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Chapter 308: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (56)

Originally planning to delay further, he hadn’t expected Jun Jiuling’s strength to be so formidable. The malice in his eyes deepened as he pulled out a bamboo whistle from his sleeve and blew into it.

A loud sound resonated from above, and he looked at Jun Jiuling with a vicious smile.

“You didn’t think I only brought these few people, did you? Now, the forest is filled with my men. Even if you were the reincarnation of the King of Hell, you won’t escape death today!”

Jun Jiuling remained expressionless, his wide sleeves fluttering in the wind and his narrow eyes showing no trace of panic.

There was no expected commotion, and the expression on the man in black’s face stiffened for a moment.

The group fighting the disciples of the Fire Lotus Sect had already fallen into complete disarray; their faces were pale and their defeat evident.

Realizing something was wrong, a flicker of fear crossed the man’s eyes. “What did you do?” he asked, his voice trembling.

Jun Jiuling replied indifferently, “Guess.”

In the distance, cries of distress were heard as several injured men hurried over to the man in black, speaking in panicked tones, “Master, there are many soldiers and disciples from righteous sects appearing over there. We… Master, what do we do?”

The man’s breath was erratic, his venomous gaze fixed on Jun Jiuling. Because of the poison, his voice was hoarse and harsh: “Jun Jiuling! What did you do?”

A seductive woman with a charming face, accompanied by a few disciples, dragged someone over to Jun Jiuling.

It was Yun Niang.

She smiled sweetly at the man in black, her red lips curving.

“Yin Xiaotian, I’ve brought you a special gift.” She turned to one of her disciples and said, “Lift his face.”

The disciple obeyed, forcing the man they were holding to lift his head, revealing a pale face to Yin Xiaotian. His pupils contracted.

Shen Qingfeng, barely clinging to life, moved his lips slightly, looking utterly defeated.

Yin Xiaotian understood what had happened but couldn’t fathom why his flawless plan had gone awry. His chest heaved, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The noise from the distance grew louder as soldiers on horseback, leading a group of people, arrived. Seeing Jun Jiuling, they nodded and said, “Master Jun.”

The situation was clear.

Yin Xiaotian couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, his anger reaching its peak, “So that’s how it is. No wonder you, Jun Jiuling, were so confident under such circumstances. I admit defeat! I admit defeat!”

The soldiers restrained him, and one of them cupped his fists to Jun Jiuling and said, “Master Jun, we’ll take him back now.”

Jun Jiuling nodded and walked towards Shen Mubai.

Shen Mubai, completely bewildered by the chaotic scene, stared blankly as Jun Jiuling’s progress bar suddenly jumped to ninety-seven percent.

Standing before her, his incredibly handsome face showed a gentle smile, his eyes shining in the firelight. His voice was low and tender.

“Madam, let’s go home.”

With the dust settled, everyone returned to the Fire Lotus Sect.

The truth was that everything had been a ruse, including the rumors in the martial world. When the incident occurred, the authorities naturally suspected the Fire Lotus Sect.

However, they weren’t fools and had discovered a clue, leading to many questions. At that moment, the Fire Lotus Sect secretly communicated with them, leading to their cooperation.

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