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Chapter 17

Noel vs. The Knight Commander’s Son, Guile (Part 2)

“I loooooost!! Noel used cheats and still lost!”

The match between Noel and Guile had ended.

The result was a narrow victory for Guile.

Noel was sprawled on the ground, screaming “Uwooooh” in frustration.

“Cheats are useless… Goddess, you’re incompetent…”

“Don’t say things like that.”

Chastising Noel, I also gave Guile, who was basking in his victory, a somewhat disapproving look.

“You could be a bit more mature. Going all out against a four-year-old?”

“No, Noel’s skills are real. Holding back halfway would be more disrespectful.”

“Oh, I see…”

“Let’s do this again, Noel.”

“Yeah. Next time, I won’t lose. Just wait.”

“You’re spirited; I like that.”

The two shook hands firmly, vowing to face off again.

Their friendship, transcending age and species differences, was heartwarming to see. I’m glad I brought Noel.

Speaking of which— I suddenly remembered something and asked Guile.

“Hey, Guile. How’s Sophie doing?”

Sophie Neil, the marquis’s daughter, is my friend and Guile’s fiancée.

Sophie used to be part of “Mireille’s clique of noble girls” and was a villainess in Guile’s route in the game. But now she’s a wonderful woman and one of my closest friends.

Sophie and Guile had been engaged since before they entered the academy, but they were distant at first. Since Guile’s reformation, they’ve made efforts to understand each other and are now a happy couple.

I nostalgically remembered how I played the role of a matchmaking aunt, helping them get closer.

“Sophie? Of course, she’s doing well. She wants to see you, so you should visit her sometime.”

“Yes, actually, in two weeks, I’m having a tea party with my close friends from our student days! I’m really looking forward to seeing Sophie again!”

My voice naturally became cheerful.

“Guile. No matter how busy you are with work, you need to take care of Sophie. You’re often careless, so don’t make her feel lonely. She may seem capable, but she’s surprisingly needy. Leading a lady is a gentleman’s duty in this kingdom!”

“…You’re so annoying; are you my mother or something? I get it without you telling me.”

“Then that’s fine.”

I shrugged and laughed, and Guile laughed along with me.

“Alright. Since I’m here, I think I’ll practice a bit before heading back. It’s been a few months, so I’m probably rusty.”

“You were always bad at it anyway.”

“Even if I’m bad, it’s fun to do it.”

As I eagerly started practicing on my own, Guile sat on a bench and watched me.

(from Noel’s perspective)

Noel was sitting on a bench, cheering, while Mireille practiced petanque.

Guile, who had just fought with Noel, was sitting next to him.


Guile was intensely watching Mireille.

Feeling curious, Noel decided to read his mind.



“You, you like Mireille?!”

Hearing Guile think, “Mireille, I’ve always liked you,” Noel was taken aback.

This was serious. A scandal. I have to report this to Mireille…

“What? What are you talking about, kid?”

Guile blushed slightly and furrowed his brows. Surprisingly, he was calm.

“I don’t think anything of Mireille. I owe her for straightening me out when I was a delinquent, but that’s it. Besides, I have a fiancée. Jeez, don’t make such misunderstandings.”

Noel heard Guile’s inner voice again.

“…Sharp kid. It’s my business to reminisce about a past first love. I won’t make a mess of it. I’m the heir of the Reveille family, and now Sophie is the most important to me.”


Should I report this to Mireille? But Guile said it was over. It would be a bit harsh if Guile got in trouble.

With a pat on Guile’s back, Noel said, “Hmph. I’ll keep it as Noel’s secret.”

“Weird kid.”

Humans sure are complicated, thought Noel.

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