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Chapter 92

“Why?” Zhou Yuke was a bit bewildered.

In the original plot, Zhou Yuke was a brain-dead fan of the female lead, cough, a good friend, but in the end she died because of the female lead.

Su Hua’s gaze was calm as she looked at her steadily. “Do you trust me?”

Zhou Yuke met Su Hua’s calm eyes, and her heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Everything in the world seemed to be stripped away, leaving only those eyes before her, tranquil like an ancient well yet carrying an irresistible force, making her want to place all her trust in her.

“I trust you.”

Zhou Yuke nodded absentmindedly.

“Then stay away from her.”

After saying this, Su Hua wondered if she had driven away the female lead’s noble benefactor.

After all, in the original plot, Meng Yunxin caused a lot of trouble, and Zhou Yuke always stepped in to help her clean up the mess.


Zhou Yuke felt like she was going crazy, but she didn’t resist.

Although she had only known her for a short time, the girl in front of her made her trust her deeply.

After the three finished eating, Su Hua took Mu Ye shopping again.

“Miss Yao is here. What would you like to buy today?”

“Miss Yao is here. What does Young Master Mu want to buy today?”

Every time Su Hua entered a store, the words of the shopkeeper were more or less the same.

In this capital, everyone knew Su Hua.

Even the roadside stalls had been visited by Su Hua.

When the shopkeepers saw Su Hua, they were happier than seeing their own father.

Zhou Yuke belatedly realized that she had grabbed onto a golden thigh.

After a whole afternoon of shopping, Zhou Yuke accompanied Su Hua back to the inn before leaving.

“I don’t like her.”

Su Hua smiled. “Why don’t you like her?”

“She’s taking up all your time.”

Mu Ye felt wronged.

This woman always monopolized Hua Hua’s time, leaving him with no time to spend with her.

The two returned to their room, but someone came to find Su Hua, saying that the instructor was looking for her.

When she entered the hall, she found that everyone was there, or rather, everyone who hadn’t been eliminated today was there.

“Eight of our Xuanyun’s people were eliminated in the first round—more than half of them!” The instructor’s expression was grave.

“The opponents in the second round will be even more challenging. We might even encounter students from the same academy. Everyone must be prepared. This determines the spots to enter the secret realm.”


The instructor looked at Su Hua and Meng Yunxin. “Among the remaining seven people, Miss Yao and Miss Meng Yunxin have the highest strength. You must be careful and not take it lightly.”

Meng Yunxin nodded. “Understood, instructor.”

Su Hua also nodded.

The instructor gave Su Hua a complicated look and then announced the dismissal.

That night.

The room where Su Hua was staying was sealed off.

“It’s quite ambitious to try to kill me.”

Su Hua broke through the window and leaped onto the roof, then looked surprised at the figure not far away.

“Miss Meng, you’ve also been targeted for assassination?”

On the other side, Meng Yunxin was surrounded by eight black-clothed men, also sealed within the space.

In this sealed space, no matter how loud the commotion was, no one would hear it.

Meng Yunxin didn’t hear what Su Hua said, but seeing Su Hua’s cheerful expression, she felt extremely annoyed.

She was accidentally hit by magic.

While evading the attacks of the black-clothed men, Su Hua watched Meng Yunxin’s situation.

When she saw the female lead being hit, she whistled happily.

“Damn it…” The host truly wants to ascend to heaven.

The black-clothed men: Can you please respect our assassination?

As if hearing the thoughts of the black-clothed men, Su Hua stepped back several steps, then smiled brightly.

The black-clothed men all looked at the sword in Su Hua’s hand and stopped caring, one after another beginning to use their most powerful moves.

Four black-clothed men simultaneously unleashed their ultimate attacks, and suddenly, the colorful magic illuminated the entire area splendidly.

They were just one step away from gathering all five elemental magics and summoning the divine dragon.

Two intermediate-level magicians and two advanced-level magicians launched their full-scale attacks, distorting the air around them.

However, Su Hua remained calm and transformed her sword directly into tens of thousands of illusory shadows.

“Ten Thousand Swords Unleashed!”

It seemed magnificent, but in reality, it all happened within moments.


The sword shadows collided with several magic spells, producing a loud noise that instantly turned the ground they stood on into ruins.

Seemingly prepared in advance, the black-clothed men all dodged Su Hua’s attacks. However, before their feet landed, they heard that pleasant voice echoing faintly.

“Great King of Fire, in the name of the contract holder, I borrow the power of the world-destroying magic from you, release your vitality, burn the earth, and obstruct the enemy’s vision—Crimson Lotus Hellfire!”

Hundreds of lotus-shaped attacks made of raging flames swiftly assaulted the black-clothed men.

Although they were beautiful and spectacular, they were extremely dangerous.


Two intermediate-level magicians couldn’t dodge in time and were surrounded by the Crimson Lotus Hellfire, instantly turning into charcoal.

The two advanced-level magicians exchanged glances, then immediately released signal flares. Subsequently, the space restraint disappeared, and the two advanced-level magicians vanished in an instant.

“Hey, we haven’t finished yet! Why are you leaving?” Su Hua shouted from behind.

One of the fleeing black-clothed men staggered, almost falling from the sky.

With the battle over, Su Hua sat on the ruins, watching the female lead, who hadn’t finished her battle over there.

Eight black-clothed men had become six, magic flying everywhere.

Su Hua could see that Meng Yunxin was starting to struggle.

Just as Meng Yunxin was about to slay another black-clothed man, an attack from an intermediate-level magician was about to hit her.

She thought she would take the hit, but the scorching wave disappeared in an instant.

A masked man in white descended from the sky, blocking in front of Meng Yunxin.

“Is the male lead sick? He doesn’t want to be noticed, yet he’s wearing a white robe in the middle of the night.”


Better not talk to the host, so as not to end up in a small black room for tea.

“I’m not watching anymore. I’m going to find Mu Ye and sleep.”

“Hey, why aren’t you watching?”

“What’s there to watch? The male and female leads are teaming up; those scumbags are definitely getting wrecked.”

Su Hua leisurely returned to Mu Ye’s room, startling him.

“The house collapsed. Let’s sleep together.”

With that said, Su Hua didn’t hesitate; she just got into bed and squeezed Mu Ye in, wrapping her arms around his waist and closing her eyes to sleep.

Mu Ye tensed all over, his nose filled with the pleasant fragrance emanating from her body, and he heard her long breaths sensitively. Just as he thought he should do something…

She had already fallen asleep.


Mu Ye let down his guard, reached out to embrace Su Hua’s waist, and slowly closed his eyes.

The next day.

The instructor sent people everywhere to find Su Hua, until Su Hua came in hand in hand with Mu Ye, causing everyone to look at her strangely.

Regarding Su Hua’s relationship with Mu Ye, everyone in Xuanyun Academy knew about it.

At first, everyone gossiped about the two holding hands everywhere, but now they were immune to it.

If one day they stopped holding hands, it would probably arouse their curiosity.

“Yao Hua, what happened yesterday?”

Su Hua shrugged. “What could happen? Some mentally retarded person tried to kill me and even destroy my room.”

Everyone: “…”

Black-clothed men: How are we mentally retarded here? Trying to assassinate someone and still getting personally attacked! So infuriating!

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