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Chapter 321: Childhood Friends Must Be Cultivated from a Young Age (4)

Shen Mubai couldn’t hear him clearly, so she asked again softly.

An Ziyu thought she was doing it on purpose and puffed out his cheeks angrily, feeling aggrieved. He thought to himself that she was really annoying.

Shen Mubai didn’t realize she was being disliked again. Seeing that he wasn’t responding, she slowly crawled over.

She leaned her face closer, and when An Ziyu noticed, he quickly turned around, causing their chins and faces to bump into each other.

His beautiful big eyes filled with tears, and An Ziyu covered his chin with his little hands in pain, pouting and on the verge of crying.

Shen Mubai was startled and quickly covered his mouth.


An Ziyu felt so wronged, his tears falling down like raindrops. He tried to wave her hand away, but she was surprisingly strong. He felt even more bullied, and he cried even harder.

A low, whimpering sound began. Shen Mubai, afraid that the adults would notice, quickly tried to comfort him: “Ziyu, don’t cry; be good.”

Her voice was naturally soft and milky, with a childish tone.

Hearing this, An Ziyu thought of his mother, feeling even more sad and aggrieved, and more tears welled up in his eyes.

It was hard to comfort a crybaby. Shen Mubai tried various ways to soothe him, apologizing and blowing on his chin to ease the pain.

Finally, An Ziyu stopped crying as much, and in a soft, nasal voice, he said, “I’m sleepy.”

Shen Mubai said, “Then let’s go to sleep.”

An Ziyu looked at her with teary eyelashes and a red nose and said, “You, don’t come over.”

Shen Mubai didn’t dare to provoke this little ancestor, quickly agreeing, “Okay, I won’t come over.”

As she said this, she crawled back to her original spot.

An Ziyu was satisfied. He wiped his tears, pulled up his little blanket, and made sure to turn his back to Shen Mubai, showing only a furry little head.

Shen Mubai sighed inwardly, feeling exhausted.

The little boy was very delicate and loved to cry, often seeking comfort from his mother. This was the conclusion Shen Mubai had come to after staying at their house for a while.

She was still troubled about how to build a good relationship with him. Every time she tried to get close, he would look at her with those big, beautiful eyes and cling to his mother, making both families find the situation both funny and exasperating.

An Ziyu loved the cakes that Xiao Xueqing made, something Zhou Ruoyun had mentioned in a conversation.

Today, Xiao Xueqing had specially made some strawberry cream cakes. Since children shouldn’t eat too much cake, both Shen Mubai and An Ziyu only got a small piece each.

An Ziyu held his piece of cake, eating it in small bites, with cream sticking to the corners of his mouth, making him look especially cute.

Although he cried a lot and was very delicate, An Ziyu’s appearance could melt any adult’s heart: beautiful big eyes, long curly eyelashes, and a chubby baby face that was incredibly cute and delicate, especially with his soft, milky voice.

This was why Shen Mubai was so patient with him; he was just too cute to be blamed.

An Ziyu seemed to really like the strawberry on the cake. Shen Mubai noticed he was eating it very slowly, savoring each tiny bite.

She glanced down at the red strawberry on her own cake and then leaned over.

An Ziyu, in a good mood after eating the cake, didn’t seem as resistant to her approach. He just glanced at her before looking down again, licking the cream off his little hand.

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