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Chapter 332: Childhood Friends Must Be Cultivated from a Young Age (15)

At first, he wasn’t very enthusiastic, but with her company, although he didn’t exactly come to love it, he improved significantly.

As they graduated from elementary school, they transitioned into middle school.

By now, Shen Mubai and An Ziyu had grown into their features, becoming more and more striking, but their height difference remained.

Yes, An Ziyu was still slightly shorter than Shen Mubai, even though he shone like a little prince.

At school, many people mistook them for siblings.

Shen Mubai earned the title of school beauty. With her outstanding grades and good looks, she naturally attracted a lot of attention, especially from the boys.

An Ziyu wasn’t in the same class as Shen Mubai.

But he could see how dazzling his Luoluo was.

Luoluo was the prettiest girl, so even just walking down the hallway, many boys would secretly glance at her.

With a slight frown, a hint of darkness flickered in An Ziyu’s eyes.

Noticing his lack of enthusiasm, Shen Mubai asked, “Ziyu, what’s wrong?”

An Ziyu looked at her face and said, “Nothing.”

I hate it when they look at you…

I want to gouge their eyes out…

Snapping out of it, An Ziyu was startled by his own frightening thoughts.

The girls in his class were gossiping.

An Ziyu didn’t like listening to these things, but when he heard a certain name, he reflexively looked over and asked, “What are you talking about?”

The two girls exchanged glances, and one of them said, “Don’t you know Jiang Luoluo? It seems she’s dating Xu Yanzhi.”

An Ziyu was stunned. He knew what dating meant, but the concept was too foreign to his life.

His eyes reddened slightly, and anger surged from nowhere. He gritted his teeth and glared at the girls, “You’re lying!”

The girls were taken aback, and one laughed, “Little Prince, believe what you want. But it’s not surprising for the school beauty and the school heartthrob to be together.”

In reality, they didn’t know if it was true, but gossip was harmless fun to them.

An Ziyu shot them a fierce look and ran out of the classroom.

Shen Mubai was sleeping on her desk. She was obsessed with staying up late to play games, so she could only nap during breaks since she couldn’t sleep in class.

When the classmate in front of her woke her up, she was still groggy.


The classmate pointed outside and said, “Your little childhood friend is looking for you.”

Shen Mubai rubbed her eyes and slowly walked out of the classroom.

Before she could say anything, she was pulled away by An Ziyu.

Although she didn’t understand what he wanted, she followed him obediently.

After pulling her to a less crowded place, An Ziyu stared at her with pursed lips and asked, “Are you dating Xu Yanzhi?”

Shen Mubai laughed, “Where did you hear that?”

Seeing her reaction, his tense nerves relaxed, and An Ziyu softly asked, “So it’s not true?”

He hadn’t changed much from when he was younger. His voice still had a hint of childishness, like that of an innocent little prince, pure and harmless.

Shen Mubai couldn’t help but pat his head as she used to, “Of course it’s not true.”

An Ziyu secretly smiled.

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