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Chapter 54-Part 2

Zhao Min suddenly slapped the table. “Alright!” Talents are hard to come by, and it’s worth taking a bit of risk for this.

He didn’t forget to add hypocritically, “The chief pharmacist has some research on your condition, but there’s no guarantee of a complete cure. Before the treatment, we’ll sign an agreement. Once you’re cured, we’ll sign a formal contract. But let me be clear, revenge is a personal matter, and Tangmen does not offer assistance in that regard.”

There are no guarantees unless he sees results first! Ma Ruiming mused to himself. Zhao Min hadn’t mentioned what would happen if the treatment failed and had made it clear that revenge was his own concern, indicating his confidence in curing him.

However, Ma Ruiming could understand Zhao Min’s perspective.

If he were in Zhao Min’s position, he wouldn’t dare to casually accept someone from an enemy side either, especially a pharmacist who might come into contact with the store’s core formulas. Being extra cautious was only natural.

“That’s fine. I’ll handle the revenge myself. I only intend to target Ma Rui’an, not the entire Ma family.”

After a pause, Ma Ruiming added, “If Ma Tao insists on making Ma Rui’an the next head of the Ma family, then I have no choice. Before dealing with Ma Rui’an, I must first deal with the Ma family.”

Zhao Min’s expression became even more amiable.

A man should have some bloodthirstiness; he supported Ma Ruiming’s desire for revenge. What pleased him more was that Ma Ruiming was only targeting one person, not taking it out on the whole Ma family.

Rational people are easier to deal with. He didn’t want an unreasonable, difficult subordinate, no matter how talented.

After discussing the details, Zhao Min quickly drafted an agreement and handed it to Ma Ruiming for review.

“If everything looks good, sign at the bottom left corner.”

Ma Ruiming read it line by line, word by word, and found Zhao Min’s agreement to be very thorough, leaving no loopholes, and fair. So, he readily signed his name at the bottom left corner.

Zhao Min took the agreement, satisfied to see everything clearly written in black and white. There were three copies of the agreement—one for each of them and one for the official archives. Once signed, Ma Ruiming would be his.

“Rest at home for two days. I’ll discuss with the chief pharmacist to find the best way to treat you,” Zhao Min said, feeling good after a big business deal.

“I’ll send someone to take you back.”

“No need, I can go back myself,” Ma Ruiming politely declined. It wouldn’t be appropriate if someone from the Ma family saw him.

Zhao Min didn’t insist and said seriously, “I’ll have an answer for you within five days.”

Ma Ruiming breathed a sigh of relief. Zhao Min’s giving him a timeframe showed he was confident. He had bet everything and finally saw hope for recovery. “Thank you, Boss Zhao.”


Tang Xin stared in a daze at Yan Hao practicing martial arts, thinking he looked even better wielding a sword than dancing. She couldn’t help but sigh. How could such a good person fall for her?

On the other hand, even if Yan Hao genuinely liked her at this moment, how long would that feeling last? Even parents can abandon their children; what emotion in the world is truly reliable?

Tang Xin was lost in thought for a while, and when she came to, Yan Hao had finished his practice and was wiping his sweat.

She immediately said, “I want to eat,” and rattled off a list of dishes.

Yan Hao responded good-naturedly, “I’ll cook right away.”

“…” Tang Xin looked at Yan Hao’s back in frustration. He really wiped his sweat and ran to the kitchen.

Shouldn’t the plot be that Yan Hao felt that she was demanded too much and began to feel disgusted! !

Tang Xin couldn’t help but pull at her hair. She was used to being capricious, but that didn’t mean she didn’t understand how to annoy people. She knew very well; she just didn’t care about others’ displeasure most of the time.

She had painstakingly studied medicine and climbed to the top just so that when others were annoyed and complained to her, she had enough confidence to respond, “Annoyed? Unhappy? Deal with it.”

Her intention was to act spoiled and arrogant to scare Yan Hao away. Once Yan Hao got tired of her arrogance, his love for her would naturally fade away.

However, every time she made a capricious request, Yan Hao listened with a face full of joy and happily ran off to fulfill her demands. No complaints, no dissatisfaction.

She couldn’t understand it! Why hadn’t she studied psychology back then! Tang Xin was a bit frantic.

“Never mind; if he can endure for a day, can he endure for a year? If he can endure for a year, can he endure for ten years?” Tang Xin comforted herself.

“Eventually, he’ll get tired and lose patience. Then, he’ll give up on his own.”

With this belief, Tang Xin crossed her arms and waited to see Yan Hao give up.

But day after day, month after month, a year and a half later, Tang Xin sat in the same spot, expressionless, watching Yan Hao. He finished his sword practice, walked over to her with a smile, and cheerfully asked, “What do you want to eat today? Tell me, I’ll cook it right away.”

Tang Xin couldn’t help but get frustrated.

Why, after a year and a half, had Yan Hao gone from level seven to level eight, yet he still eagerly cooked for her without a trace of weariness.

This isn’t how it’s supposed to go!

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