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Chapter 15

The originally good atmosphere suddenly became somewhat heavy.

Yu Niang looked at the dull-minded Xuan Niang and sighed lowly, then patted Xuanyuan Tianxin’s head and said lightly, “Alright, don’t be so down. It’s getting late, I’ll go ask the old steward to prepare dinner. Suifeng should be back from the academy soon.”

Today was the last day of the semester at Daze Academy, so Suifeng hadn’t been home all day. Now, seeing that it was indeed almost time for the academy to be out, Yu Niang didn’t say anything more and turned to go to the kitchen.

There weren’t many people at home; besides the family, there were only a few servants. Once Yu Niang left, Xuanyuan Tianxin stayed in the front hall with Xuan Niang to play and chat with Yufan.

“Xiao Wu, who taught you your Heavenly Language Master skills?”

Xuanyuan Tianxin’s language spell, compared to their so-called Heavenly Language Master spell, was quite different. Perhaps no one had noticed this difference before, but Yufan had noticed it that day.

Especially the spell Xuanyuan Tianxin used when performing her language spirit skill—it was quite different from that of a Heavenly Language Master.

(T/N: i translate this as ‘technique’before but now i will use skill as it is more accurate)

“No one taught me,” Xuanyuan Tianxin said, shaking her head. “It’s a family heirloom. I was born with it.”

Xuanyuan Tianxin wasn’t lying. Her language-spirit skill was indeed innate, including the spells. The first time she used her language-spirit skill, the spell just appeared in her mind out of nowhere, which alarmed all the elders in her family at the time.

Yufan looked at her in surprise. With his insight, he could tell she was telling the truth, which made him even more shocked.

“Born with it? What extraordinary talent…”

Seeing Yufan’s shocked expression, Xuanyuan Tianxin gave a shy smile. The elders in her family had once evaluated her the same way.

The shock only lasted a moment before Yufan’s expression turned serious. He looked at Xuanyuan Tianxin solemnly and said in a deep voice, “Xiao Wu, you must remember, if anyone asks you who taught you your Heavenly Language Master skills, never say you were born with them. Understand?”

Seeing Yufan suddenly turn serious, Xuanyuan Tianxin was taken aback.

Yufan sighed earnestly when he saw her expression. “A tree that stands out in the forest is sure to be blown down by the wind, said Xiao Wu. Remember, until you are strong enough, never expose your talent. Do you know what it means to be born with Heavenly Language Master skills without any teaching?”

Xuanyuan Tianxin shook her head in confusion.

“It means you are chosen by the heavens!”

Yufan’s usually gentle eyes suddenly turned sharp, and he seemed like a different person, no longer silent and reserved but filled with an aura of defiance against the heavens.

“Others might not understand Heavenly Language Master, but our family does because our first ancestor was also born a Heavenly Language Master and left records about Divine Language Master!”

Divine Language Master?

The unfamiliar term made Xuanyuan Tianxin’s heart skip a beat. Wasn’t Yufan’s first ancestor a descendant of her own family?

Could it be… that ancestor was also a spiritual speaker and not an exorcist?

“Uncle Fan, what are Divine Language Masters?” Xuanyuan Tianxin suppressed her excitement and asked.

It seemed as though Yufan anticipated Xuanyuan Tianxin’s question. He immediately restrained his imposing aura and gave her a gentle smile, saying, “Heavenly Language Master is not actually the most esteemed profession. Above them is the Divine Language Master.”

“A Divine Language Master, as the name suggests, can reverse life and death with a single word, control fate, and even destroy the world.”

While Xuanyuan Tianxin’s language spell could also reverse life and death, the idea of destroying the world with a single word made her gasp. She knew that the power of language spells depended on the mental strength of the practitioner.

The stronger the mental strength, the more potent the spell. But to destroy the world with a single word—how immense must one’s mental strenght be to achieve that?

Even true deities might not dare claim they could destroy the world with a single word!

As Xuanyuan Tianxin was silently pondering this, the golden-winged Peng perched on her shoulder suddenly transmitted to her, “He’s not wrong. If language spell is mastered to the extreme, it can indeed destroy the world.”

Xuanyuan Tianxin’s heart trembled. Could this be true?

Sensing her doubt, the golden-winged Peng snorted coldly and continued, “Would I lie to you? If you reach the level of the Creator God, you can do it too. Haven’t you read your world’s legend about creation in the Bible?”

Creation in the Bible?

Xuanyuan Tianxin’s mouth twitched. Did the golden-winged Peng, the disciple of the Western Heavenly Buddha, know about the Bible? Didn’t Christianity and Buddhism contradict each other?

“Do you read the Bible too?” Xuanyuan Tianxin asked in her mind, feeling an inexplicable urge to laugh.

“Different regions have different beliefs. Why wouldn’t I read it?” the golden-winged Peng snorted again, scoffing, “Do you think the creation described in the Bible was done with what? On the first day, there was light, and there was light. On the second day, there was air, and there was air. This is the origin of the divine word.”

Despite the golden-winged Peng’s mocking tone, its words seemed to reveal something new to Xuanyuan Tianxin, like a fog lifting from her mind, leaving clarity behind.

This newfound clarity caused Xuanyuan Tianxin’s breathing to become slightly rapid.

“Uncle Fan, how can one become a Divine Language Master?” she asked, her voice trembling.

Yufan smiled and shook his head, saying, “Xiao Wu, don’t aim too high too soon. I don’t actually know how to reach that level. The information I have comes from our family’s records passed down through generations. I don’t know how to achieve that state, but if you work hard in your training, you might reach the level of a Divine Language Master.”

Xuanyuan Tianxin was stunned and said blankly, “Ah? Even the second-generation goddess couldn’t do it. How could I possibly become a Divine Language Master?”

Yufan gave her a gentle smile and nodded. “Your talent is exceptional. If you work hard, you might reach that level. Plus, you have a unique advantage.”

“What advantage?” Xuanyuan Tianxin was even more puzzled.

“You were born with it!” Yufan said it solemnly. “Although our family has declined, the records left by our first ancestor have been preserved. The ancestor once said that the only condition to become a Divine Language Master is to be born with the ability of a Heavenly Language Master.”


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