meeting would be held here and had booked a room two days in advance, all for today.

After thinking about it, she was unwilling to give up on Xue Hang like this. She didn’t want to miss such a rare opportunity to get close to him. She had to try, no matter what.

If she succeeded, she could get rid of her current predicament; success was within reach. Although Xue Hang was not her only choice, he was indeed her best choice.

“Keep an eye out for me; I’ll be right there.”

Li Lin smiled. “I saw Mr. Xue making a call in the corridor outside the venue. Hurry up; the opportunity is rare; otherwise, Mr. Xue will leave soon!”

Wang Jingjing immediately said, “Wait for me for two minutes; no, I’ll be there in a minute!”

Li Lin hummed and hung up the phone. She didn’t believe that something wouldn’t happen between Wang Jingjing and Jiang Nian when they met.

On the other side, Wang Jingjing rushed over desperately, only to see not the Xue Hang she had longed for but Jiang Nian! Her face immediately fell, and she turned to leave. However, just a few steps away, she hesitated and turned back.

“Jiang Nian, I want to apologize to you.”

Jiang Nian turned around, only then realizing that the person approaching was actually Wang Jingjing. She was wearing a low-cut long dress with big waves in her hair and a look of sincere apology on her face, which seemed quite pitiful. Although she looked very pitiful and sincere, Jiang Nian didn’t believe that Wang Jingjing came solely to apologize.

“Alright, apologize then. Let’s see if you are sincere enough and if you can convince me to forgive you.”

Wang Jingjing said bitterly, “I know that what I did before made you resentful towards me. Now I realize my mistake, and I will change for the better. Jiang Nian, I hope you won’t hold too much grudge against me.”

Jiang Nian nodded lightly. “Is that all?”

Wang Jingjing shook her head. “Maybe whatever I say now, you won’t believe me. I understand; if it were me, I wouldn’t believe it either. Actually, I’m surprised. My relationship with Sun Xu was very secretive. We didn’t tell anyone, and we didn’t show any flaws in front of others. Sun Xu is also good at lying, saying that you already completely trusted him… Jiang Nian, I’m curious; when did you actually confirm that Sun Xu and I were having an affair?”

Jiang Nian glanced discreetly at the hand Wang Jingjing had in her pocket and said, “If you don’t want others to know, don’t do it yourself. Your little affair is quite obvious when you think about it. Who could you possibly fool?”

Wang Jingjing tightened her grip on her phone and said, “So after you found out about Sun Xu and me, you started plotting against me? That night at the restaurant, you intentionally said those things to make me anxious, just to make me go find Sun Xu. And then you deliberately arranged for reporters to follow me, and conveniently got pictures of me and Sun Xu on a date… Was all of this your plan?”

Wang Jingjing finally showed some intelligence. There’s no such thing as coincidence in this world. Although those news were exposed by reporters, the one who provided them with firsthand information was a private detective hired by Jiang Nian.

Wang Jingjing and Sun Xu were quite cautious in their actions. Ever since they were investigated by the police, they didn’t dare to meet privately. Everything they did was discussed in the company, making it difficult to find evidence of their affair. That time when Wang Jingjing was provoked by Jiang Nian and went to find Sun Xu in the dead of night when no one was around, Jiang Nian had already arranged for someone to wait for her. Otherwise, would she have just been idling away at the hotel?

“Jiang Nian, you are really clever. I underestimated you.”


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