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Chapter 294: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (42)

Shen Mubai trembled inwardly.

She was wrong; no matter how much Jun Jiuling changed, he was still the leader sect of the Fire Lotus Sect.

A pair of big hands wrapped around her waist, Jun Jiuling leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Bai Bai, let’s go out.”

As soon as his voice fell, a cold wind brushed past their faces, and their bodies lifted off the ground. Shen Mubai was tightly held in his arms, and in just an instant, they had landed in an open space.

Meanwhile, the room they had been in was instantly surrounded by countless hidden weapons, making intense collision sounds. Assassins lurking on the roof emerged from the darkness.

Seeing Jun Jiuling escape unharmed right under their noses, their expressions suddenly darkened.

“Jun Jiuling, today is your day to die,” one of them said harshly, exchanging glances with the others before leaping from the roof. Their agile movements and stable breath showed their formidable martial skills.

The handsome man holding the girl in his arms moved freely without any restrictions, maneuvering among the assassins surrounding them like a wandering dragon.

Leaning close to the girl’s ear, he whispered softly, “Bai Bai, I’ll kill them quickly, don’t be afraid.”

Shen Mubai had never experienced such a dangerous situation before. Although she had some trust in Jun Jiuling’s strength, she couldn’t help but shrink back, turning her face away to avoid seeing the potentially bloody scene.

However, Jun Jiuling felt gratified by the girl’s reliance on and affection for him. With a slight smile on his lips, he shifted his gaze to the assassins, his expression completely changing to a menacing one, reminiscent of the daytime demon.

One of the assassins, seeing this, instinctively took a few steps back, hesitating, “Didn’t Jun Jiuling fall into demonic possession? His strength should have greatly diminished at midnight; could the information be wrong?”

Another assassin’s expression grew more gloomy. “Let’s not worry about that for now. Our task today is to kill him.”

The assassins concealed numerous hidden weapons and poisoned needles on their bodies, well aware of the danger posed by the Gu worms on Jun Jiuling’s body. They acted cautiously, only daring to attack from a distance, relying on strategy rather than recklessness.

Even so, each move was aimed at vital points; their actions were merciless.

Two muffled groans sounded, and two of them felt pain in their abdomens, then suddenly dropped to their knees, blood gushing from their throats as they spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Quick, take the medicine!” Another person quickly tossed two pills at each of them.

After taking the pills, the two managed to stand up with great effort.

“Huh?” Jun Jiuling glanced at them sideways, then asked in a questioning tone, “What’s your connection to our Fire Lotus Sect?”

As soon as he finished speaking, a person wearing a silver mask on the opposite side chuckled. “It seems that Jun Jiuling has indeed fallen into demonic possession. I wonder if his daytime self knows what he’s like on the other side; would he be enraged to the point of vomiting blood?”

Several of them were certain that Jun Jiuling’s martial arts had greatly declined at midnight. They aimed their deadly attacks at him, with one of them targeting the person he was protecting, intending to restrict him through her.

Jun Jiuling, however, was not pleased. His expression suddenly darkened.

Sensing his change in mood, the others hadn’t had time to be wary before they felt a sudden shock in their minds, followed by a dull pain spreading from their chests.

These people knew they had been talking about Jun Jiuling at this time, so they exchanged glances and nodded at each other.

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