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Chapter 351: Childhood Friends Must Be Cultivated from a Young Age (34)

“Actually, I think he’s just okay-looking, but his childhood friend is really pretty.”

Despite their jealousy, anyone could see how popular An Ziyu was, and many girls were even willing to ‘betray’ their own class to cheer for him.

An Ziyu was warming up nearby, dressed in a pristine white sports outfit, with an impeccable face adorned with a faint smile. Because of his aura and physique, whatever he did seemed pleasing to the eye.

A girl nearby almost drooled, “Wow, wow, wow… I’m going to go home and tell my mom that there’s a prince who walked out of a comic book in our school!”

“His eyes! His eyes!!! Ah, he looked over here! Someone give me some blood! I’m going to die!”

“I swear, I must chase him before I die!”

“He’s good-looking, has a nice voice, beautiful hands, a sexy collarbone, perfect body proportions, and he’s 1.8 meters tall. He’s the perfect, custom-made male god! I think getting into Luoyin High School is the best decision I’ve ever made!”

“So, who’s he looking at?”

“Me, me, me! It must be me!”

“Get lost, okay? There’s no way a male god would look at a shortie like you.”

“Pfft, as if you’re tall and pretty!”

An Ziyu retracted his gaze, his eyes lowered slightly, hiding his true feelings.

A boy in a similar white sports outfit patted his shoulder and said, “Ziyu, what were you looking at? The race is about to start.”

An Ziyu raised his eyes, the smile in his glassy eyes not reaching their depths.

He replied gently, “Nothing.”

Shen Mubai almost mixed up the events. When she remembered, she realized the 100-meter race was about to start.

She rushed to the field, finding it crowded beyond belief.

After catching her breath, she squeezed into a relatively less crowded spot.

The gun had already fired, and An Ziyu, as if sensing something, looked over.

Shen Mubai anxiously stared, thinking, “He’s already running!”

An Ziyu flashed a faint smile, then shot forward like an arrow released from a bow.

His speed was incredible. Even though his start was slightly slower, he quickly overtook several runners.

The girls screamed for him, their fangirl cries echoing non-stop.

An Ziyu’s pace quickened, and his long legs were especially eye-catching. Each time he passed someone, the girls’ screams grew louder.

As he caught up to the frontrunner, the girls collectively held their breath, their eyes fixed on him.

An Ziyu was the first to cross the finish line.

The girls cheered wildly, “Ahhhh, he’s so handsome!”

Shen Mubai breathed a sigh of relief, but to her surprise, An Ziyu walked straight over after the results were announced.

The nearby girls immediately started chattering excitedly, “Wow, wow, wow, the male god is coming over!”

“Towel, towel, where’s my towel!”

An Ziyu stopped in front of Shen Mubai, a faint smile on his lips, “I thought you forgot.”

Shen Mubai chuckled awkwardly, “How could I forget?” I almost did, though.

An Ziyu seemed to guess something, a slight smile playing on his lips, “Did you spot me right away?”

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