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Volume 1 (Human World): Chapter 15

“Stop right there, you damn donkey!”

Bai Shuo yelled as she chased after the rampaging donkey in the forest, with Mu Fan lazily trailing behind them. Though he seemed to be walking, he always managed to keep Bai Shuo within his sight.

“Damn, I’m exhausted…” Bai Shuo, a pampered young lady who had never lifted a finger, could never outrun a four-legged creature. Gasping for breath, she pointed at the relentlessly running donkey, her eyes wide, “You… just wait… I’ll roast you into donkey meat one day…”

Before Bai Shuo could finish her threat, she suddenly noticed the donkey’s hoofbeats quickening several times over. She looked up in confusion, only to see the donkey running back toward her.

Why is it coming back? Did this animal suddenly grow a conscience? Before she could finish the thought, Bai Shuo realized the reason for the donkey’s return.

Deep in the forest, about ten wild wolves were chasing after the donkey, running madly toward them.

“Damn it, damn it! Wolf! Ahhhhhh!”

Without hesitation, Bai Shuo turned to flee, but she couldn’t outrun the donkey, let alone the wolves. Just before she tripped over a tree branch, she managed to grab onto the donkey’s tail with all her might.

The donkey never dreamed that this woman, facing death, would still grab something to take down with her!

Both the woman and the donkey stumbled over a branch, crashing into each other. In that brief moment of delay, the wolves had already surrounded them.

“Damn you, crazy woman! If you’re going to die, do it without dragging me down!” The donkey’s eyes were wide with fury.

Bai Shuo’s eyes were even wider.

“Haven’t you heard? Even as a ghost, you need someone to keep you company! I’m not walking the road to the underworld alone!”

Their eyes locked in a tense standoff. Suddenly, a shadow loomed over them, and they both turned to see the wolves, eyes glowing green, breathing their foul breath, now just inches away.

Clutching each other tightly, both the woman and the donkey started trembling.

Three wolves leaped forward, claws outstretched, aiming at Bai Shuo and the donkey.

“Ahhhhhhh, help me! God of the Land, God of the Kitchen, God of the Matchmaker, save me!” Bai Shuo shut her eyes tight and buried her head in the donkey’s neck.

I’m going to die! I haven’t become an immortal yet! Is there really an underworld? Is it cold there? I haven’t even had a full meal yet; being a starving ghost is so pitiful…

With a thud, a heavy blow landed, followed by a furious wolf’s howl.

A thousand thoughts raced through Bai Shuo’s mind, but she didn’t feel the pain of being bitten. She cautiously opened her eyes to see Mu Fan standing in front of her with a wooden stick, protecting her.

One wolf had its eye gouged out, and the pack of wolves grew even more ferocious.

“Brother Mu!” Bai Shuo’s eyes filled with tears of joy, almost calling him “Dad.”

“Xiaobai, don’t be afraid. Stay behind me; I’ll protect you!” Mu Fan had somehow found a tree stump, and, despite his shoulder being bloody, he stood his ground before Bai Shuo.

“You’re hurt?!” Bai Shuo cried out, her concern reaching her throat.

“It’s nothing!” Mu Fan’s lips were tightly pressed.

“I’ll draw them away. Xiaobai, find a chance to escape!”

With a fierce shout, Mu Fan charged at the wolves, wielding the wooden stick. Bai Shuo was stunned, not expecting Mu Fan to come to her rescue.

“Brother Mu!” Before she could stop him, Mu Fan was already fighting the wolves. Though young, he fought bravely, standing his ground to protect Bai Shuo, even as the wolves bit into him, covering him in wounds.

The donkey tried to escape the moment Mu Fan blocked the wolves, but Bai Shuo clung tightly to its tail. Despite Mu Fan creating an opportunity for her to escape, she stayed, anxiously watching Mu Fan and gripping the donkey’s tail.

The donkey was on the verge of tears. Is this woman crazy? Why won’t she escape while she has the chance?

“Xiaobai! Go!” Mu Fan shouted, knocking away the lead wolf, even as his shoulder was bitten and blood was pouring out.

“I’m not leaving!” Bai Shuo’s eyes were red, and her voice choked with tears, “We’ll leave together!”

The donkey brayed loudly.

If you all want to die, fine, but don’t drag me into this! The donkey yelled in desperation, almost speaking human words. But Bai Shuo didn’t even glance at it; her eyes were fixed solely on Mu Fan.

Human strength has its limits. Though brave, Mu Fan couldn’t withstand the ferocious wolves. The lead wolf bit the wooden stick in half and knocked him to the ground.

Mu Fan rolled heavily to Baishuo’s feet, almost a bloody mess.

“Brother Mu!” Bai Shuo screamed, holding Mu Fan.

Seizing the chance, the donkey tried to run but tripped and fell. It looked back, its eyes filled with indescribable despair—you crazy woman! Are you insane?

At some point, Bai Shuo had tied the donkey’s tail to her waist with a piece of cloth. As the donkey tried to flee, Bai Shuo, holding Mu Fan, weighed it down, preventing its escape.

“Xiaobai, go… Don’t worry about me…” Mu Fan, barely conscious, was deathly pale.

