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Chapter 118-Part 1

Early the next morning, Jiang Nian saw the news of Wang Jingjing and Li Lin fighting on the news. The location seemed to be the open-air parking lot outside a hotel. Wang Jingjing and Li Lin were walking side by side, and it was unclear what they were talking about. At first, the atmosphere was tense, then suddenly they started fighting! Wang Jingjing slapped Li Lin, and Li Lin rushed forward and grabbed Wang Jingjing’s hair…

The assistant manager on the side couldn’t even stop them!

The paparazzi narrated with surprise, Wang Jingjing had scandals, and Li Lin had considerable popularity. This is a rare and hot topic nowadays!

It’s really something; although there are plenty of conflicts in the entertainment industry, with many exchanging cold looks at award ceremonies and on set, very few actually come to blows, and even fewer get caught on camera. Wang Jingjing and Li Lin were definitely the first pair in history.

Li Lin quickly issued a statement, claiming her innocence. She said she coincidentally met Wang Jingjing at the hotel, and they went to the parking lot together to get their cars. Unexpectedly, Wang Jingjing suddenly asked her for help, insisting that she should introduce her to a certain important figure. However, she didn’t know that person and couldn’t help, so she refused. But Wang Jingjing didn’t believe her and held a grudge, leading to the physical altercation. Li Lin couldn’t tolerate being hit and fought back… Then came the apology, stating that, as a public figure, she shouldn’t set a bad example and hoped the public would forgive her.

This statement naturally garnered countless supporters, some saying she did well and questioning why she shouldn’t retaliate when hit. Some even said Li Lin went easy on her, implying Wang Jingjing deserved a harsher punishment.

Wang Jingjing incurred public wrath. As soon as the news came out, everyone sided with Li Lin.

Wang Jingjing was furious. This time, it was clearly Li Lin behaving unscrupulously, trying to take advantage of her to attack Jiang Nian. She was trying to seize an opportunity while Wang Jingjing and Jiang Nian were at odds, thanks to Xue Hang’s sharp eyes. If it had been Sun Xu, that brainless fool, both she and Jiang Nian might have been in trouble!

How could she let Li Lin off the hook? Of course, she also posted on Weibo, embellishing the story, saying Li Lin was trying to seduce a wealthy man, but unfortunately, the wealthy man didn’t fancy her, finding her attempts disgusting and asking the security to escort her out.

“There were so many people in the hotel witnessing it. It must have spread by now. If you don’t believe me, go and ask around. Li Lin, do you really think you’re something special?”


This made things even more lively. Onlookers from both sides speculated whether the important figure Li Lin mentioned and the wealthy man Wang Jingjing mentioned were the same person. But nobody dared to utter the name, fearing this person was indeed powerful!

Jiang Nian had known that Li Lin wasn’t straightforward in her intentions, daring to vie for her “big shot” beauty.

Now it seemed she was quite close to Wang Jingjing? Did Wang Jingjing’s visit yesterday have Li Lin’s influence? Unfortunately, these two were like fake sisters; they started attacking each other at the slightest provocation.

Some uninformed netizens even tied Li Lin and Jiang Nian together, saying they were sisters in adversity, having the misfortune of encountering Wang Jingjing, that crazy woman.

Jiang Nian didn’t like this notion at all. Stealing someone’s ‘beauty big shot’ was an irreconcilable grudge; Li Lin was already on her blacklist, refusing any further contact.

After finishing reading the news, Jiang Nian had almost finished breakfast. Xue Hang happened to call: “Nian Nian, lunch together?”

Sure, sure, hehe. ^-^

Jia Ping, seeing Jiang Nian so happy now, couldn’t help but say, “You said you couldn’t blaspheme Mr. Xue before. How come you’re together now? You’re so fickle.”

Jiang Nian also sighed for a while about her own lack of firmness, but in the face of beauty, isn’t it normal for her to lose control?

Blame… it can only be blamed on the lack of temptation of a dissolute life.

Xue Hang took Jiang Nian to a private Chinese restaurant. The decoration inside was retro Tang-style, with tables not placed closely together but rather with considerable space in between. Various screens were used to partition the space, and outside the redwood windows, there were flowing streams and blossoming plum blossoms.

He suddenly handed her a wooden box.

Jiang Nian didn’t need to guess what it was: “Another little gift?”

Xue Hang nodded. “See if you like it.”

Jiang Nian opened it and saw a finely carved golden hairpin inside. The craftsmanship was exquisite. She admired it and then twisted her hair into a bun, inserting the hairpin into it. She turned her head to ask Xue Hang, “Is it pretty?”

Xue Hang nodded.

“Very pretty.”

His gaze involuntarily fell on the girl’s rosy lips.

Of course, it was pretty. A big lump of gold would also be the prettiest!

Xue Hang: “…………” 🙂

He looked at the radiant girl and felt the slight brightness in her heart. Those moments of despair would eventually be smoothed and occupied by him.

He was willing to spend his whole life trying to make Jiang Nian no longer think that this world was boring.

As the New Year approached, Xue Hang became busier and busier, traveling all day either to other cities or abroad. Sometimes Jiang Nian could still catch glimpses of him in international news.

He, with his promising future, was undoubtedly enjoying great success.

After the wrap-up of the “Dawn” crew, Jiang Nian temporarily had no work. She auditioned for a few roles, but the results hadn’t come out yet.

Jiang Nian didn’t mind whether the role was the leading role or a supporting one, as long as it was a good script and a good character.

Seeing that the Spring Festival was approaching, Jiang Nian naturally packed her bags and went home. Her parents had been worried sick about her for the past six months, so seeing Jiang Nian return well made them extremely happy. That day, they slaughtered chickens and ducks, gave her red envelopes, and burned incense to dispel bad luck. These two days of the New Year were the most leisurely and comfortable for Jiang Nian. She lay around eating, drinking, and having fun every day, chatting with her boyfriend on the phone. It was a contented life.

After the 30th of the lunar new year, she followed her parents to visit relatives. Jiang Nian was lazy, so she only went to her grandparents’ house. Her grandparents now live with her uncle’s family. They would come over to visit from time to time, whether there was something to do or not.


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