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Chapter 118-Part 2

The relationship between the original host and the cousin in her uncle’s family was quite good. However, her cousin,Jiang Yong, went through a divorce a year ago, and a few months later, he brought a new girlfriend home. It was rumored that they had already obtained a marriage certificate and were just missing the wedding banquet.

Speaking of this cousin made Jiang Nian angry. They had countless arguments, and since then, she has stopped calling him “brother.” Sometimes, when she was angry, she would even call him a fickle-hearted man!

Jiang Nian heard about this from her parents. Her cousin and his previous wife had a child just half a year after they got married. When the child was five months old, they discovered that her cousin was involved with someone else. His ex-wife was also resolute; even when her cousin kneeled before her, begging her to stay, she remained adamant. They ended up divorcing, and she took away what belonged to her. Since then, the two families have had no contact.

Speaking of which, this was Jiang Nian’s first time seeing her cousin’s new wife. She seemed to be a very gentle and lovely girl. Her cousin,Jiang Yu, said, “Don’t be deceived by that woman’s appearance. A good girl wouldn’t become a third party!”

Indeed, that was true.

The woman’s name was Zhou Shanshan. When she saw Jiang Nian, she was quite curious.

“My husband told me before that his cousin is a big star. Today, I finally get to meet you. That’s great. By the way, did you really not contact Sun Xu again? Did he really try to force you and then get arrested by the police?”

Jiang Yu immediately got angry: “Zhou Shanshan, are you deliberately trying to cause trouble on New Year’s Day?”

Zhou Shanshan didn’t care much and rolled her eyes. “What about me? Can’t I care about my sister?”

Jiang Nian patted her cousin’s hand and glanced at Zhou Shanshan, saying, “Thank you for your concern. After all, neither Sun Xu nor Wang Jingjing are as lucky as you. I’m not as kind-hearted as my sister-in-law. I won’t let those who hurt me live well. Look, who has a better life now than those who have apologized to me? What I dislike the most is being overly gentle. I have many ways to deal with such people.”

Zhou Shanshan had never been scolded like this before. Her face turned pale, then green, and then pale again. “What do you mean by that?”

“What do you think I mean? You’re so smart, can’t you figure it out?” Jiang Nian smiled. “And don’t call me sister. I don’t have a sister like yours. I’m afraid of being dragged down by you and lowering my standards.”

Jiang Nian cousin burst into laughter, and Zhou Shanshan was so angry that her nose almost crooked. She went to her husband to complain in tears.

Jiang Yong looked embarrassed and told her to endure it. Should she go argue with Jiang Nian? That would be too embarrassing!

Jiang’s parents saw this situation but pretended not to notice. When children grow up, they have their own views on right and wrong. They couldn’t intervene.

In plain terms, there were probably not many people in this family who could tolerate Zhou Shanshan. The previous incidents were even more chilling. But since Zhou Shanshan was pregnant, her status in this family was unchallenged.

During this family reunion dinner, Zhou Shanshan probably couldn’t eat anymore. Jiang Nian, on the other hand, had a good appetite. She ate a lot of dishes and drank two bowls of corn and pork rib soup. Zhou Shanshan couldn’t stand seeing Jiang Nian and Jiang Yu laughing and joking, so she pretended her stomach hurt after a few bites. Everyone at the table looked at her, but no one moved. They were probably used to her antics. The old man couldn’t stand it, so he reluctantly said, “Jiang Yong, take your wife back to rest.”

Jiang Yong accompanied her away, pulling Zhou Shanshan to their room. From afar, they could still hear her muttering something about a washed-up female star…

Her aunt came out to smooth things over and said, “Come, let’s have a drink.”

“Yes, Nian Nian rarely comes back. Let’s celebrate.”

Father Jiang also came out and said, “Wishing everyone a happy New Year and a fresh start.”

Jiang’s mother smiled and said, “Happy New Year!”

Sure enough, without Zhou Shanshan, even the air felt fresher.

That afternoon, Father Jiang drank quite a bit with her uncle, and even Jiang Yong drank a few extra cups. Jiang Nian and Jiang Yu were sitting together, watching TV, and chatting. But after a while, Zhou Shanshan, with her pregnant belly, also came out and sat on the sofa, playing with her phone. In no time, she exclaimed, mentioning which actress won the Best Actress award, who won the Best Supporting Actress, who attended a certain big event, and who endorsed a certain big skincare product! Who was going to sing at the Spring Festival Gala…

After finishing, she also brought up Xue Hang, saying she saw a lot of gossip saying that many female artists had tried to seduce him, but unfortunately, they were all driven away in the end. She even asked Jiang Nian if it was true. Were those women too foolish? As she spoke, she even mentioned a sense of superiority.

Jiang Yu rolled her eyes, thinking that if Zhou Shanshan wasn’t pregnant, she would definitely want to fight her.

Jiang Nian glanced at Zhou Shanshan. “It’s not that those women are too foolish. It’s that Xue Hang has his own principles and bottom line. He has better judgment; not just anyone catches his eye. Like some people, he wouldn’t even spare them a glance. And certainly not some others; nothing catches his eye at all.”

“You talk as if you know him well, heh.”

“I thought you understood the entire entertainment industry just by holding a cellphone.”


Jiang Nian didn’t have much attention to spare for Zhou Shanshan. Just then, Xue Hang sent her a text asking if she had eaten lunch.

Jiang Nian felt happy and somewhat aggrieved, saying she missed him so much that she couldn’t even eat; she dreamed about him.. qaq.

Xue Hang: “…………”

He directly called Jiang Nian, his low, mellow voice tinged with a smile and a hint of helplessness.

“Since you haven’t eaten, why don’t you come and have lunch with me?”

Jiang Nian exclaimed in surprise, “Are you back in the country?”

Xue Hang was very busy, probably flying around the world, except for the reunion on New Year’s Eve. Jiang Nian had talked to him yesterday, and he was still in Country M, so she didn’t expect him to have already returned to the country.

Xue Hang said, “Yes, come downstairs. I’ll be there in five minutes.”

Jiang Nian almost jumped up, touching her round belly. Oh no, the beauty was about to expose her sweet words!

She hadn’t expected the first crisis in her wealthy life to come so suddenly.


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