“No way, I’m not leaving you behind.” Bai Shuo positioned herself protectively in front of Mu Fan, glaring fiercely at the approaching wolf pack. “Come on, you beasts, if you’ve got the guts!”

The wolves howled and lunged at the two of them and the donkey. Bai Shuo’s eyes were filled with the terrifying sight of wolf claws, yet she stood her ground, unflinching and resolute. Mu Fan, silently watching the small figure standing bravely in front of him, felt a stir of emotion in his eyes.

Suddenly, the sound of arrows whistling through the air filled the forest. In an instant, a dozen sharp arrows struck the wolves, causing them to collapse to the ground, howling in pain.

Who? Who arrived so timely? Could it be that my prayers were heard by the gods?

Bai Shuo looked up with a face full of reverence, only to see familiar figures—those bandits from Muxiao Mountain who had chased her all night, now wielding large knives and axes, looking even more menacing than the wolf pack.

Bai Shuo suddenly felt a strange calm wash over her. Maybe she had chosen an inauspicious day to go out, because this was just too unlucky.

“Big Brother! You’re finally here!” Bai Shuo sprang to her feet, clutching Zhang Chao’s pant leg with a look of gratitude.

“I knew you still cared about me. You’re risking your life to save me. From now on, I’m willing to stay by your side and serve you faithfully!”

Bai Shuo was always prepared to seize any chance for survival, and she was putting on a performance worthy of an award. Zhang Chao tried to pull his leg back but couldn’t, his brow twitching in frustration.

While Bai Shuo was busy acting, a figure suddenly darted out from behind Zhang Chao, lifting Mu Fan off the ground and throwing him down hard, pressing a large knife to his neck.

“Brother Mu!” Bai Shuo immediately fell silent, letting go of Zhang Chao and rushing towards Mu Fan, only to be blocked by Zhang Chao’s axe.

“I heard there was a big wedding in the capital yesterday,” Wu Yong said as he restrained Mu Fan, looking at Bai Shuo with a scrutinizing and playful gaze.

“The prime minister’s son and the general’s daughter were supposed to marry, but I heard that Miss Bai suddenly fell ill and was bedridden, delaying the wedding.”

Bai Shuo froze, her eyes lowering, as the forest fell silent.

Earlier, just before Zhang Chao left the bandit stronghold, Wu Yong had called him back.

“Big brother.”

“What is it?”

Wu Yong handed Zhang Chao a piece of jade he had found that morning.

“I had the men search the forest again and found this.”

The jade pendant was smooth and pure, clearly a precious item. On the back was a small inscription: “Bai.” Zhang Chao’s expression changed instantly.

“Bai? The Bai family? That kid is…” Though a bandit, Zhang Chao knew that near the capital, only one noble family bore the Bai name: the General’s household.

“Big brother, she’s likely…” Wu Yong whispered a few words in Zhang Chao’s ear.

“This has caused quite a stir in the capital.”

Zhang Chao looked into the forest, torn. “If she really is who we think, we can’t harm her…”

“Big brother, you’re being foolish!” Wu Yong lowered his voice.

“All the more reason we can’t let her leave Muxiao Mountain. If the Bai family finds out we captured her, we’re all dead!”

“You mean…” Zhang Chao gestured with his axe, a fierce look in his eyes.

Wu Yong nodded.

“The dead can’t talk. But given her status, running away on her own, she’s likely carrying valuables. We can’t just let this opportunity slip!”

Zhang Chao gripped the exquisite jade pendant tightly and nodded firmly. “You’re right, let’s go!”

As Zhang Chao hurried into the forest, a silver gleam flashed in Wu Yong’s eyes.

“Our little mountain has attracted quite a distinguished guest. Miss Bai, wouldn’t you agree?”

A jade pendant was tossed at Bai Shuo’s feet. Seeing it, her face changed. She picked it up and took a few steps back.

“Xiaobai, you…” Mu Fan looked at her in shock, Bai Shuo’s eyes filled with guilt as she stubbornly faced Zhang Chao.

“Chief, let Brother Mu go. He knows nothing.”

Before Zhang Chao could respond, Wu Yong chuckled coldly.

“I didn’t expect Miss Bai to be so loyal. As expected of a general’s daughter. Don’t worry, we only want money. We won’t offend the general’s household. Whether this young man lives or dies is up to you.”

“I only have this valuable item on me. If you two chiefs want it, just take it,” Bai Shuo said, holding up the jade pendant earnestly.

“You’re joking, Miss. If you ran away from a wedding, you must have prepared well for a life of freedom. A single jade pendant won’t cut it.”

Before Baishuo could reply, Wu Yong struck Mu Fan with the back of his knife. Mu Fan coughed up blood, staining his chest.

“Brother Mu! What do you want?” Bai Shuo’s eyes blazed with anger. Even a meek person has their limits. She might be scared of dying, but she couldn’t watch someone else suffer because of her.

“What do bandits want? Gold, silver, and treasures. As long as Miss Bai shows sincerity and satisfies our chief, we’ll let this young man go!”

“Fine! I’ll give you what you want!” Bai Shuo shouted, her hands clenched tightly.

Wu Yong’s expression changed, and he loosened his grip on the knife slightly.

“But you must promise me, once I hand it over, you will let him go! Not a scratch more on him!” Bai Shuo demanded, pointing at Mu Fan.


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