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Chapter 35

(How far does this person intend to tease me…!?)

The disparity in romantic experience between Oliver and Leefe was embarrassingly obvious. When he said something like that so casually, all she could do was turn bright red and tremble.

Leefe covered her flushed cheeks with both hands and protested.

“Yesterday, you said, ‘It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember me; just stay by my side.’ I’ve never met you before, Oliver-sama. I’ve never even visited the Shinwood Empire, nor did I know such a handsome crown prince existed. So, no matter how you look at it, you can’t possibly be in love with me!”

After her outburst, Oliver held his head in his hands.

“Wait… Did I really say that? Seriously?”

“Y-Yes! You firmly whispered in my ear, ‘It’s okay if you can’t remember me.'”

“That’s awful… Leefe, at that time, I was desperately trying to control my feelings. Just forget it.”

“!? Th-that’s impossible.”

“Just forget it.”

“I can’t.”

“Forget it.”



Before she knew it, Oliver had moved right next to Leefe. Although they maintained a proper distance suitable for engaged couples meeting in the daytime salon, remembering the disaster of the previous day made Leefe’s heart race again.

(But him earnestly pleading like this is kind of cute, like a child…)

“I don’t understand you, Oliver-sama. In Distoria, you pretended to be my fiancé to help me, but now you’re making me your temporary fiancée to avoid trouble in your own country. I’m grateful for both, but then you say you truly love me. What are you thinking?”

That was Leefe’s honest feeling.

Oliver seemed to tease her as if she were his true love, even though she thought she was just a temporary fiancée. And Rene, who seemed to know something, wouldn’t tell her anything, adding to her confusion.

“Leefe, you don’t feel anything for me, do you?”


Leefe couldn’t answer Oliver’s sudden question, but he continued as if he had expected her silence.

“I like you, Leefe. Even though we’ve just met, I love you more than anyone else in this world and want to be with you forever. I can swear that my feelings for you are genuine and without falsehood.”

“Wait, what do you mean by’more than anyone else in this world’?”

“Just what it sounds like. While I genuinely apologized for last night, I also felt happy to see your bewildered face up close. Lala would call me the worst for saying that, right? But if you want to know, I’ll tell you everything.”


Just listening to him made her face grow hotter, and she let out a silly sound in the end.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She took a step back and bumped into the long bench behind her, falling onto it just like yesterday.

(It’s too much, too much, too much!)

She glanced towards the corner of the room, hoping for Rene’s help. However, the beautiful contract spirit was nowhere to be seen. She wished he wouldn’t be considerate at strange times like this.

While she was thinking this, Oliver approached her again, just like yesterday. Her heart pounded faster as she looked up at him, and he offered his hand like a gentleman.

“If you come to love me, I’ll tell you more things. Not just about my feelings, but other incredible things too.”

“If I… come to love you…”

Just repeating it made her breathing shallow and her heartbeat quicken. Seeing this, Oliver smiled.

“The potions you make are top-notch, aren’t they? That means you’ve proven that my feelings are genuine. I want you to understand that much.”

(…Does he really love me? Why, how?)

Unable to nod or shake her head, Leefe took his gentle hand and stood up quietly, deciding to change the subject.

She couldn’t keep up with him any longer, mentally or emotionally. She needed a break.

“…So, were you looking for me just to apologize? Did you come all the way here for that?”

“Actually, there’s one more thing. I’m concerned about the amnesia incidents happening in Distoria.”

“Amnesia? You mean about my former fiancé and the second son of the Count Smith family in the Distoria Kingdom, right?”

Last night, as expected, Leefe’s father proposed a strange marriage. Putting aside the absurdity of introducing such a match at his daughter’s engagement party, the prospective partner was said to have amnesia.

(Prince Easton, the second son of the Count Smith family. It’s certainly strange for two members of the Distoria Kingdom’s royal family and nobility to have amnesia at the same time.)

In this world, memory loss can be a consequence of forbidden magic. As a specialist in curses, Leefe was naturally interested in these cases.

“Yes. And there’s something odd about your sister. I’ve heard she’s well-liked, but it seems to go beyond that.”


“Your father also seemed strange when I met him yesterday. He was smiling, but his eyes were vacant and lifeless.”

(…Oliver has noticed it too.)

Leefe realized the charm power of her sister, Aria, because she was a powerful magician.

However, even if she pointed it out, with everyone around being captivated by the enchanting saintess, no one would believe her, and she would have no allies.

An Enchanting saintess continues to attract and charm those around her. By the time everyone recognizes the danger, it might be too late.

(Maybe people in the Distoria Kingdom are starting to notice.)

“Oliver, I think you would believe me, so I’ll tell you. My sister Aria is an Enchanting saintess.”


“But first, let’s investigate the amnesia cases. I know someone well-versed in that field.”

(Human… well, he’s not human; he’s a demon lord.)

When Leefe said this, Oliver’s eyebrow twitched.

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