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Chapter 285: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (33)

With that, he sneered and continued, “They’re just dogs we kicked out a hundred years ago. Such clownish behavior, we don’t even consider them.”

Other elders hurriedly agreed, “Elder Lin is right. Even if they have our venomous Gu worms, so what? They can only rely on disciples from small sects.”

“Master, we should lure them out and capture them all in one fell swoop.”

Following several elders, the hall masters also spoke up.

Among them was Fifth Hall Master Shen Qingfeng, dressed in white, which accentuated his extraordinary handsomeness. “Master, I have a plan, but I’m not sure if I should share it.”

Jun Jiuling raised an eyelid lazily, his gaze indifferent as he glanced at him. “What plan does the Fifth Hall Master have?”

Shen Qingfeng smiled and said, “Nowadays, the sects in the martial world are cooperating with the government. Although our Fire Lotus Sect is powerful, rumors can still cause trouble. Perhaps we should start with the government first? As for those… remnants from a hundred years ago, they are currently causing distractions. We might as well wait for them to come to us. There will be unexpected gains.”

“What the Fifth Hall Master said makes sense.”

“Master, I also have an idea…”

When most of the elders and hall masters had finished speaking, Jun Jiuling tapped the table, making a crisp sound.

Immediately, there was silence.

Jun Jiuling raised an eyelid casually and said, “I’ll be going down the mountain tomorrow.”

At this, the people below were shocked.

“The Master wants to go down the mountain personally? This absolutely cannot be allowed.”

“I wonder what the master is going down the mountain for, or does the master have other plans?”

“master, with the current government’s wanted orders and those martial arts sects searching everywhere, although our Fire Lotus Sect doesn’t fear them, the timing seems inappropriate.”

For a moment, everyone tried to dissuade him.

Jun Jiuling sneered, and once again, the scene fell silent.

He tapped the table and said, “Elder Li.”

An elderly, white-bearded man stepped forward. “Yes, master.”

Jun Jiuling’s narrowed eyes were profound, and his voice was cold. “I’ll leave the matters of the sect to you.”

Elder Li lifted his head, his face as expressionless as ever. “Yes, Master.”

Just then, Fifth Hall Master Shen Qingfeng spoke up, “Master, may I accompany you?”

Jun Jiuling glanced at him.

Shen Qingfeng remained silent, waiting quietly for a response.

Jun Jiuling’s unparalleled handsome face didn’t reveal any emotions as he said lightly, “The Fifth Hall Master is highly skilled, so of course you should come.”

Shen Qingfeng hurriedly said, “I am willing to serve the Master.”

As for what Jun Jiuling would do when going down the mountain, Shen Mubai didn’t know, but she had a feeling it was related to the mission.

She initially thought she wouldn’t be taken along this time, but before dawn, she was rudely awakened by loud knocking. “Su Cuihua!”

She recognized the rough voice of Wu Er.

Shen Mubai yawned. “I’ll get up right away.”

After opening the door, Wu Er’s rugged face appeared before her. He stared at her with his copper-bell eyes and gruffly said, “Pack your bags; we’re going down the mountain.”

Shen Mubai looked puzzled and pointed at herself. “Me too?”

Wu Er gave her a disdainful look. “Naturally, if you don’t go, who will serve the master?”


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