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Chapter 117-Part 2

“You’re wrong about that. It’s not that you underestimated me; it’s that evil can never prevail over righteousness. Although fate is merciless, it’s also fair and just. It knows what is right and what is wrong, and it won’t wrongly accuse a good person. Wang Jingjing, don’t beat around the bush with me. You can stop recording or filming. Are you hoping I’ll admit to scheming against you and Sun Xu and then go tell everyone that I’m actually a very cunning woman and smear my reputation again?”

Wang Jingjing froze, gripping her phone tightly in frustration.

Indeed, she had that intention. It couldn’t be that only she would be ruined. Jiang Nian wasn’t as harmless as the outside world perceived her to be, and Xue Hang had misjudged Jiang Nian. Was Jiang Nian really so naive? She was clearly the most intelligent one! She had silently trapped her and Sun Xu, ensuring they’d never have a chance to turn things around.

Jiang Nian sneered, “Being overly attentive without reason, either fraudulent or thieving, do you really think I’m stupid?”

Wang Jingjing felt that the Jiang Nian before her was extremely unfamiliar. From some point on, Jiang Nian had surpassed her control, breaking the situation where she was assured of winning and making her fall into despair once again!

“Jiang Nian, do you think you’ve won just by attaching yourself to Xue Hang? The Xue family is a prestigious and noble family. Even if Xue Hang takes a fancy to you, do you really think he would marry an actress? Would the Xue family allow Xue Hang to marry an unknown actress like you? In the end, at best, you can only be a plaything! When he gets tired of you, where do you think you’ll stand?”

Jiang Nian frowned, looking at the smug Wang Jingjing. With a raised hand, she slapped her. Her sudden action caught Wang Jingjing off guard, causing her to stagger back two steps, covering her face in disbelief.

“This slap is a lesson for your slander against Xue Hang!”

Wang Jingjing had never been hit before. The embarrassment of being humiliated at this moment made her lose her composure. Raising her hand, she rushed forward and said, “You bitch!”

But before her hand could come down, it was grabbed in mid-air by someone. The force was so strong that it caused her immense pain. When she turned her head, she unexpectedly saw Xue Hang!

She didn’t know when he had appeared; his face was cold, and he gave her hand a strong push, causing her to stagger back and fall against the wall. She was terrified, only able to cry out, “It was Jiang Nian who hit me first! She’s too much; she was the one who started it!”

In her panic, she saw Li Lin, who had followed behind Xue Hang, coming over. Li Lin looked at her with pity and said, “Jiang Nian hitting you is wrong, but it’s understandable that Jiang Nian acted impulsively. After all, you wronged Jiang Nian first, so her slapping you once isn’t excessive.”

Wang Jingjing finally realized that she had been set up. Li Lin was really cunning, deliberately making her go find Jiang Nian, knowing that she and Jiang Nian would definitely have a conflict. Then, she used the excuse of finding Xue Hang to bring Xue Hang over, letting Xue Hang see her and Jiang Nian arguing… In the end, the big winner would be Li Lin, wouldn’t it?

But she couldn’t say anything because she had a relationship with Li Lin, and it would be more beneficial for her if Li Lin was in a good position rather than Jiang Nian.

Suppressing her inner anger, Wang Jingjing argued, “I sincerely came to apologize to Jiang Nian. If she didn’t accept it, that would be fine, but she still hit me!”

Jiang Nian rolled her eyes and raised her hand again, and Xue Hang reached out to grasp it. “Don’t dirty your hands.”

Jiang Nian immediately complied, “Okay.”

He looked at Wang Jingjing, his voice devoid of any warmth. “Even if Jiang Nian didn’t hit you, I would still want to hit you. I even think she was too soft on you. If you behave and keep a low profile, I can pretend you don’t exist. But since you’re not honest, I can’t just ignore you.”

