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Chapter 93

“Was there a space restriction yesterday?”

Su Hua nodded.

The instructor’s expression turned serious. “Yao Hua, during this time, try not to go out as much as possible. Be careful. It must be the work of people from the other two countries, aiming to make us lose in the tri-nation grand competition.”

“And Meng Yunxin, you should be careful too.”

Meng Yunxin nodded, looking at Su Hua, who remained calm.

Meng Yunxin tilted her head, her eyes filled with unpredictable changes.

After that, several instructors gave some instructions before finally saying, “I will report this matter to His Majesty, and we will wait for His Majesty to handle it.”

After finishing breakfast, a student came to call Su Hua.

She had her second-round match today.

“Hua Hua.”

Just after drawing lots, Zhou Yuke popped up from somewhere.

“Which round are you in?”

“First match on the fifth arena.”

Zhou Yuke’s eyes gleamed with curiosity. “Who’s your opponent?”

“Shi Tianshuo from Baiqi Country.”

“I don’t know him. He probably isn’t that formidable. Good luck to you.”

Su Hua shrugged and walked toward the fifth arena, where the referee was already calling people.

“The first match of the fifth arena, Shi Tianshuo from Baiqi Academy versus Yao Hua from Xuanyun Academy, please take your positions.”

Su Hua took the stage first.

After a while, a burly man around eighteen years old jumped up onto the stage.

“After you.”

The man slightly bent over, but in that moment of bending, he suddenly made a move.

“You bastard, you actually made a sneak attack!” Zhou Yuke cursed.

However, Su Hua was quick to defend herself. Although she hadn’t anticipated the sudden attack, she had no intention of being polite and immediately entered a combat state.

Dodging the man’s instantaneous magic once again, she saw him start chanting a spell. He chanted very quickly, and soon, a fire dragon rushed towards Su Hua.

He’s also a fire magician! And a mid-level magician at that.

Su Hua leaped upwards and, with a wave of her hand, conjured her own fire dragon.

“My god, such powerful magic, and Yao Hua conjured it instantaneously.”

“It’s terrifying.”

“Even with the space restriction, I feel like I’m being scorched and can’t breathe.”

The two large fire dragons charged fiercely at each other, colliding with a loud bang. The two dragons merged into one big ball of fire, falling to the ground.

“Water curtain.”

With Su Hua’s clear voice, the scorching air around suddenly cooled down. Countless water elements formed a barrier and attacked Shi Tianshuo. He was no pushover and immediately conjured a fire shield to defend himself.


Cool water poured over Shi Tianshuo, leaving him thoroughly drenched.

“She’s also a dual-element magician.”

“But what’s most important is that her water magic is also at the level of a junior-level magician.”

“And she just conjured such a big magic instantaneously without any fatigue. Is her elemental power endless?”

Outside the fifth arena, a crowd began to gather.

Su Hua had no attention to spare for the situation outside. When she saw water splashing on her opponent, a slight smile touched her lips.

With her red lips slightly parted, she said, “Great God of Thunder, lend me your mighty power; cleanse the sins of this world—Thunderous Fury.”


Thunder rumbled, and several lightning bolts descended from the sky. Everyone was astonished; even the people in the royal seats stood up in shock.

“This is the legendary lightning magic…”


The silver-purple lightning all struck Shi Tianshuo, and despite his use of a fire shield, it was shattered, especially with water on him, making him more conductive.


Shi Tianshuo fell to the ground.

His body was covered in electrified hair, and his entire face was blackened, looking quite comical.

This sound also woke up the people present.

This was the power of lightning magic.

Emperor Qi looked at the dazzling woman in the center of the arena, remembering yesterday’s assassination attempt.

His mood was very complicated. He had been thinking about whether to ask the Sorcerer Saint to intervene, but now he had to reconsider.

Wait a minute, Emperor Qi suddenly remembered the information; this woman was clearly from their country of Huanglan!

At this thought, a glint appeared in Emperor Qi’s eyes.

Before the crowd could react, Zhou Yuke’s voice, that of a fanatic fan, came.

“Ah ah ah, Hua Hua, you’re so cool.”

Su Hua stood upright, maintaining her aloof demeanor.

De’er, how did I look cool today?

De’er was already accustomed to the host’s split personality and asked, “Host, the original body only had fire magic; how did you manage to have water magic and lightning magic?”

“You beg me.”

“I beg you.”

“Even if you beg me, I won’t tell you.”

“… Host, you’ll get beaten up like this.”

“Anyway, you can’t beat me.”


Offline! Offline!.. I can’t talk anymore!”

#What to do when the host keeps boosting?#

The system store has become useless!

On the other side, Meng Yunxin, who displayed dual-element magic, wasn’t as prominent under Su Hua’s halo.

Meng Yunxin jumped off the platform and looked towards Su Hua, who was surrounded by the crowd in the distance, her eyes somewhat obscure.

She was an all-element magician, while Su Hua was tri-elemental and maybe even an all-element magician herself.

Her so-called trump card seemed insignificant.

Why? Why couldn’t she ever surpass her? Why could she always carry herself with such an indifferent demeanor!

“Sister Yunxin, your mood is unstable.”

A tender voice came from the space, and Meng Yunxin suddenly became clear-minded, then breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Zijin.”

Su Hua broke free from the crowd, received a good scolding from the instructors, and returned to the inn, where she saw her original body’s relatives.


Yao Changli saw Su Hua and exclaimed excitedly, “Is it really you?”

Yao Changli stepped forward, wanting to hug Su Hua, but was blocked by Mu Ye.

“Who are you?”

Yao Changli looked disdainful.

According to the investigation, this man was just a small white face raised by his sister.

Mu Ye didn’t speak but persistently stopped Yao Changli from approaching Su Hua.

“Ah Mu.”

Su Hua pulled him, and Mu Ye turned around, pursed his lips, and then stood beside Su Hua, looking unfriendly at Yao Changli.

Yao Changli felt very annoyed, but also knew that it was not the time to argue with a small white face.

“Sister, so you didn’t die. Yesterday I heard someone say it was fake; I investigated; I didn’t expect you really didn’t die.” Yao Changli looked at Su Hua with sincerity.

Su Hua got goosebumps; this acting was too exaggerated.

De’er: Do you think everyone can act as well as you?

Su Hua felt unhappy. “I wouldn’t die even if you did.”

“W-what did you say?”

Normally, his little sister would never speak to him like this.

Yao Changli wondered if he had started the conversation incorrectly.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”


Yao Changli hurriedly stopped Su Hua, explaining his intentions: “Sister, since you’re not dead, come home with me quickly. Father misses you.”

“He misses me? What’s that got to do with me?”

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