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Chapter 295: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (43)

The man wearing a silver mask took out a black iron box and opened it, a cryptic smile forming on the lips hidden beneath the mask.

A dark golden Gu worm squirmed its mottled body, and the next moment, sharp, piercing sounds spread through the air.

Shen Mubai, buried in Jun Jiuling’s arms, found the sound extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable.

However, Jun Jiuling, who was holding her, suddenly stiffened, veins bulging on his forehead as if he were enduring immense pain.

Seizing the moment of his distraction, the group exchanged glances and launched a sudden attack. One of them even took the opportunity to snatch Shen Mubai from his arms.

Feeling the weight in his arms lighten and seeing the girl being restrained by one of them, blood rushed to Jun Jiuling’s eyes, and a terrifying, dreadful aura emanated from him.

“Give her back to me!”

The group was shocked by his appearance. The Gu worm in the iron box abruptly stopped its screeching and exploded, splattering dark red blood onto the nearest person. Covering his face, the man looked at Jun Jiuling, who now resembled a fiend from hell, and cried out in horror, “How… impossible! Impossible!”

Jun Jiuling’s blood-red eyes locked onto them, and in the next moment, his figure vanished from where he stood.

The person who had captured Shen Mubai felt a large hand grasp his head. His vision went black, and a sharp pain burst inside his skull as his brains and blood splattered out in a horrifying, gruesome manner, causing him to fall forward.

The girl returned to Jun Jiuling’s embrace, and the blood-red hue in his eyes began to fade. He softly reassured her while glaring at the remaining attackers as if they were already dead.

Hidden in the shadows, two people covered their mouths. One of them was Zhao Xun, the constable who had tried to follow Shen Mubai and Wu Er on the street. The other was his partner.

The partner’s legs were shaking as he stuttered, “This Jun Jiuling is truly a ruthless demon, scarier than the king of hell himself.”

Zhao Xun, however, focused and said, “The martial arts techniques of those people don’t seem to belong to any reputable sect…” His expression changed slightly as he murmured, “They resemble the techniques of the Fire Lotus Sect, but why would they want to kill Jun Jiuling…”

Sensing something, he grabbed his partner and said, “Let’s go, quickly!”

“Master, we arrived late to rescue you. Please punish us!” Several men hurried over, their faces heavy with unprecedented solemnity and regret.

They had intended to be vigilant, but they hadn’t expected the enemy to divert their attention and send troublesome opponents. By the time they reacted, they had rushed over.

Yun Niang, who shouldn’t have been there, was among them. She frowned slightly at the sight of Jun Jiuling. “Master?”

Jun Jiuling swayed on his feet, and Shen Mubai, quick-witted, supported him.

“Master!” The men hurried over to help.

Zuo Yi glanced at the corner, and Yun Niang shook her head and said, “Let them go.”

After returning to the inn and getting a new room, Yun Niang helped Shen Mubai lay the unconscious Jun Jiuling on the bed.

Shen Mubai was still in a state of shock from the night’s events, including Jun Jiuling’s transformation. It wasn’t until Yun Niang called her that she refocused: “Third Hall Master?”

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