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Chapter 16

After listening to what Yufan said, Xuanyuan Tianxin fell silent.

She finally understood why Yufan had previously warned her so seriously not to tell anyone about her innate talent for language spirit skill. Clearly, Yufan was worried that her natural ability would attract unwanted attention from those with ill intentions, leading them to harbor murderous thoughts before she had the chance to grow strong.

Seeing Xuanyuan Tianxin’s silence, Yufan didn’t say more because he knew this seemingly harmless girl was actually quite clever.

Some things she needed to figure out on her own; others could only serve as reminders at best.

Before long, Xuanyuan Tianxin let out a slow breath, and the changing expressions in her eyes settled back to calm.

“Uncle Fan, I understand now.”

Seeing the expression on Xuanyuan Tianxin’s pretty and delicate face, Yufan smiled again. It seemed this girl had finally figured things out.

Yufan wasn’t particularly outstanding in terms of cultivation talent, but his intuition was always sharp. Even though he hadn’t spent much time with Xuanyuan Tianxin, he could tell she was hiding a lot.

Simply observing Tianxin’s many little habits over the past few days revealed that she definitely didn’t come from some remote, backward village. Moreover, her talent was indeed excellent, but for some unknown reason, she was never very confident.

He hoped that what he told her today would help her let go of her past distractions. If you’re a pearl, you’ll shine one day; you can’t forever be mixed with fish eyes.

“Xiao Wu… I’m back…” At that moment, Suifeng’s voice came from outside the courtyard.

Xuanyuan Tianxin’s eyes brightened, and she immediately turned to look outside, just in time to see Suifeng, wearing blue clothes, striding quickly into the courtyard.

However, when Suifeng saw his father sitting in the hall, his expression immediately became much more respectful. He first saluted Yufan, then moved to Xuanyuan Tianxin’s side with a smile and said, “Xiao Wu, our class is organizing an excursion to the outskirts of the Daze Mountains tomorrow. Haven’t you been bored at home these past few days? Come with me tomorrow.”

“Can I?” Xuanyuan Tianxin’s face lit up with joy.

She had indeed been bored out of her mind these past few days, and she had longed to see the Daze Mountains. Hearing that she had the chance to go, she was genuinely excited.

However, just as Suifeng was about to nod, Yufan, who had been sitting in the main seat, frowned and said sternly, “Nonsense! This girl is currently in a precarious situation; how can she go with you to the Daze Mountains!”


Upon hearing this, Xuanyuan Tianxin and Suifeng’s expressions both fell.

“Father, the deputy dean is leading the team this time, so there shouldn’t be any problem.” Suifeng, seeing Xuanyuan Tianxin’s pitiful look, couldn’t help but plead for her.

“Uncle Fan, I just want to look around… I won’t run off.” Xuanyuan Tianxin also nodded in agreement.

Seeing the expressions of the two, especially Xuanyuan Tianxin’s pitiful look, Yufan’s expression still showed some hesitation.

“Uncle Fan, I’ve taken your previous warnings to heart. You know I came out here to train and improve. If I’m always being protected, I can’t truly grow…” Seeing Yufan’s hesitation, Xuanyuan Tianxin quickly added, “Don’t worry, I’ll stick with Brother Suifeng the whole time. You have to trust me… Even if I encounter danger, I can protect myself.”

Seeing Xuanyuan Tianxin’s earnest expression, Yufan sighed helplessly and turned to Suifeng, asking, “Besides your deputy dean, who else is leading the team this time?”

“There are also three instructors from the Martial Academy. Father, don’t worry, there won’t be anyone from the Wuxiang palace,” Suifeng immediately replied, as if knowing what his father was concerned about.

Indeed, upon hearing there wouldn’t be anyone from the Wuxiang palace, Yufan’s furrowed brow gradually relaxed. He then said, “If Xiao Wu wants to go tomorrow, that’s fine, but no matter what happens, she must stay by Suifeng’s side at all times. And Suifeng… you both must stay within the deputy dean’s sight once you enter the Daze Mountains.”

Daze Academy is divided into the Martial Academy and the Spiritual Academy, and the deputy dean is the head of the Martial Academy. Moreover, he is one of Yufan’s few friends, which is why Yufan was willing to let Xuanyuan Tianxin go into the Daze Mountains with Suifeng.

As soon as Xuanyuan Tianxin heard Yufan agree, she cheered and smiled sweetly at him, softly promising, “Uncle Fan, don’t worry. I’ll stay close to Brother Suifeng.”

Seeing Xuanyuan Tianxin’s joyful expression, Yufan could only smile and shake his head.

Though Yufan agreed, during dinner, Yu Niang couldn’t help but worry. It took quite a bit of comfort to reassure her, seeing her so anxious that she almost wanted to join them in the Daze Mountains herself. Suifeng teased her about it, saying that ever since Tianxin came, their parents had completely doted on her, neglecting him.

It’s true that their parents had developed a preference for their daughter, and Yu Niang’s doting on Xuanyuan Tianxin was just like Tianxin’s own mother back home.

Since they had to gather at the city gate early the next morning, after dinner, Yu Niang urged the two to go to bed early. She herself went to the backyard to prepare the things Xuanyuan Tianxin and Suifeng would need for the trip.

After a good night’s sleep, Xuanyuan Tianxin and Suifeng left as soon as the sky began to lighten. Naturally, as they were about to leave, Yu Niang pulled them aside for a round of reminders, all focused on Suifeng taking good care of Xuanyuan Tianxin. Suifeng couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy, glancing at the grinning Tianxin beside him.

—Author Sidenote–

Xuanyuan Tianxin actually has great talent, but she was overly protected growing up. She has four older brothers and an older sister, and her third sister took on all the responsibilities of the Exorcist Dragon Clan, which made Tianxin develop a lazy and unmotivated personality.

Moreover, Tianxin and Tianche are twins. In the womb, her fourth brother unintentionally absorbed most of her spiritual energy, which is why she has always been insecure about herself.

Ah… right now, Xiao Wu is just a pitiable little thing at the bottom, but she will definitely rise up!

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