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Chapter 14

Yu Zhi had already entered the palace three days ago. Normally, by now, the palace should have received the news, but there had been no word for a long time. Cheng Nanyu was anxious at home, wishing she could go to the palace herself and ask the emperor what was happening.

“Don’t worry, sister,” she told herself.

Her mind was restless, making it hard to fall asleep. As she tossed and turned, she noticed a shadow outside the gauze curtain, suggesting that the window was slightly open and that even the curtain was slightly fluttering.

Cheng Nanyu felt her heart pounding uncontrollably.

To prevent her brother from climbing in through the window at night, she had been extremely cautious. During the day, she even had Qingluan call people to reinforce the doors and windows and place a porcelain vase by the only window. There is no way this scene should be happening now.

But the key was that, outside, there really was someone standing there.

“If sister is not sleeping, why not come out and chat with your brother?”

Her anxiety grew, and with her brother outside, it was even harder to sleep. She wasn’t afraid anymore. Boldly, she tidied her clothes and sat up, pulling back the curtain that separated them.

“If brother enjoys sneaking into ladies’ chambers, you should visit the prime minister’s eldest daughter. She is the most beautiful in the capital, much better than me.”

Cheng Nanyu was already upset about her father’s situation, and Song Yushu sneaking into her room twice at night only made her more frustrated. Maybe it was because she had been holding it in for too long, but now she wasn’t scared and vented all her grievances.

She had mentally prepared herself, determined not to compromise with Song Yushu this time, even if he got angry. After saying her piece, she stared at her brother sitting at the table, not noticing any reaction from him.

Perhaps it was because the room was dimly lit at night.

“Sister, your words truly hurt me. You are my sister, the best in my heart. How can that prime minister’s daughter compare? Who knew you felt so lowly.”

Tonight, he seemed different. Cheng Nanyu looked at him in the moonlight, sensing something off about Song Yushu.

She couldn’t see clearly, but she felt her brother had a different expression.

“Sister, after living in the boudoir all your life, don’t you find it dull?”

Song Yushu was really strange tonight, smiling in a way that was rare for him, his eyes never leaving Cheng Nanyu as if she were the only thing worth seeing in the world. But to her, his eyes seemed hollow, staring at her without really seeing.

It made her feel uneasy. Her brother had never been like this, as if he could see right through her, a feeling she didn’t like.

“Don’t trouble yourself, brother. I find it quite comfortable to be free.”

“Are you really content, sister?”

Before she could finish, Song Yushu interrupted, making her look at him as if he had read her mind.

She wasn’t content, not at all. Her father’s condition was still unknown, her mother seemed worried, and even the emperor remained calm after receiving the news. It seemed like only she was anxious.

If she were content, it would be a miracle.

“Staying indoors makes it easy to miss out on information. You, being so smart, should understand this.”

Song Yushu stood up, speaking in riddles, unwilling to clarify. Cheng Nanyu frowned, wanting to ask, but he slowly turned and walked towards her. Cheng Nanyu staggered when he saw him coming over. She panicked and quickly stretched out her hand to support the bed, but her arms were short, and she only caught the gauze curtain that was slightly blown by the wind.

“Sister, you are too careless.”

Before she knew it, Song Yushu had wrapped an arm around her waist. Normally, she would have thought he would just hold her like before, but this time he lay down beside her, holding her tightly.

Cheng Nanyu clutched the curtain, but it was just for decoration and couldn’t bear their weight. She watched as the curtain slowly tore and gently fell on Song Yushu.

Song Yushu held her waist with one hand and shielded her head with the other, using her fall to pull her down with him, managing to avoid the falling curtain.

Lying on the bed, Cheng Nanyu looked at Song Yushu’s face close to hers, blinking in surprise.

After a moment of hesitation, Cheng Nanyu opened her mouth to say something, but before she could, Song Yushu covered her mouth.


“Sister shouldn’t scream. It wouldn’t be good if someone heard.”

Knowing she couldn’t resist Song Yushu, Cheng Nanyu silently nodded, though she had wanted to call for help.

Seeing her nod, Song Yushu seemed to trust her and decisively removed his hand from her mouth.

The hand he had placed on Cheng Nanyu’s face loosened, and he used his other hand to support her head. He lowered his head to look at her, a smile on his face.

“Why aren’t you talking, sister?”

Song Yushu’s face bore a gentle smile; his demeanor was soft and comforting. Cheng Nanyu stared blankly at her brother and hesitated to speak, but only one word came out.

Fear prevented her from saying more. She dared not meet her brother’s eyes, feeling unsettled by their proximity. Until now, she had always regarded Song Yushu as cold and cruel, based on what she had heard and seen. But now, his behavior was different, and Cheng Nanyu couldn’t understand what he was thinking.

He seemed to have everything under control, showing emotion only when necessary. It was difficult for Cheng Nanyu to comprehend his smile, especially in this moment, where it made her feel unsure.

“Sister really makes it difficult for her brother.”

Song Yushu’s gaze remained unmoved; his words conflicted with the smile on his face. He gently stroked Cheng Nanyu’s head with his hand, then slowly got up from the bed, straightening his clothes. He patted the wrinkles on his robe.

“It’s getting late. Sister should rest early.”

He appeared calm, as if nothing had happened, and turned to leave. Seeing him walk away, Cheng Nanyu hurriedly sat up in bed, grabbing the hem of Song Yushu’s robe.

“Brother, I…”

Song Yushu turned back to see Cheng Nanyu grabbing his robe, her head slightly lowered in uncertainty. He smiled gently, turning back to her and bending down slightly to grasp the hand clutching his robe.

Startled, Cheng Nanyu raised her head.

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