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Chapter 350: Childhood Friends Must Be Cultivated from a Young Age (33)

An Ziyu lifted the corners of his mouth and said, “No, I won’t.”

Shen Mubai, seeing his confident tone, smugly grinned, “Alright, I’ll wait for you to get embarrassed.”

An Ziyu looked at her, his smile incredibly gentle, “Luoluo, remember what you said.”

Otherwise… he might go crazy.

But he wouldn’t let that possibility happen.

The photo and information about Shen Mubai were removed from the school forum.

Xu Lin, still fuming, said, “It’s too much! It must be that Yin Qianxia. She’s just jealous of your beauty.”

Although Shen Mubai didn’t know who did it, she considered it a good thing as it reduced her troubles, like fewer love letters than before.

Xu Lin, still indignant, continued, “The boys went to ask about it, and guess what? The admin said the photos were uploaded without permission, so they took them down. Nice excuse, like they haven’t done it before.”

Shen Mubai found her anger amusing and patted her back, “Why are you so mad?”

Xu Lin blinked, “Don’t get mad when I tell you.”

Shen Mubai nodded.

Xu Lin grinned, “That’s because every time those boys asked me to bring a love letter to you, they’d slip in some snacks.”

Shen Mubai was speechless, but she knew if it wasn’t Xu Lin, someone else would do it.

Xu Lin glanced at her face cautiously, “Jiang Luoluo, are you mad?”

Shen Mubai shook her head.

Xu Lin sighed in relief, “You’re really good-tempered.”

Shen Mubai just smiled without saying anything. She simply didn’t want to fuss over these things.

In half a month, it would be the sports meet. Besides those who needed to train for the competitions, the other students continued their studies as usual.

Many new students looked forward to the competition, as it was their first sports meet since entering Luoyin High School.

Shen Mubai knew the young male lead was in the track and field club, so he was likely to compete. She was surprised when she asked.

He had signed up for high jump, long jump, 100 meters, 1500 meters, and swimming events.

Shen Mubai asked, “Why did you sign up for so many events?”

An Ziyu smiled gently and said, “Just for some training.”

He looked at her with a soft gaze, “Will Luoluo come to watch my competitions?”

Shen Mubai popped a lollipop into her mouth, mumbling, “Of course.”

An Ziyu’s smile deepened, his eyes fixed on her, “I’ll do my best so Luoluo can spot me right away.”

Shen Mubai glanced at him, finding his words a bit strange.

As time passed, the day of the sports meet arrived. Besides the competitors, everyone else in school uniforms stood on the sidelines. The girls in skirts lined up, their legs in neat rows.

They held pom-poms, cheering for their classmates, their faces lit with happy smiles.

However, one area stood out, a group of girls crowded together, screaming a name so loudly that it seemed they might blow the sky off.

Some boys sneered, “Tsk tsk, with that build, he thinks he can compete? He’ll probably come in last.”

“Just because he’s a bit handsome? Big deal.”

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