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Chapter 54-Part 1

Zhao Min lightly tapped the table with one hand and touched his chin with the other, falling into deep thought.

Ma Ruiming felt anxious. If there was anyone in the world who could cure him, he believed Tangmen was the most likely pharmacy among those he knew.

So, he couldn’t help but be eager.

“Boss Zhao, if there is anything difficult, you can tell me directly.”

Zhao Min made a decision in his mind, carefully choosing his words before speaking, “Tangmen currently only deals with three types of medicines, plus gene purification. We don’t produce anything else. I’m afraid you’ve made a trip in vain, Mr. Ma. I apologize for the disappointment.”

Ma Ruiming’s heart sank.

He pressed on, “Why? Is it because your chief pharmacist is not skilled in making this kind of medicine? Or is it that the medicine hasn’t been tested on humans yet, and you’re not confident in selling it? It’s okay; I’m willing to participate in the human trials. I hope you can give me a chance.”

Although each pharmacist has their own area of expertise, the more skilled a pharmacist is, the fewer shortcomings they have. Even in fields they are not specialized in, they still maintain a high standard. Therefore, he had great expectations for Tangmen’s chief pharmacist and couldn’t give up easily.

No. There was medicine that could work, but he simply didn’t want to sell it.

Zhao Min, touching his chin, thought to himself. He had already provoked the Ma family, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say they were enemies. Why should he save someone who could be an opponent? It was not easy for Ma Ruiming to be injured and replaced, with a pig teammate taking over the Ma family store. If he cured him, wouldn’t he have to face a different opponent? Such a stupid thing must not be done.

Of course, he couldn’t say it that bluntly.

Zhao Min spread his hands and said regretfully, “The Ma family has many top-notch pharmacists. If they can’t cure you, Tangmen, a newly opened small store, can’t help you either. Mr. Ma, you should look elsewhere for treatment.”

Ma Ruiming couldn’t help but frown. He had put his words this far, but Zhao Min still didn’t agree to help him. Could it be that he really couldn’t cure him?

He took a deep breath, calmed his mind, and emptied his thoughts to think slowly. After a while, he realized something was off.

What reason did Zhao Min use to refuse him? Saying that Tangmen is a newly opened store, so they can’t help? Since when is the skill level of pharmacists measured by how long the store has been open? Tangmen might have opened recently, but Zhao Min had already humiliated the Ma family with his strength and produced the gene purification, which could be considered a miraculous drug, shocking many people. How could their strength be insufficient!

Following this line of thought, if Zhao Min could cure him, why refuse? Thinking this way, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He should have asked why Zhao Min would agree to treat him.

The Ma family’s relationship with Zhao Min was not harmonious. They sold similar products and were in competition. It was normal for Zhao Min to have concerns.

Moreover, he was now half-disabled, held no significant position in the Ma family, and had no attractive conditions to negotiate with Zhao Min.

Ma Ruiming closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he looked resolute. He said in a deep voice, “I didn’t make it clear just now. The person who harmed me like this is Ma Rui’an, the heir of the Ma family.”

“I have never suffered such a big loss since I was a child. I must avenge this.”

“I was injured three days before Boss Zhao’s competition with the Ma family. After a few days of recuperation, I barely had the strength to leave the house.”

Zhao Min remained silent. The person in front of him was much smarter and not on the same level as the idiots in the store. He guessed that Ma Ruiming was trying to dispel his doubts with every word.

Ma Ruiming was clearly stating that he wouldn’t let Ma Rui’an go. The last sentence hinted that he wasn’t a spy since the incident happened before the Ma family knew about Tangmen.

But why take a risk when everything could be secure?

Ma Ruiming carefully observed Zhao Min’s expression after saying a long string of words. Seeing no change in Zhao Min’s demeanor, he had no choice but to use his trump card. He gritted his teeth and said, “If Boss Zhao can cure me and restore my health, I am willing to sign a contract to serve Tangmen for thirty years.”

Zhao Min finally showed a change in expression, looking at Ma Ruiming in surprise.

“Are you serious? Is it worth it?”

Thirty years was essentially a lifetime of service. Unlike the Huangsha, Jupiter had military forces enforcing contracts. Signing a contract meant it had to be fulfilled. The consequences of breaking a contract were severe.

“As long as I can successfully take my revenge, everything is worth it.”

Ma Rui’an’s tone carried a hint of bitterness and determination.

He didn’t want to easily let Ma Rui’an off. Forgiveness was out of the question. In fact, he had another option: to express his determination to the family head, become the heir of the Ma family again, and then negotiate with Zhao Min using his position as the heir. In that case, he would still take over the Ma family and could sign a contract for good relations with Zhao Min, ensuring Zhao Min would agree to cure him.

However, he was unwilling. The Ma family rules forbade harming family members casually. Even if he became the head, he could only secretly scheme against Ma Rui’an. Choosing that path would take him ten or twenty years to exact his revenge. Besides, Ma Tao’s act of discarding him at will had deeply hurt him, and he no longer wanted to work for the Ma family.

Rather than selling himself to the Ma family in exchange for treatment, it was better to sell himself directly to Tangmen, giving Zhao Min more peace of mind. If he joined Tangmen and received guidance from the chief pharmacist, his medical skills might improve even further.

All things considered, he wasn’t at a loss.

Zhao Min felt a bit tempted. Good combat skills, a solid foundation, and a talent for management.

Ma Ruiming then dropped another bombshell, saying calmly, “I have an A-grade gene. Before getting injured, I was working hard to break through to level six.”

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