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Chapter 94

Yao Changli wanted to stop her, but Su Hua directly found someone to beat him up and then throw him out of the inn.

Yao Residence.


The palm of the Yao family’s master slammed forcefully on the table, angrily saying, “Did she really say that?”


Yao Changli nodded, one hand supporting his injured arm.

“Father, Yao Hua has changed a lot. In the past, she used to be very timid when she saw me, but this time…”

“Thinking she’s invincible just because she has some ability?”

“What should we do now?” Yao Changli frowned.

The master of the Yao family’s eyes deepened. “First, try to contact her more, send some gifts, and if that doesn’t work…”

The master of the Yao family made the gesture of slitting his throat.

“Father, this…”

“It’s the orders from above.”

These few words immediately suppressed Yao Changli’s doubts.

If they couldn’t be used for their own purposes, they would rather destroy them than let the other party grow and become their enemy.

After the second round of matches, Xuanyun Academy had three people left, the fewest among the three academies.

Bai Qi Academy had four people left, and Shengguang Academy had five, the most among the academies.

Tomorrow was the third round of matches, the day to determine the outcome.

The matches would start in the morning and continue until the final winner was decided.

That night, Su Hua, Mu Ye, and Zhou Yuke went out to eat and were ambushed.

“Motherf*cker!” Four advanced magicians appeared. Although Su Hua could handle them, it was obvious that their focus was not on her but on Mu Ye.

Su Hua held off the four black-clad individuals. She wanted Zhou Yuke to take the others away, but then another group of black-clad people arrived.

The purpose of this second group was even clearer, heading straight for Mu Ye.

The second group wasn’t as bold as the first, mostly composed of high magicians—a total of eight people—but dealing with Zhou Yuke and Mu Ye was more than enough.

Zhou Yuke dodged the attacks and looked at Mu Ye in surprise. “You’re actually a dark magician?”

Su Hua watched Mu Ye struggle to deal with the black-clad people and gritted her teeth. It seemed they needed to be silenced.

Su Hua jumped to Mu Ye’s side.

“Follow me later,” she said, then turned to Zhou Yuke. “Get ready to go with me back to the inn.”

With that, Su Hua took out a bomb from her space and threw it at the group of black-clad people.

Then she quickly pulled Mu Ye away.


A huge sound, like thunder, erupted. Zhou Yuke couldn’t help but look back, only to see a huge crater where they had been standing.

The few black-clad people who dodged quickly chased after them.

However, Su Hua’s grenades seemed to have a life of their own, flying out relentlessly. The black-clad people experienced this powerful force for the first time and were temporarily stunned.

“Boom boom boom.”

The thunder sounded again, and Su Hua immediately jumped away, distancing herself from the two.

“Don’t come near me.”

Lightning as thick as a baby’s arm struck down. Su Hua used her sword to block it. From a distance, it looked like the extraordinary God of War was fighting against a demon.

“Boom boom boom.”

“Heavenly Dao, you little bitch,come.. if you have the ability to kill me! Bastard!”

Ignoring the insolence, Su Hua blocked a few lightning strikes and then slowly returned to the two, who were already stunned.

“Hua Hua, you—”

“Let’s talk about it when we get back.” Su Hua interrupted Zhou Yuke.

The three returned to the inn, finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

“Hua Hua, why were you struck by lightning just now?” As soon as they sat down, Zhou Yuke anxiously asked.

Su Hua thought for a moment and said seriously, “Maybe my beauty made the heavens jealous.”

Zhou Yuke: “…”

“I’m serious.”

“Was I not serious?” Su Hua countered, looking at her with a sideways glance, “Or do you think my beauty isn’t enough to attract a lightning strike from the heavens?”

Meeting Su Hua’s gaze, Zhou Yuke inexplicably felt that if she dared to deny it, the person in front of her would dare to use lightning magic on her.

“Hua Hua is the most beautiful in the world, truly the most beautiful.”

“Mm.” Su Hua was satisfied.

The eyes of the masses are truly sharp.


I’ve never seen a host as shameless as mine—no, as shameless as a human.

“What was that thing you threw just now?”

Su Hua went online with her bluffing skills: “First, you need to have lightning magic.”

“What does that have to do with lightning magic?”

“This is something I developed myself, using lightning magic elements mixed with other magic elements to create a bomb with tremendous power.”

Zhou Yuke covered her mouth in astonishment. “Oh my god, Hua Hua, you’re so clever.”

“Just average.” The best in the universe.

Zhou Yuke wanted to say something else, but seeing Mu Ye’s increasingly serious expression, in order not to let him worry, Zhou Yuke tactfully bid farewell.

As soon as she left, Mu Ye hugged Su Hua tightly.

He was still frightened.

Afraid she would die.

Afraid his life would once again be plunged into darkness, like a barren land, devoid of vitality, desolate, and lonely, with only him.

Feeling his unease, Su Hua hugged him back, patting his back to give him some warmth.

“I’m useless.” can’t protect you.

“I don’t need you to protect me.”

Su Hua smiled and said, “I just want to protect you. As long as you’re okay, I’ll be fine. Do you believe me?”

“Mm, but next time, don’t do anything so dangerous.”

Su Hua’s eyes brightened. “This is the first time you’ve said so many words.”


Is that the point?

Although Su Hua said she could protect him, Mu Ye still worked harder than before in his practice.

In fact, for practitioners of dark magic, there are many shortcuts that can be taken to quickly improve their cultivation. This was the original intention of Mu Ye learning dark magic, but Su Hua didn’t allow it, so he could only take it step by step.

Soon, the final round of the competition began.

The bets in the capital also began to increase.

Su Hua, Meng Yunxin, Duan Yiran, Wen Yuqi, and others were all popular choices for the championship.

Mu Ye never changed the person he bet on; from the first round to the last round, he always bet on Su Hua.

He now had some assets.

Su Hua appeared safely in the third round of the competition, which annoyed Emperor Qi greatly.

There were two assassination attempts, and they both failed.

Although no one knew, it still made Emperor Qi feel very embarrassed.

Although there were fewer people left in Xuanyun Academy, there were also benefits, such as the fact that it was not easy to draw opponents from the same academy.

Sure enough, the opponents of the three people from Xuanyun Academy were all from the other two academies, while the largest group, Shengguang Academy, drew opponents from the same academy.

Su Hua’s opponent was a delicate young man, an earth element magician. Su Hua easily defeated him, ending the battle first.

On the other side, the female lead’s good luck ran out, encountering a tough opponent from Bai Qi Academy.

“Boom boom boom.”

The thunder sounded again, and everyone looked at the arena, all confused.


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