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Chapter 67: Ball and Deal 2

“Ohoho, what a joke! How about choosing a more reputable young lady?”

Rosa knew it was rude, but she decided to laugh it off.

She opened her fan with a snap.

“This is no joke. The current Miss Rosa is highly esteemed among the noble ladies and surely capable of fulfilling her duties as a royal.”

(So, I’ve already declined, haven’t I? If I were to become engaged to you, I’d be poisoned, you know?)

Rosa pondered how to navigate this situation. An idea struck her in an instant.

“Oh, isn’t that Ellen-sama over there?”

As Rosa said this and glanced toward a corner of the venue, Alex turned around.

(What’s with your reaction? After all, it’s not that I like you. We’re not dating, right?)

“Well then, I shall take my leave. I must go pick some flowers.”

It seemed crude, but now was not the time to worry about appearances.

Rosa offered her farewells and swiftly made her escape.

She felt the prickly stares from those around her.

Despite Alex being the one who approached her, it would probably be perceived as Rosa making advances.

“This is bad. Is there someone who could play the part of my fake fiancĂ©?”

Suddenly, such a murmured monologue slipped out.


She escaped to the restroom to catch her breath.

The banquet was in full swing, and perhaps because everyone was gathered in the main hall, it was deserted inside.

“I want to go home already…”

For now, Rosa’s escape meant that Alex would once again be surrounded by some other ladies.

After resting in the restroom for a while, Rosa quietly returned to the venue. As expected, Alex was surrounded.

By the way, it seems that her brother Philbert has also been caught by the ladies tonight.

Rosa promptly gave up on rescuing her poor brother and moved to the corner of the venue, all the way to the balcony, to avoid being found by them.

She thought she’d like to get some fresh air outside.

However, unfortunately, there were couples dotted around the spacious balcony.

“It’s a bit awkward here,” Rosa muttered under her breath.

“It seems fine as long as we keep a low profile. The couples are immersed in their own worlds and can’t see around them,” came a voice in response.

Startled by the answering voice, Rosa turned around to see Ethan standing alone in the shadowy corner of the balcony.

“W-what are you doing here?”


Rosa hurriedly covered her mouth.

“So, what happened to your Excellency?”

Rosa suddenly whispered to him.

(At a palace-hosted ball, this person is lurking around so conspicuously. Could he be a pervert? How far will my guess fall?)

It’s obvious he’s escaped from the venue.

Rosa is feeling sorry for Ethan for the first time.

“Oh, you were surrounded. I’m glad you weren’t peeking.”

She breathed a sigh of relief.

It seemed they would continue to have a good relationship as a good customer and a shopkeeper.

“What do you mean by that?”

“You were peeking in the garden before, weren’t you?”

He certainly had seen Alex and Ellen’s clandestine meeting.

“Could you stop? The misunderstanding is extreme. I’m not peeking. I simply escaped from the venue, both last time and this time.”

“I’m sorry,” Rosa apologized, since Ethan seemed a little offended.

“So, why are you alone in a place like this?”

(I really don’t want to be asked by you…)

She couldn’t say what she really felt.

“I just wanted to get some fresh air outside. I didn’t expect there to be so many couples. So, I thought of moving to the garden, but I’m afraid I might witness something again, and it’s troubling,” Rosa said, resting her chin on her hand.

Actually, it wouldn’t make much difference if Ethan stayed hidden with her here.

Or maybe she should take advantage of this opportunity to sell him some expensive bath bombs.

“I’m in the same situation as you, unable to move from here. Did you understand?”

“No, it’s completely different. Your Excellency, you’re too popular, and you got into trouble, so you escaped, right? I accidentally got caught by His Highness Alex and took advantage of the opportunity to escape,” Rosa said firmly, causing Ethan to sigh softly.

“Is Alex still obsessed with you?”

“Not really, it seems. When I said, ‘Oh, isn’t that Ellen-sama over there?’ he turned back instantly, so maybe he likes Ellen, right? Thanks to that, I was able to escape,” Rosa said, too tired to sugarcoat things, and just laid it out as it was.

“I see, so you’re also having a hard time,” Ethan chuckled self-deprecatingly.

“Yes, even when His Highness approaches me, it’s like I’m being told I’m the one approaching him. Why is that?”

“Someone must be manipulating rumors.”

“Sigh, if only I had a fiancĂ©, this wouldn’t have happened.”

(Even though I’m so beautiful, I hate not being popular! What’s wrong with me? Is it this overly glamorous atmosphere? Or is it my extravagance? Which one?)

“Maybe it’s because you’re too picky?”

Rosa was taken aback by Ethan’s unexpected opinion.

“Yes? That’s not it. You do know that we’re very wealthy, right? Only men after our fortune come near us. That’s one thing, but what if one of those men has other women and I become an obstacle? I might end up getting killed!”

As Rosa pleaded, Ethan seemed quite taken aback.

“No, isn’t that overthinking it?”

“If so, then why don’t you get married, Your Excellency? That way, you wouldn’t have persistent women chasing after you, right?”

“For reasons similar to yours.”

“I don’t think that’s the case at all,” Rosa said, shaking her head vigorously.

“I’ve almost been poisoned several times. I can’t trust women.”

Rosa felt like she was going to be sick from the sudden, heavy conversation.

(Wait a minute? Please don’t make such a confession to me.)

Rosa was at a loss as to where the conversation went wrong.

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