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Chapter 31

“Go home early.”

The person was about to leave, but Li Jiao, unsure why she was acting impulsively, turned around suddenly and called out.

“In… Instructor!”

Zhang Jiuling stopped in his tracks, turned slightly, and looked over with those deep, pitch-black eyes, as cool as water.

Anything else?

Being stared at like this, Li Jiao instantly chickened out, her eyes darting around nervously as her brain started working rapidly.

Finally, she reached a small hand into her pocket, rummaged for a long time, and pulled out a large mooncake in a yellow package, the kind of egg yolk mooncake commonly seen in supermarkets, as big as a fist.

With trembling hands, she held out the mooncake, revealing a hint of guilt.

“Instructor, happy Mid-Autumn Festival.”

Zhang Jiuling shifted his gaze to the item in her hand. A mooncake?

His narrow eyes slightly lifted as he focused on the large characters on the package.

Egg yolk filling?

He was somewhat allergic to egg yolk and rarely ate it outside the army. Nonetheless, it was a gesture from the little girl. Zhang Jiuling rarely didn’t refuse.

He reached out and took it.

He responded, “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.”

As she left the club, the sun was covered, and it was cool and breezy, very comfortable.

Li Jiao stood at the entrance, grinning silently like a fool.

The instructor accepted her mooncake and even wished her a happy Mid-Autumn Festival…

This was the happiest Mid-Autumn Festival she had ever had!

Yes, yes, photo, photo!

Li Jiao hurriedly took out her phone, unlocked it, and opened the photo album.

On the screen, the man’s face was handsome and well-defined, and the angle was slightly off, capturing his profile. It perfectly showed his short, clean sideburns, the high bridge of his nose, his sharp black eyebrows, and his piercing eyes, with a hint of nonchalance in the upturned corners.

However, the man’s cold demeanor overshadowed the nonchalance, exuding an indescribable aura.

The entire screen radiated a sense of cold abstinence that was overwhelming.

Ahhhh, so handsome!

Li Jiao was so excited, she almost screamed like a groundhog, her mouth wide open, barely seeing the little uvula in her throat. She wanted to shout in excitement, but her voice wouldn’t come out, only managing a hoarse “Ahhh.”

Only now did she realize that extreme excitement rendered her speechless.

After a while, Li Jiao found her voice, holding the phone with tears welling up in her eyes.

She muttered, “So handsome…”

No, she won’t show this photo to anyone!

Gu Pingping is not worthy of appreciating her instructor’s beauty!

In the club’s basketball court, a group of men stopped playing, all staring longingly at the entrance.

You said they were just talking, but why couldn’t they see?

What exactly were those two doing?

This anxious feeling was unbearable!

Finally, after a long wait, Zhang Jiuling returned without saying a word.

His cold face showed no emotion.

Liuzi, curious, approached and asked.

“Boss, that little girl came to see you, right?”

“What did you two talk about?”

“Where is she? Why did you come back alone?”


Zhang Jiuling turned his head, giving a faint glance as cold as two icy blades, and Liuzi immediately fell silent.

“Okay, I’ll shut up. I won’t say a word.”

Around them, others who were curious were also deterred by Zhang Jiuling’s icy glare.

The basketball court resumed its lively atmosphere, with the group continuing their intense game.


“Nice shot, nice shot!”

Zhang Jiuling opened his hand, the egg yolk mooncake quietly lying in his palm, thinking of the little girl’s timid look and those moist, almond-shaped eyes.

A small smile curved his lips.

He let out a quiet, indistinguishable sound from his throat.

“How silly.”

Because she saw her good friend today and even bumped into her instructor, most importantly, Li Jiao got a close-up, high-definition, unfiltered photo of her instructor!

Ah, suddenly she had spiritual sustenance for mid-autumn.

In a great mood, Li Jiao saw a roadside stall selling watermelons and generously picked the biggest green-skinned, crisp-flesh watermelon.

Carrying it home, Li Hang, wearing a large T-shirt and shorts, came out of his room, surprised.

“Li Jiao, did you win the lottery?”

Though watermelons are cheap, this big one still costs a good amount.

Li Jiao, in high spirits, didn’t argue with him.

She glared at him and said, “Eat it if you want.”

With that, she went to her room.

Behind her, Li Hang scratched his head.

“Weird, she said she wouldn’t buy anything before she left.”

“And now she bought such a big watermelon.”

“Could it be that Li Jiao was possessed by aliens?”

With a three-day Mid-Autumn Festival break, Li Jiao’s family also enjoyed a leisurely holiday.

When it was time to return to school, Li Jiao’s dad went to drop her off. Fearing he would suggest changing instructors, she had to coax and persuade him to leave.

No way, the instructor must not be changed!

The military training at Nanjing University lasted a month. With the mid-autumn break over, it was already the 16th, and the end of training was approaching.

Li Jiao might be the only one who didn’t want the training to end!

Ah! If the training ends, where will she see the instructor?

So she didn’t want the training to end at all.

In contrast, everyone else was getting happier as the end of training neared.

“Finally, this painful training is ending!”

“I’m almost done with this!”

“Oh, my god, I’ve been looking forward to the end of this training!”

Hearing these discussions, Li Jiao felt inexplicably sad.

Sigh, if only the training could last longer.

“Gather up!”

Zhang Jiuling came over, and with one command, the whole class quickly stood up and formed lines.

“Military boxing inspection.”

“Everyone, ready for combat.”

“Military boxing.”




After a set of military boxing, Class 1 performed well. Given Zhang Jiuling’s strict demands before, everyone had solid basics.


