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Chapter 122

Cheng Ying was sarcastic and strange, every sentence dripping with mockery: “Just inexplicably feeling a little bit of annoyance and unhappiness, neither of us understands the source of that unhappiness, which can be considered a millennium-old mystery in the cultivation world.”

Pei Ji fell silent.

He knew that woman had ulterior motives. If it weren’t for Ning Ning’s insistence on keeping her, he would have taken all the tokens from her long ago. Let alone make Liu Ying stumble; even if he beat her half to death in a fight, he wouldn’t feel any psychological burden.

—For Pei Ji, most people around him were like steamed buns. No one would remember how many steamed buns they had eaten, and he never cared how many people fell under his hands.

And steamed buns had no gender.

The steamed bun person left far behind seemed to be helped up by Ning Ning. She thanked her plainly and persistently moved closer to him without giving up.

“Master Pei, did I do something to upset you?”

She walked unsteadily, a faint peach-colored blush spreading at the corners of her eyes and a genuinely pitiful look on her face: “If there’s anything I did wrong, I can change it. Please don’t dislike me, okay?”

Cheng Ying muttered in his heart: “Ugh, not okay! He just hates you for always pestering him. Can’t you change that?”

Seeing Pei Ji didn’t want to respond, Liu Ying continued, “I’ve always been poor and lowly, with little strength in the sect, always growing up under others’ cold eyes. I’ve worked hard not just once or twice, but countless times, but with no results… Do you also think I’m useless and look down on me?”

She had put thought into these words.

Coming from a poor background and growing up under cold eyes, it was clearly a reflection of Pei Ji’s own life. Now, using it on her would surely make him sympathize and drop his guard to comfort her.

Pei Ji didn’t even glance at her this time, just a simple “Hmm.”

Liu Ying was dumbfounded.

What did he just say?

“Hmm”? Is this even a human being?

Cheng Ying, the audience member, laughed heartily: “It’s okay, miss. As long as you try harder, you’ll definitely succeed—succeed in making a hundred failures haha.”

As an excellent bewitching cultivator, Liu Ying had never experienced such a waterloo in her life.

Although there had been men who looked down on her before, at least they still retained some sense of decency, unlike Pei Ji.

If He Zhizhou and Xu Ye were like humanoid unidentified creatures, then he was a higher species, a humanoid steel plate.

Don’t get mad; stay calm.

Pei Ji had always been a loner, having little contact with many women, so he was inevitably ignorant about matters of romance.

If she wanted to hook him, subtle and indirect hints definitely wouldn’t work; she had to be more straightforward and actively express her affection.

“Master Pei, there’s something you don’t know.”

On the hot West Mountain, Liu Ying tried to suppress the impatience and anger in her heart, her eyes filled with a watery sense of grievance: “Since the incident in the ancient forest, I have admired a young sword cultivator from the Xuanxu Sword Sect for a long time. But he has never looked at me until this Ten Method Assembly, where I finally had the chance to interact with him.”

She stole a glance at Pei Ji, and her gaze fell upon the delicate and cold side profile of the young man.

This face was the only motivation she clung to. As soon as she saw it, her tone became sincere and heartfelt: “He must not know how hard I worked to inquire about him, even thinking about presenting myself as a gift, packed in a box to give to him.”

This time, Pei Ji finally glanced at her, and a faint crack appeared in his serene expression.

It worked!

The implication in her words couldn’t be clearer; the young sword cultivator she admired for so long was obviously Pei Ji himself. He must have realized this, feeling touched.

Then Liu Ying heard him furrow his brow and ask, “Why would you want to give him your urn?”

Liu Ying: …

Who was she, where was she, and what was she trying to do?

How hard it was for her to get involved with these sword cultivators!

The hot wind on the mountain made her head spin. Liu Ying vaguely heard Pei Ji’s voice again: “Miss Li.”

He said, “You music cultivators from Mount Liuming, are you practicing your speech instead of the zither?”

Seeing her dazed expression, he bluntly added, “You’re annoying; move aside.”


(T/N: this is a swearing word with the same meaning as motherf*cker in English.)

It took Liu Ying a while to realize that this “Miss Li” was referring to her.

—Please, just act like a human being!!! After all this time, he hadn’t even remembered her last name!!!

Liu Ying felt a surge of frustration and forced a smile. “Master Pei, my surname is Liu.”

If Pei Ji were a normal person, he should have apologized embarrassedly by now.

But he just furrowed his brow, wearing an expression that said, “You must be sick,” and said in the most straightforward and unreasonable manner, “What’s your surname, and what’s your name got to do with me?”

Liu Ying: …

In this battle, she lost.

She lost completely, admitting defeat.

At least those two idiots could still remember her name. After spending some time with Pei Ji, Liu Ying started to miss He Zhizhou’s talk about electrons and charges.

For the first time in her life, she realized how beautiful and dazzling science could be.

“Master Pei,” she took a deep breath, making one final struggle, “Are you so fed up with me?”

Pei Ji remained silent.

—This person was already extremely impatient and was starting to draw his sword!!!


As the sword intent surged and the atmosphere turned hostile, Liu Ying hastily stepped back. “I stayed here with Ning Ning’s permission. Y-You can’t hurt me!”

“Senior sister is senior sister; I am me.”

Pei Ji sneered, his dark eyes revealing even deeper hostility, tinged with a hint of contemptuous mockery. “Do I have to listen to her every command when I do things?”

Now she was completely speechless.

Staying with idiots would drive her crazy, but staying with a lunatic would get her killed!

“What’s wrong?”

Amidst the standoff, thankfully, Ning Ning walked over to Liu Ying, smiling as she glanced at the sullen-faced Pei Ji. “Are you unhappy?”

Compared to Pei Ji, who was about to draw his sword and attack, her smile was so pure, flawless, and beautiful, like a goddess descending with radiant light.

What were those rotten men worth?

Wasn’t a gentle and kind girl adorable too?

Liu Ying’s eyes turned red as she hugged Ning Ning’s arm. There was a faint fragrance of tea all over her body.

“It’s okay; Master Pei is fine. It’s my fault for being useless and making him angry…”

(T/N: This does not mean that she has tea fragrance on her body; rather, she is just being a b*tch.)

Ning Ning smiled softly at her words, her gaze meeting Pei Ji’s stern one. “Don’t always speak so harshly to girls. You might scare them. You know?”

Pei Ji turned his head away, his voice somewhat muffled. “…Hmm.”

Liu Ying: Haha.

Get lost! Weren’t you saying something different before?! If you have the guts, put on that arrogant face again and say, “Senior sister is senior sister, and I am me.” You rotten man!

She was completely done with staying with this person.

A steel plate wasn’t fit for life among humans; please destroy it yourself. Thank you very much.

“Miss Liu Ying, you’re back!”


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