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Chapter 284: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (32)

Shen Mubai immediately stopped moving.

Jun Jiuling glanced at her indifferently, his slightly magnetic voice chilling. “Give it to me.”

Shen Mubai obediently returned the Gu worm to him.

The Gu worm returned to Jun Jiuling’s hand, though reluctantly. It understood who its true master was and rubbed its chubby head against him, being quite servile.

However, Jun Jiuling looked down at it and said, “One month of solitary confinement.”

The Gu worm froze in place.

Ignoring it, Jun Jiuling flicked his finger, sending it back into the jar where it belonged.

With a soft “plop,” the chubby Gu worm fell into the jar, feeling wronged as it crawled into a corner.

The master was not pleased.

No matter how oblivious Shen Mubai usually was, she knew Jun Jiuling wasn’t in a good mood right now. She didn’t dare provoke him further, so she stood still in place.

She stared at the progress bar above Jun Jiuling’s head, feeling a bit bewildered. Where did that fifty percent progress come from?

Feeling strange, she mentioned it to the system.

The system was also puzzled. “I don’t care anymore. As long as the progress bar increases, it’s fine.”

Shen Mubai, “…” Was the system now so irresponsible?

Since the system had decided not to care, she couldn’t do anything either. So, she continued to live her days cooking and serving the sect master.

During this time, she had successfully been promoted to become Jun Jiuling’s personal maid, always by his side.

Shen Mubai also discovered a secret: Jun Jiuling fed the Gu worms with blood, his own blood.

Jun Jiuling seemed completely unconcerned about her knowing this. He even brought her along when discussing matters with the disciples in the hall.

Although she received favor and seemed to have entered the inner circle, Shen Mubai couldn’t feel happy. She remained suspicious all the time.

It wasn’t entirely her fault. After all, Jun Jiuling during the day was simply paranoid. Who knew what he might do at any moment?

The disciples seemed dissatisfied with her following Jun Jiuling, especially the elders, who looked at her with disdain, their beards almost curling upwards in anger.

But they knew Jun Jiuling’s temperament. Even if they were dissatisfied, they didn’t dare to say anything.

Jun Jiuling seemed indifferent to their attitudes and thoughts. He even ordered Shen Mubai, who stood behind him, “Massage my back.”

Feeling the stares from below, Shen Mubai exerted pressure on Jun Jiuling’s back despite the immense pressure.

One elderly white-bearded man below glared at her secretly, snorting, then stood up and said, “Master, is there any new information from the strategist’s side?”

Jun Jiuling frowned. “Put more strength into it. Haven’t you eaten?”

Shen Mubai hesitated for a moment, then increased the pressure.

The elder widened his eyes, his face turning dark with anger. “Master, this maid has no sense of propriety. What use is she?”

Jun Jiuling lazily leaned back in his chair, his narrowed eyes as deep as the sea, and said lightly, “Elder Lin, have you forgotten something?”

Elder Lin’s face stiffened at Jun Jiuling’s words. Naturally, he understood Jun Jiuling’s temperament and style of handling things. No one was allowed to interfere or have opinions on his decisions. So, he stammered, “Subordinate misspoke for a moment; please punish me, master.”

Jun Jiuling tapped the table lightly. “Go down and self-discipline further. Continue.”

Elder Lin spoke again: “Yes, master. I just don’t know the current situation with the strategist. People outside are spreading rumors that it was us, the Fire Lotus Sect, that did it.”

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