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Chapter 31:Love Potion

It seems that she has accidentally made Oliver drink something quite outrageous.

(What should I do… Oh, I know, I can detoxify him and nullify the effects. It’ll be fine. It looks like he is going to carry me to another room to rest, so I can explain the situation and cast a spell there.)

Despite her panic, she managed to calm her breathing after thinking that through. In the meantime, Oliver carried Leefe out of the great hall.

The corridor outside the great hall faced the courtyard. Her cheeks, flushed from the heat of the magical power just moments ago, felt nice in the cool outdoor air.

(But the reason my cheeks are hot is probably not just because of that…)

Leefe’s heart raced at the feeling of Oliver’s gentle support. For Oliver, who was acting as her fiancé, this was probably a natural gesture, but for Leefe, it was the first time experiencing such a thing.

She could feel his strong arms holding her as gently as if she were a fragile object, and it almost took her breath away.

Oliver’s amethyst eyes looked down at Leefe, concerned, as she seemed to be dying from something other than magical nausea.

“…Are you alright?”


Leefe could only nod in response.

(Why is Oliver-sama so used to this?! I can’t handle this at all!)

Honestly, she wanted to replace Oliver with Rene now that they had left the great hall. However, there was no sign of Rene. Maybe he was respecting Leefe’s wish to have a lover, but she really wanted his help right now.

Without her wish being granted, Leefe found herself being carried into a luxurious guest room before she knew it.

“Leefe is not feeling well. Please bring a cold towel, hot water, and something warm to drink.”

“Certainly, right away.”

After watching the maid hurriedly leave the room, Oliver gently laid Leefe down on a large sofa.

“Rest here for a while.”

“Thank you, Oliver-sama.”

“Don’t mention it. I’m sorry for dragging you into this.”

(I’ve dragged Oliver-sama into this in a different way, though…!)

Leefe’s eyes darted around nervously.

Indeed, the trouble with the Shinwood Empire was one reason, but Leefe had also accidentally made Oliver drink a love potion. The only saving grace was that its effects had not manifested yet, but she needed to detoxify him as soon as possible.

However, the love potions Leefe creates do not cause the drinker to fall helplessly in love with the first person they see.

(The potions I make amplify the drinker’s existing feelings towards the person in front of them by several dozen times. So, if they don’t already have feelings, it shouldn’t cause a major problem. Just in case.)

Leefe sat up on the sofa and spoke to Oliver.

“Um, I really hate to say this, but… what I gave you earlier,Oliver-sama, was…”

Before she could finish, Oliver’s expression changed.


Clearly, confusion was visible in Oliver’s eyes. Leefe realized that the love potion was starting to take effect and hurriedly tried to stand up, but Oliver grabbed her wrist.


“…I-I’m sorry, what am I doing? Why am I grabbing your arm, Leefe?”

(It’s because of the love potion!? But why are you grabbing my arm? This reaction is totally unexpected given our relationship!)

Even as Leefe was taken aback, Oliver’s grip tightened. It was clear that he couldn’t let go even if he wanted to.

“Um, I seem to have accidentally given you a love potion earlier,Oliver-sama.”


Seeing Oliver’s face filled with despair, Leefe bowed her head.

“I-I’m terribly sorry! I have a bit of a careless streak… But this love potion doesn’t create feelings of love out of nothing. It only amplifies existing feelings. So, given our relationship, there shouldn’t be any problem at—”

“That makes it even worse.”

The words from Oliver, who had looked despairing just moments ago, were now fervent.


“Leefe, run.”

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