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Chapter 307: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (55)

The atmosphere seemed to freeze in an instant.

The man stared at Jun Jiuling with venomous eyes and said, “Jun Jiuling, today is your death day!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the group behind him sprang into action as if they had received an order.

Jun Jiuling, holding Shen Mubai, maneuvered among the numerous enemies without a trace of panic on his face. His long, narrow eyes displayed an exceptionally calm demeanor.

Shen Mubai, hearing the sounds of fighting around her, understood the perilous situation they were in. She clung tightly to Jun Jiuling’s clothes, not daring to move an inch.

The continuous clashing of weapons echoed as the disciples of the Fire Lotus Sect fought fiercely with the attackers.

A hundred years ago, the ancestors of these attackers were also members of the Fire Lotus Sect, so their use of poison was somewhat similar. After a century, it was hard to tell who had the upper hand.

The man with a harsh face and cruel eyes stared intently at Jun Jiuling, who was surrounded in the center. He sprang into the air, his hands like eagle claws, aiming straight at Jun Jiuling’s face.

Jun Jiuling dodged his attack, his eyes as cold as the night. A row of poisoned darts shot out from his wide sleeves, attacking the man without mercy.

The man sneered, agilely dodging the darts.

“Jun Jiuling, do you think you can protect the Fire Lotus Sect?”

Jun Jiuling, not wanting to waste words with him, lifted his eyelids and said indifferently, “A dog from a hundred years ago, even after a century, do you think it could change?”

Veins bulged on the man’s forehead as he was enraged by Jun Jiuling’s words. His gaze turned even more vicious as he looked at the girl in Jun Jiuling’s arms.

“Do you think the Fire Lotus Sect can hold out much longer in the current situation?” He sneered, “You probably don’t know, but I’ve arranged for people to attack from the inside. The traps and formations of your Fire Lotus Sect have likely already been broken. Jun Jiuling, no matter how high your martial arts skills are, today is the day you fall!”

As he finished speaking, his target shifted to the girl in Jun Jiuling’s arms.

Jun Jiuling was well-prepared and would not let him succeed so easily. Even while holding the girl, his skills were not hindered in the slightest.

Both men were highly skilled in martial arts; their bodies were filled with countless poisons, each waiting for the other to slip up.

The man in black pressed on step by step, his attacks becoming more ruthless. Jun Jiuling narrowed his eyes, a deep color of anger growing in them.

“Wu Er!”

Wu Er, who was fighting nearby, heard the call and came over.


“Take care of the madam; don’t let her get hurt!”


Shen Mubai felt her surroundings blur as she was swiftly moved to a different position.

Wu Er gruffly said, “Madam, forgive me!”

The man in black, intending to launch a sneak attack, was once again thwarted by Jun Jiuling and forced to retreat, his face growing more sinister and malicious.

With no more worries, Jun Jiuling’s attacks became even more fierce, leaving no chance for the opponent to catch his breath.

The man in black sneered, “Jun Jiuling, why don’t you take out the original Gu worm that you have on you? Let’s have a fast and painful battle.”

Jun Jiuling looked down at him from above and said, “To deal with you, that’s unnecessary.”

Hearing this, the man’s face turned even darker, and he intensified his attack on Jun Jiuling.

After some time, the man began to lose ground, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. He quickly took a pill, retreated a few steps, and his expression changed slightly.

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