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Chapter 14

This farce began with the Liu family arriving aggressively and ended with them leaving in disgrace. However, the news of a Heavenly Language Master appearing in Daze City inadvertently spread throughout the entire city.

In the city lord’s mansion in Daze City, there was someone lying fully clothed in a flower pavilion by the water.


With a faint sound of something breaking through the air, a tall guard dressed in black appeared in the pavilion in the blink of an eye.

The person, who had been resting with closed eyes on a recliner, slowly opened his eyes due to the guard’s presence. With a slight glance from his enchanting, long phoenix eyes, he lazily asked, “Found her?”

At these words, the guard’s body shivered, and his already bowed head lowered even more. “Master, we haven’t found the girl yet…”

“Haven’t found her?” The person on the recliner slowly sat up, his long phoenix eyes narrowing slightly. He said coldly, “Qiuqiu… since you didn’t find her, how dare you come back?”

Qiuqiu’s face immediately scrunched up at these words. Looking at his master, whose expression had turned dangerous, he said miserably, “Master, I wouldn’t have dared come back, but… there’s a rumor in Daze City that a Heavenly Language Master has appeared recently…”

“Oh?” The lazy voice rose slightly, and the person’s long phoenix eyes suddenly brightened. “A Heavenly Language Master appearing in this godforsaken place? How interesting!”

Seeing that his master was finally interested, Qiuqiu quickly added obsequiously, “Isn’t it strange? Master, you wouldn’t believe it… it’s said that this Heavenly Language Master is related to that family.”

“That family? Which family?”

“The family that was stripped of their surname a hundred years ago…” Qiuqiu reminded.

“Oh?” A lazy and enchanting smile appeared on the person’s devilishly handsome face, and a glint flashed in his long phoenix eyes. “Interesting. Are they really going to rise again?”

“I don’t know if they will rise again, but Master, shouldn’t you go and see for yourself? The people from the Wuxiang Palace branch in the city must have gotten the news too,” Qiuqiu suggested.

“Wuxiang Palace?” A cold light flashed in the person’s phoenix eyes. Then, he slowly got up from the recliner and looked into the distance. “No rush. Since Wuxiang Palace already knows, let them try first. I’ll watch.”


Ever since Xuanyuan Tianxin’s identity as a Heavenly Language Master was exposed, the peace of the Suifeng family has been disrupted. Families who had never had any contact with them started visiting, but each time, the visitors came eagerly and left disappointed.

After sending off another batch of visitors, Xuanyuan Tianxin finally sneaked out of the back hall.

Turning around, Yu Niang saw Xuanyuan Tianxin peeking out and immediately laughed. “You girl, you’ve become a hot commodity. Every visitor is here to see you.”

She sighed with a worried look and continued, “I don’t know if exposing your identity was the right thing to do. Girl, you should stay home for the next few days to avoid trouble.”

Xuanyuan Tianxin stuck out her tongue at Yu Niang but obediently agreed, “Don’t worry, Yu Niang. I’ll stay home and won’t go out.”

Seeing the well-behaved and charming Xuanyuan Tianxin, Yu Niang smiled and said, “I knew you were always the most obedient.”

“Xiao Wu,” Yufan, who was sitting in the main seat, spoke to her while the two were talking. “Your identity has already spread throughout Daze City. I’m afraid many people will be after you in the future. Why don’t you go to the capital with Suifeng in three months? You’re the right age, too.

The Imperial Academy’s admission requirements are sixteen for boys and fifteen for girls. Studying at the academy would be a good way for you to avoid all the attention. What do you think?”

Hearing Yufan’s suggestion, Yu Niang’s eyes lit up. “Yes, going to the imperial academy is a good idea. Xiao Wu’s talent shouldn’t be wasted. Plus, Suiyun is there, so he can look after both of you.”

Yufan and Yu Niang had truly treated Xuanyuan Tianxin as their own child. Ever since her abilities were revealed, the couple has been worried sick.

Sui Xin had met with an accident simply because she had spiritual energy. Now, with Xuanyuan Tianxin’s ability as a Heavenly Language Master being even rarer than that of a spiritual practitioner, how could they not worry?

Xuanyuan Tianxin understood their concerns. She had already planned to go to the imperial academy with Suifeng, so she nodded and agreed, “Alright, I’ll follow Uncle Fan and Aunt Yu’s advice and go to the capital with Brother Suifeng.”

Listening to the three of them, Xuan Niang, who had been quietly playing on the side, suddenly grabbed Xuanyuan Tianxin in a panic, her expression anxious. “Xin’er, where are you going? You can’t leave, mother…”

Seeing Xuan Niang’s reaction, Yufan and Yu Niang’s faces both darkened. Over the past few days, they had noticed how anxious Xuan Niang was about Xuanyuan Tianxin, almost unable to be apart from her for even a day.

But for Xuanyuan Tianxin’s sake, to ensure she got a better learning environment and to keep her out of sight of those who might have ill intentions in Daze City, she had to go to the imperial academy.

“Xuan Niang…” Yu Niang looked at Xuan Niang, who was holding onto Xuanyuan Tianxin tightly, with a troubled expression, wanting to say something. But given Xuan Niang’s unclear mind, no matter what she said, it probably wouldn’t get through to her.

Seeing Yu Niang’s troubled face, Xuanyuan Tianxin smiled at her and then softly coaxed Xuan Niang, “Mother, be good. Xin’er is just going to the academy. I’ll come back to see you with Brother Suifeng during the holidays.”

“Can’t you not go to the academy?” Xuan Niang looked at Xuanyuan Tianxin pitifully.

“No, I can’t.”

Xuanyuan Tianxin shook her head and said seriously, “Because Xin’er needs to learn skills. Only by learning well can I better protect my mother. So, mother, you have to be good and listen at home. When the holidays come, I’ll come back to see you.”

Xuan Niang bit her lip and looked at Xuanyuan Tianxin with grievance. Just when Yu Niang and the others thought she would still cling to Xuanyuan Tianxin and not let her go, unexpectedly, she nodded and said softly, “Alright, but Xin’er, you have to keep your word and come back to see mother as soon as the holidays start.”

“Okay, I promise!” Xuanyuan Tianxin smiled and nodded.

Although Xuan Niang agreed to let Xuanyuan Tianxin leave for the academy, she still pouted, clearly unhappy.

Seeing Xuan Niang act like a child throwing a tantrum, the other three couldn’t bring themselves to laugh. Xuanyuan Tianxin had tried using her Heavenly Language Master abilities to cure Xuan Niang’s madness, but unfortunately, Xuan Niang’s problem seemed to be a mental issue rather than a brain issue. So even the Heavenly Language Master’s abilities couldn’t restore her to normalcy.

------Author’s Note------

The time to go to the imperial academy has been changed from one month to three months due to plot needs!

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