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Chapter 286: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (34)

Shen Mubai pondered for a moment.

After all, the mountain wasn’t comparable to the city below, especially since she hadn’t yet explored the ancient streets. So, she happily nodded and said, “Okay.”

However, Wu Er glanced at her and suddenly blurted out, “You’ll be riding in the same carriage as the master later.”

Shen Mubai looked puzzled. “What’s wrong?”

Wu Er looked at her sympathetically but didn’t say anything. He turned and left.

Suddenly, Shen Mubai had a bad premonition.

When the disciples in the sect learned she was leaving, they wiped away their tears one after another. “Miss Cuihua, please come back soon.”

“I’ll miss you while you’re gone.”

“Miss Cuihua…”

For a moment, Shen Mubai also felt touched.

Just then, You Yi brought over a meat pie and mumbled, “The master is here.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was no one in front of Shen Mubai.

Jun Jiuling had obviously just woken up. His face was darker than the sky, emitting an aura that kept everyone at bay.

Shen Mubai suddenly remembered that he seemed to have morning grumpiness. She felt helpless but had to steel herself and say, “Master, the carriage is ready for you.”

After he got into the carriage, she followed suit.

Jun Jiuling sat on the couch, his expression unreadable. “Come here.”

Shen Mubai cautiously moved over. “Master, do you have any orders?”

Jun Jiuling commanded, “Sit over here.”

Although Shen Mubai didn’t understand what he wanted, she obediently sat down.

Jun Jiuling seemed quite satisfied. He leaned his body, resting his head on her lap lazily. “For now, you’ll be my pillow.”

Shen Mubai silently glanced at the item tossed into the corner, neither daring to be angry nor say anything.

Wu Er, who was driving the carriage, witnessed this scene. After rubbing his eyes to confirm he wasn’t seeing things, he frowned and thought, “The master has been acting strange lately.”

Accompanying them were You Yi, Zuo Yi, and a few others, as well as some disciples with strong martial arts skills. Yun Niang was left at the sect.

The carriage traveled smoothly, perhaps due to its excellent quality, without much bumping.

Instead, it was steady.

When Jun Jiuling closed his eyes, his extremely handsome features seemed even more captivating. Because he usually had an ambiguous expression, coupled with his intimidating aura, few dared look him directly in the eye.

With his narrow eyes closed, his sharp facial lines softened slightly. If it weren’t for him being the sect master of the Fire Lotus Sect, countless women might have thrown themselves at him.

Shen Mubai only stole a glance, afraid that Jun Jiuling might suddenly open his eyes and say, “I’ll gouge out your eyes.”

She dared not move from her seat until the sound of clashing blades and weapons outside made her realize what was happening.

Jun Jiuling, still resting his head on her lap, seemed oblivious to what was happening outside.

Wu Er looked at the assailants, cursing inwardly about the unfortunate timing of their attack while the master was sleeping.

But he had to speak up. “Master, they seem to be disciples of the Yeyan Sect.”

Jun Jiuling’s lips parted slightly, a chilling smirk escaping his mouth. “Kill them.”

That meant not leaving a single one alive. Wu Er understood and quickly responded, “Yes, master.”

Shen Mubai experienced firsthand what typically only happens in TV dramas for the first time. Although she knew Jun Jiuling was there, she couldn’t help but swallow nervously.

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