Zhang Jiuling’s long eyes narrowed, looking at the last girl in the first row, who seemed listless, barely putting any effort into the boxing, as if she had no energy.

Sick again?

“Everyone, rest for ten minutes.”

“Li Jiao, come out.”

He turned and walked in another direction.

The class looked curiously at Li Jiao.

“Jiao Jiao, what’s wrong? Why did the instructor call you?”

“Jiao Jiao, are you okay?”


Li Jiao was also confused.

“No idea.”

Zhang Yue came over and patted her.

“Better go quickly, or you’ll be late, and the instructor will punish you.”


Li Jiao nodded and quickly followed Zhang Jiuling.

In the class, a pair of curious eyes followed them.


Zhang Jiuling stopped under a large tree at the edge of the training field, with Li Jiao stopping just behind him.

There weren’t many people around, and the students’ shouts sounded distant and faint.

The temperature was scorching, and the rubber track underfoot seemed to shimmer with heat.

Standing under the tree, the shade made it less hot.


Why did he bring her here? She didn’t do anything wrong.

“Li Jiao.”

Zhang Jiuling turned around and said, “Prepare for military boxing.”


Instructor, I have so many questions.

Li Jiao’s current expression could be described as that of a confused goose. Her neck stretched out, her eyes wide open, and her head full of question marks.

“In-instructor, what did you say?”

Zhang Jiuling rarely repeated himself, “Prepare for military boxing.”


Instructor, you took me across half the training ground just to see me practice military boxing alone?!

To be honest, at that moment, Li Jiao felt that the instructor shouldn’t drag her around doing weird things just because he was good-looking.

Li Jiao raised her eyelids and quickly glanced at him, but Zhang Jiuling didn’t speak. He stood there, sunlight filtering through the leaves, casting a faint golden light on the brim of his hat, a bit dazzling.

His chiseled face, originally stern, softened a lot, transforming into a clear and cold demeanor with a faint air of solemn righteousness between his brows.

That was the unique quality of a soldier, unmatched by others.

0.0001 seconds later, Li Jiao started fangirling again. The instructor was really handsome…

Seeing no movement after speaking, Zhang Jiuling looked at the little girl, recognizing that familiar, dazed look…

Sure enough, she was spacing out again.

He frowned, his voice clear.

“Li Jiao.”

“Ah,” Li Jiao snapped out of it.

“The instructor is so handsome. No, I mean, Instructor, what’s up?”

“Prepare for military boxing.”


Li Jiao replied reluctantly, Oh my gosh, how did she let her thoughts slip out loud. Ever since meeting the instructor, her fangirling moments had increased.

“Prepare for military boxing.”

Li Jiao stood firm, stepping her right foot to the side, fists clenched.





Li Jiao had just thrown her first punch, ready to continue with great momentum, when Zhang Jiuling suddenly called to stop. She almost lost her balance, wobbling left and right.

Before she could steady herself, she heard Zhang Jiuling say, “Hold the pose, stand firm.”


So, Li Jiao could only stand in a horse stance, one fist at her waist, the other extended, maintaining the first move.

After a few minutes, her legs were going numb when Zhang Jiuling finally spoke.



She changed her stance, but as she moved, her whole body tingled. Li Jiao immediately frowned.

So numb…

Looking down slightly, she noticed her shoelace was untied.

“Report to the Instructor, my shoelace is untied. Can I tie it?”

Zhang Jiuling glanced at it, his eyes deep and calm, like a pebble thrown into a still pond, causing a tiny ripple that was too small and too quick to catch.

His thin lips parted. “Don’t move.”


After what felt like an eternity, when Li Jiao’s whole body had gone stiff, Zhang Jiuling’s voice, as clear as ice in summer, finally said, “Rest.”

Li Jiao instantly relaxed, bending over, hands on her knees, and panting heavily.

“Tie your shoelace.”

After saying this, Zhang Jiuling turned to leave.


Li Jiao called out, standing up straight and looking at him. She bit her lip, a small dimple appearing at the corner of her mouth.

She looked at his back and asked the question she wanted to ask the most.

“Instructor… After the military training, will I have the chance to see you again?”

This has been the most important question for Li Jiao these past few days. She heard the instructor was just a substitute and had retired, planning to return to Beijing.

If it weren’t for this military training, they wouldn’t have met at all.

But if the training ended and the instructor returned to Beijing as planned, would she…

never see him again?

Li Jiao didn’t know what was wrong with her, but just thinking about not seeing him anymore made her heart ache.

So, after asking, she felt anxious, both hoping for an answer and fearing it wouldn’t be the one she wanted.

“Do you want to see me again?”

Ahead, the slender figure asked this.

Li Jiao’s heart pounded, but she nodded without hesitation. Then, realizing he couldn’t see, she said it aloud.


The little girl’s voice was clear and pleasant, revealing a strange determination.

Facing away, Zhang Jiuling’s lips curled slightly, a small smile forming.

And then, Li Jiao didn’t get any response.

At that moment, full of hope and anticipation, she wanted an answer.

But after asking if she wanted to see him again, Zhang Jiuling just… left…

Quietly, he left. Just as he had come quietly, he left without a wave, leaving Li Jiao bewildered.

“Jiao Jiao, you’re back.”

“What did the instructor want with you?”

“Jiao Jiao, Jiao Jiao?”

When Li Jiao returned to the team like a ghost, her classmates greeted her from all directions.

“Jiao Jiao, what did you and the instructor do?”

For this question, Li Jiao could only respond mysteriously.

“Farewell, great green tree.”


What the heck?

Li Jiao was also helpless. In that final scene, the instructor left quietly. There was no bridge, only a big green tree, so wasn’t it just like saying farewell to a green tree?

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