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Chapter 121

Liu Ying had heard of the name “Pei Ji.”

She had long been interested in him, and it happened that Niguang Island had the most convenient information among all the sects. With just a little inquiry, she could learn many things about Pei Ji.

For example, he was originally an unknown outer disciple, but he rose to fame in a competition, breaking the rules to become the personal disciple of Elder Tianxian.

And also, he had a cold and aloof personality; except for Ning Ning, who was willing to accompany him, he seemed to have no other friends.

Liu Ying has had a beautiful face since she was a child. She is particularly popular when interacting with others. Regardless of gender, people would subconsciously look at her a few more times and treat her slightly better after seeing her.

After mastering the true principles of Niguang Island, this was even more so. There were always people who, because of a word or a look from her, lost their sense of proportion. The so-called gentlemen and ladies were all jokes.

For almost all the bewitching cultivators from Niguang Island, the admirers who took the initiative to approach were as cheap as weeds, and Liu Ying was no exception.

She never liked things that were too easy to obtain. Compared to easily teasing a libertine, she preferred to see noble people fall, innocent people become tainted, and upright talents who scorned her fall deeper and deeper, becoming toys belonging only to her.

Pei Ji was a very fitting prey.

Now that she could finally get close to the people of Xuanxu Sect, she had endured enough from those two idiots and was determined to use all her tricks to make Pei Ji hers.

“Miss Liu.”

Ning Ning returned from scouting and smiled, asking her, “How are you feeling?”

Liu Ying restrained her expression, pretended to be weak as she leaned against the tree trunk, and coughed lightly, very fittingly. “It’s okay; I won’t hold you back. Please rest assured, Miss Ning Ning.”

He Zhizhou was still immersed in the beautiful and mysterious blue light of static electricity. Seeing her get up to leave, he sighed with some reluctance. Not knowing what he remembered, he suddenly slapped his forehead as if he had a sudden realization: “Miss Liu, let me continue telling you the story of atoms and electrons!”

Liu Ying: Get lost! She didn’t want to listen!

“The stories Brother He tells are indeed interesting.”

Liuying forced a dry laugh.

Even her excuses seemed particularly insincere when facing idiots.

“But I have internal injuries. Once I think too much, it will disturb my sea of consciousness and give me splitting headaches. Accumulate what you want to say first, and tell me all at once another day.”

He Zhizhou probably didn’t understand the connection between thinking, the sea of consciousness, and headaches. But listening to her words, it seemed quite reasonable and irrefutable. He wisely shut his mouth, fearing that he might cause Miss Liu trouble because of himself.

After parting with the idiot, it was time to implement the second step of the plan.

Liu Ying was extremely proactive and had already planned everything.

Now, being “physically weak and sick with internal injuries” was most likely to arouse sympathy and a desire to protect in others. Not only that, she could also have sufficient reasons—


The woman in a white long dress let out a soft exclamation, her feet slipping, and she fell straight toward Pei Ji.

This was her first step in getting close to Pei Ji, taking advantage of the advantage of being frail and weak, and directly staging a fall on level ground.

It was well known that the female protagonist in the novels could fall anywhere. When climbing mountains, going upstairs, or slipping on rainy ground, even walking on level ground, she would “accidentally twist her ankle,” falling into the arms of the male protagonist.

Next, there was definitely a series of ambiguous entanglements, blushing, and heartbeats.

Regardless of whether the two were familiar with each other before, their feelings would take a big leap forward because of this.

Liu Ying’s fall was extremely delicate. Even if Pei Ji didn’t deliberately reach out to catch her, she would fall perfectly onto his shoulder.

She had used this trick many times, so she had mastered it perfectly. Seeing the black-clad youth next to her glance at her faintly and move slightly, he should have caught her sideways.

But Pei Ji just looked at her expressionlessly, and after showing a look of irritation and boredom, he made a strategic move and took a step back.

A step back!!!

The falling girl’s gaze and the boy who avoided her briefly intersected. The falling curve outlined an extremely beautiful line.

Until her head fell straight to the ground, Liuying still maintained a face of disbelief, her eyes as wide as large bowls.

This person actually didn’t hesitate to avoid her embrace, leaving the beautiful girl to fall sadly to the ground.

Was she not beautiful enough, not tall enough?

This wasn’t even the most outrageous part.

Pei Ji seemed normal, but in reality, he was another kind of abnormality different from those two idiots—

His abnormality seemed so abnormal that it was clear he was really abnormal.

After avoiding the falling Liu Ying, he actually turned a blind eye to everything and walked directly past her without looking back.

Really, he just went past, never looking back from start to finish.

Liu Ying: …?

Her heart, full of frustration, grievances, and confusion, had nowhere to vent. Little did she know, in Pei Ji’s mind, that the voice of a middle-aged uncle had burst into laughter like a donkey braying.

“Hahaha, well done, Pei Xiaoji! This woman clearly wants to flirt with you; you must not entertain her!”

It said passionately and spiritedly, “Let me tell you, people are very prone to jealousy. If Ning Ning sees you getting close to her, she’ll definitely feel unhappy—think about how you felt when you knew Ning Ning bought the night pearl for that dragon; it wasn’t pleasant, right?”

Pei Ji frowned. “That’s not jealousy.”

“Ah, ah, ah, okay, okay. Not ‘jealousy’.”

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