He immediately instructed his assistant, saying, “Get rid of this woman, she’s not welcome here. From now on, the Xue family will never receive Wang Jingjing.”

The assistant immediately complied, determined to perform well in seeking forgiveness. Security was called to drag the woman away, ignoring Wang Jingjing’s struggles, cries, and pleas for mercy. Li Lin chuckled to herself, but then suddenly heard Xue Hang say, “Escort Li Lin out too. The Xue family’s events no longer require her presence.”

Li Lin turned around in surprise, looking at Xue Hang, only to meet his knowing yet disdainful gaze.

“No, I, I… Why?”

“Li Lin, please.”

She was almost escorted out as well. Feeling resentful and powerless, she watched as Xue Hang briskly walked away, hand in hand, with Jiang Nian.

Wasn’t it Jiang Nian who went too far? Was Xue Hang blind?

Jiang Nian, still wrapped in a pink bubble, was led away by Xue Hang without even noticing where they were going. They ended up in a changing room, with her back against the door and Xue Hang standing not too far away in front of her.

He still held her hand, his rough thumb caressing the back of her hand, a bit warm and a bit ticklish, just like the atmosphere at the moment. Clearly calm and quiet, yet tense with the thin air of ambiguity and passion that arises between a man and a woman when they harbor ulterior motives.

Jiang Nian lifted her eyes slightly to look at Xue Hang, who was leaning in closer. She could see his thin lips clearly, his perfectly sculpted jawline, and his sexy Adam’s apple… Particularly enticing.

Leaning against the door, she smiled and said, “Wang Jingjing will be pissed to death if you stand by my side without asking anything.”

Xue Hang, with a faint smile, lowered his head slightly, leaning closer to her ear, his voice deep and hoarse, with a hint of amusement. “By holding hands like this, we should hold hands for a lifetime.”

Jiang Nian rolled her eyes and said, “You’re dreaming.”


He turned his head and kissed her on the cheek.

Light as a dragonfly touching water, barely there.

Jiang Nian touched her cheek, feeling a little sentimental. Truly, Xue Hang was a true gentleman. Such a good atmosphere; it would be a pity not to have a passionate kiss!

Uh, she really wasn’t proper for having such thoughts! Luckily, she still had self-control, or she would be in trouble…

Xue Hang: “…………”

At this moment, any man would lose control…

Then, to Jiang Nian’s surprise, he cupped her cheek with one hand, and his warm lips kissed hers, gently and a bit hesitantly, but also earnestly and tenderly.

He tasted the lipstick on her lips.

Jiang Nian squinted and smiled, grabbing onto the man’s clothes.

“You shouldn’t taste it; it’s poisonous…”

He said nothing, his breath slightly heavier.

The air became thin and scorching. Their clasped hands, hanging down, were pressed against his ear by him, fingers intertwined intimately.

He intruded between her lips, teasing and lingering. Not only did the air become hot, but the ambiguous sound made Jiang Nian’s heart race and her face flush. Suddenly, his tongue licked across her lips, sending a tingling sensation through Jiang Nian’s body and making her legs weak. The man took a step forward, his firm body pressing against hers…

It was a kind of dominance with a hint of aggression. His previous indifference had long been thrown aside, his heart filled with sweetness, and his instinctual desire for more.

Apart from feeling weak in the knees, Jiang Nian was fine. After all, Xue Hang was indeed very tempting.

Back at home, as Jiang Nian lay on the bed, she could almost hear Xue Hang whispering in her ear, his voice low and amused.

She rarely saw him so pleased, and because of the kiss, he seemed even more sexy and alluring, yet he still maintained a serious demeanor: “Under the peony blossoms, one should die with dignity, even as a ghost. The ancients were not deceitful to me.”

It took Jiang Nian a while to realize that he was responding to her remark about the lipstick being poisonous.

She touched her lips, completely abandoning her former dissolute lifestyle.

What does one’s fate matter for the sake of a beautiful person!

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